Why is HTC Desire S better than Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

Samsung Galaxy S III mini vs HTC One SV

Not really. The announcement that Samsung has sold the most phones , and in particular more than double the amount of iPhones, will no doubt be of little shock. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most popular selling smartphone in Q3 , following in the footsteps of its older brother, the now 18 month-old Samsung Galaxy S2.

One of the secrets of Samsung's success has to be the quality of its devices, but another is that it has targeted every corner of the market. The Samsung Galaxy range has hit every price point, from the super-budget Galaxy Y to the highest end phablet Galaxy Note 2 , and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini here falls somewhere in the middle.

Brand and model

After a quick glance at the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for its larger, higher end brother, and that is in no way a bad thing. The plastic feeling that we mentioned wouldn't appeal to all on the S3 feels right at home on the S3 Mini. It even comes in the same Pebble blue and Marble white variants that the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched with. Measuring The g 4. There's no doubting that the Galaxy S3 Mini looks superb, its size being the only initial indication that it wasn't intended to be a market-leading phone.

In fact, we are left wondering where the compromises have been made. The two main areas are the processor and the screen, with the dual-core 1GHz chipset and a 4-inch WVGA resolution screen being a lot less spectacular than the Samsung Galaxy S3. With its relatively weak processor, that's unlikely to ever be updated. EE's SIM-free plans are nearly as steep, so you won't save much buying the handset upfront. HTC's 4G phones are absolutely baffling. The other one is the One XL, which is very similar to the quad-core One X, except it has a weaker dual-core processor.

If you want an HTC phone, you either have 4G or great performance, but you can't have both. You never know, this might somehow turn out to be the greatest Ice Cream Sandwich phone ever made. EE might rip up its pricing strategy and make it cheaper than the Nexus 4. We'll pass full judgement in our review, but the signs are not good. HTC offers the phone in different colors - of course that's largely a matter of taste. When we compared the phones directly, we couldn't really detect a difference. HTC actually mentions different capacities, but at the moment only one capacity is offered.

After the initial configuration, 4.

Comparison between: HTC One SV, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

This is definitely an advantage the One SV has over unibody smartphones without a card reader. Just like other phones in the One series, HTC offers free storage using the cloud storage provider Dropbox. In this case, the offer includes 23 GB for two years, which is activated when the application is used for the first time. Both new and existing Dropbox users are eligible for this service. There are no surprises as far as the device connectivity itself is concerned.

Visually, the UI is pleasing and official updates from Google take their time though, since the releases have to be modified to work with the interface. According to a press release, this timeframe is only a target, however. We found the performance of the Android phone pretty snappy most of the time and there was no lag, indicating that the OS is well tuned. All in all, the middle-class One SV performs well enough. The communication features are extensive and without a doubt rarely seen in this price bracket.

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HTC includes mostly state-of-the-art components - usually reserved for high-end. The NFC module is integrated in the removable cover of the smartphone and connects via two internal contacts to the chassis.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs. HTC One (M8)

For location specific tasks and services, the smartphone includes a GPS module. After starting the app, the first initial connection happened within a few seconds. The accuracy is also very good. While we didn't experience any issues while outside, we did notice a pretty rapid deterioration of both accuracy and signal reception while inside hallways, garage etc. Operating the phone works as one would expect from an Android smartphone, although the phone app might look slightly different because of the user interface, the HTC Sense UI 4.

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Overall, operation is intuitive and clear. Google contacts are synced automatically after the setup. Of course, we would recommend checking out the fees for calls, text messages, or data downloads for roaming beforehand. The digital zoom is not very useful - that's true for both smartphones. The optical zoom of the full-fledged camera is much better here. For a middle-class phone, the photo quality of the One SV is perfectly acceptable, since most owners will want to use it for snapshots and not much more. Our tests reveal that the smartphone from Cupertino handles unfavorable lighting conditions better - but both phones are not exemplary in this area, as the pictures are not very sharp.

For video chats, the quality should be adequate. Recordings of audio and video data are saved using the extensions. The package the phone comes in includes the usual standard accessories. Aside from the phone itself, there is a modular USB power adapter with cable, a simple headset, and various pamphlets.

Additional accessories need to be purchased separately. HTC offers several accessories in their online shop, but it pays to shop around. Overall we consider this to be pretty decent coverage. Warranty extensions are not offered. We didn't like the position of the Enter key on the bottom right, but we got used to after a while.

Samsung S3 Mini vs HTC One Mini - Start Up & Speaker Test

Less is sometimes more. Those looking for better ergonomics can download other apps from the Google Play Store.

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Any touches are immediately recognized with pinpoint accuracy. Multitouch gestures work well and without any issues. The display itself shows clearly where HTC intends to position this phone in their portfolio. The 4. The pixel density of DPI is appropriate for the class and leaves some room to spare. HTC doesn't offer higher resolution displays for this phone. We use the tool Gossen Mavo Monitor to examine the display more closely. The LED-backlit screen is admirably bright. Brightness distribution is also very good at 90 percent.

All other measurements are also quite good. The black level is fairly low, the corresponding contrast ratio being For extremely deep blacks, the black level should be even lower, but that's not really a criticism here. We like how the colors look. The sharpness is also good, although not comparable to displays with higher resolution. Outdoors , the usual issues with most smartphones become apparent.

Design and feel

As long as the sky is overcast, the content is clearly visible. Brighter conditions and finger prints cause problems, however. Sometimes, adjusting one's position slightly takes care of the annoying reflections.

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A matte screen protector can also bring some improvement. Very shallow viewing angles don't pose a problem. Even at almost degrees, the content is still readable. We didn't notice any color shifts or inversions. When reading a text document, the chip operates at a low MHz around 89 percent of the time, which saves power.