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After being released, he was looking to go on a different path, a better one. But his past still haunts hill, drawing him into conflicts, not of his own. Find out how you help CJ regain what he had lost and claimed what is rightfully his. Experience a life of a true gang member in realistic and immersive gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MOD Money

The game takes about 30 to 35 hours for you to experience the main game and a few hundred more to throughout exploring its other features. Whenever you step on an area of another gang or kill over three members of the organization, there will be options for war. These areas would generate income, making you filthy rich. Doing this frequently and you can easily win against anyone during a combat situation.

GTA San Andreas Full Apk + Mod CLEO + Data android

On top of that, if you neglected training and usually fill up your body with unhealthy food, your character will slowly gain weights and become fat. This also results in poorer stamina and speed during the game. And since all you need to do is spend the time to go to the GYM, swimming, and doing simple exercises every once in a while, you should always train your character well to gain the advantages during a mission. You can find awesome items that could be sell for millions of dollar, making you rich within second. All the items in the game require you to gain certain skills to use them effectively.

You need to gain experience through driving different vehicles so that the game would tighten up the control for you, making it easier to ride. This applies to all kinds of vehicles including cars, bike, bicycle, boat, trucks, and so on. In additions, after each completed mission, CJ will gain a certain amount of Respect judging on how well he finished the tasks.

And although it might not be a practical reward as money, Respect help you unlock hidden characters that you can recruit to your gang. Moreover, during certain missions, you need to have high Respect level in order to complete. The missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is also less daunting like the ones from the previous version since they do come with intuitive instructions and follow the main story.

GTA San Andreas for Android Review

This help reduces the frustration for gamers, allowing them to focus more on the game. We're talking about an action-packed adventure game launched in for PS2 and presented on PC and other platforms sometime later. Over a decade later it's still among the best games we've ever played. The plot is set in the fictional state of San Andreas, in Carl Johnson, the main character, goes back home after a few years to investigate the death of his mother.

There, in an area occupied by criminal gangs, he'll be accused of murder by the police and will travel around the state's three cities Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas to clear his name, avenge his mother's death and protect the rest of the family.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas APK + OBB Data For Android

Earn yourself the respect of the gangs of San Andreas, steal as many cars as you need and avenge your mum's death. The remastered version of the game comes along with options and improvements necessary to keep this classic up where it belongs. The following features help it not to lose any of its original playability and charm:.

One of the particularities of all GTA installments is that when you drive the game's vehicles you can listen to different radio stations that end up composing the title's original soundtrack. Leave this field empty.

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Uploaded: June 20, Updated: August 16, Views: Category : Action. Developers: Rockstar Games. OS Version: Android 7.

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Download APK v2. Last Version: v2. Mod: Unlimited money Install APK.

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Download the cache and unpack the archive with the folder com. Download frome Google Play Report. Rating: 68 votes, 4. General bug fixes and improvements. Jeffer Shadab Ahsan