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Member Tools Webmail. Contact Us Blog. Sonic Voice. Hi, This may be a bit off topic, but since sonic had done the installation, i thought i'd ask here. Anyways I tried sonic dsl service some years back, I had a sonic tech come into the house to check my wiring. Eventually supposedly to get better speeds the tech cut the line from the telephone box to the internal wiring mechanism which distributes the phone lines inside to the phone jacks in the wall. Where the tech cut the wire inside he connected to a cat5 thing that has the wires from telephone box connected on one side and you can plug ethernet cable into it and to your dsl modem.

There is no internet currently there and I just want to establish landline service. Thanks in advance. Just a passer-by, but which service from Sonic did you have at the time? • plug a phone line into a ethernet converter thing that has cabling from telephone box?

Legacy DSL? Fusion DSL? Fusion FTTN?

How Does Powerline Ethernet Work?

Gigabit Fiber? If you desperately need to use a low-power PoE device, you may get around this by only using one wire from each pair for phone. One example of this would be the striped brown wire and the striped blue wire. Then, the solid brown wire and solid blue wire would continue to work for PoE. However, this halves the maximum current that the cable can handle and may present a fire hazard when using large power-hungry devices.

I do not recommend this, but it is a possibility. AC for advanced users 5. Reply 1 year ago. Gigabit requires Cat5e. Cat5 MHz doesn't have the bandwidth to sustain the gigabit signaling rate MHz. Rather than hack apart your wires in the wall, you can buy or build what's known as a "splitter. They're easily available to split the cable into two ethernet channels, or four phone channels.

Making a custom one is as easy as doing what you did here with a short piece of cable and putting a plug on the end of it. Keep the wires as close to their original configuration as possible to minimise the amount of interference you pick up.

Step 1: Theory

Read don't untwist the wires any more than absolutely necessary, and have them fork off from each other at the last possible moment. The advantage to doing it this way is that it's not permanent so you can reconfigure your panel any which way you want in the future. I can probably be convinced to post an instructable about making splitters if anybody's interested. Reply 3 years ago. I'm also going to get exceedingly pedantic here. An analog telephone requires RJ11 configuration, and as such has a 6P2C modular plug on the end of its cord. This was also used for digital PBX handsets that required separate pairs for power and signal.

The handset connection on most phones is a 4P4C plug but is not used by any RJ definition. There are about a dozen other RJ specs that use the 8P8C modular connector RJ31X being very common for alarm panel connections in fact, your connection block above shows that as "line seizure. How to Know whether it is Gigabit or ordinary cabling? Tip 1 year ago on Introduction. Anything on the customer side is not their problem. They will, however, get annoyed if your inside wiring causes problems to their network. Not likely to happen because the telephone network is engineered to be exceedingly resilient.

This works for Mb network but if you ever plan to or are running a Gigabit Mb network don't do this as Gigabit will use all 8 wires. It's called 10Base-T wiring Jacks when you wire the jacks that way it's been around the Universities in Canada since the 's. This is the first time i try anything like this so i am to say the least stupid when it comes to this. So we live in an old house and out on the country. We already have a century link connecrion but wanted to add a second one. I ran a cat 6 from the phone line only connecting the blue and white and blue wire.

I then connected it to a cat 6 jack. I proceeded to conect my new century link router to it and got nothing. I dont understand what im doing wrong? Hey nice post! Lots of good information in the comments too ; One question: Given that the phone line is 'live' is there any problem soldering it? I have 3 Irons, one is an ESD safe station, second a Goot 12watt and a el cheapo 25watt, all three have an earth pin on their wall plugs? I guess earthing the live wire is not ideal? Cheers, Stonie. By T3Hprogrammer Follow.

More by the author:. Add Teacher Note. A house wired with Cat 5 cable and RJ jacks To see if you are eligible, see check the three things shown in the picture. Your system also needs to converge at a central box where you can place an Ethernet switch or router. An existing modular jack system. This is not strictly necessary, but if you don't you will have to spend extra money on more jacks.

This Instructable will assume you are augmenting your existing modular jack system.

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Wall plates with an additional hole, one for each plate to be replaced In my house, one two-port plate could be reused, but a three-port plate and many more two-port plates had to be purchased. RJ jacks, one for each plate to be replaced If your house did not have modular RJ jacks you will need to purchase those too. Half of a 6-ft or longer phone cord, one cord per two jacks. Either a multitool, or a screwdriver, pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and knife razor helps.

Soldering iron and decent soldering skills. This cost does not go up linearly, as you can purchase items in bulk. Ethernet does not use the brown or blue pair in Cat I chose to use the brown pair.

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You may use either. Be warned that if you use the blue pair, your RJ jack will no longer be able to carry phone service. However, you will hopefully have a separate phone jack soon, so this will not be a problem in the long run. Using a knife or small screwdriver, break both of the brown wires as close to the jack as possible. Avoid all the other wires.

If you break any of the other wires, you may have to redo the entire jack. Using a knife, cut out a small section of the cable jacket about three inches from the jack. Using a knife, screwdriver, or pliers, lift up the brown twisted pair and remove them so they stick out this hole. I do not recommend using a knife to do this, as you may damage other wires. Using a knife, remove a small section of cable jacket as close to the RJ plug as possible.

Now is not the time to damage wires-- if you do, you will have to crimp on a new RJ plug, which means more money for parts and a second trip to your local networking guru for a crimper. However, if this happens, you can simply not crimp in the brown pair and not have to remove it afterwards.

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It's still not worth it to re-crimp the ends. Using side cutters, clip the brown pair close to the plug. Remove a small section of cable jacket a few inches from the RJ plug, as you did in step 4. Again, using a small screwdriver, pliers, or a knife if necessary, extract the brown pair so it sticks out from the cable two or three inches from the plug. Strip and solder the red phone wire to the striped brown Cat 5 wire, and the green phone wire to the sold brown Cat 5 wire.

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I found it helpful to only strip the two wires I was going to solder together, to avoid mix-ups. Tape the two wires separately to avoid shorting them together. Neither you nor the phone company would appreciate this. Tape the entire custom connection to the Cat 5 cable so that it appears nice and neat. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

Landline to Ethernet Adapter

Designed, 3D Printed and Painted. Hardcover-- Concrete End Table. BenjiW4 4 months ago. Reply Upvote. CoolDudeX 1 year ago. Ashokalgude lperkins Reply 3 years ago.