Android apps to control PC remotely using your phone

Add however many paths you like to where you store the majority of your music and movies. Doing this now will simplify the process of playing your media and will enhance your overall enjoyment of this cool software. Now, in a perfect world your mobile device will connect to your network and immediately recognize the PC that you have running the Gmote server.

Have no fear! Luckily, you can manually enter the IP. This second use is perfect for business meetings and presentations. You may need to type in the password that you set up when you configured your computer server software.

Control Windows Media Center from your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone device

Yes, not only can you control music and movies on your computer, but if you wish, you can play the media files stored on your computer over your phone speakers. No need to transfer all of your MP3 files, just leave them on your PC and listen to them anywhere in the house or outside within your WiFi range with your mobile phone — now how cool is that? This feature is Beta, so I just had to test it out — here my phone is playing one of my favorite Barenaked Ladies songs, streaming over my Wi-Fi on my Motorola Droid.

Stop, pause, fast forward or rewind — you have full control of your media! The next feature I want to cover is web browsing.

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This is also a Beta feature. Finally, the last feature is also the one that I like the most — the WiFi touchpad and keyboard. To test it out, I used the touchpad to move the cursor to the start menu, launch notepad, and then I used my mobile phone screen keyboard just tap on the keyboard image to call it up to type out a message on Notepad.

Gmote 2.

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The touchpad and Internet browser are definitely features that I could see being very useful at work, for providing presentations while walking around the room and changing slides or calling up important webpages. However, the media player feature is something that I could see myself using all the time at home. Now you can store all of your music files on your huge PC hard drive rather than your mobile memory card, and you can play any of those media files without the need to transfer or download anything — they are streamed and played directly from your PC to your phone.

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Browse your music albums, search titles via search engines and then control all your music trough the virtual remote control TV Free! The Zappiti Media Control App can manage big audio coolection up to half million titles! So with the Zappiti Media Control your music experience will have no limit! This new feature enables Zappiti's users to fully enjoy their favorite movies on their mobile devices without downloading them locally. Like Replay TV, you can watch a movie from home to your hotel room at the other end of the world with only a simple Internet connection! Thanks to an advanced streaming technology, you can expect to enjoy a p HD video with a good Internet reception.

Zappiti Streaming use MX Player. Screenshot: OpenMovie Caminandes. Photo : Oppo Find 5.

My Media Center: The Ultimate Windows Media Center App

Please read Zappiti Media Center user guide to set your database. For the streaming feature, please install Zappiti Media Center v3. For more infos about this process, please read the Zappiti Media Center user guide. Please wait until the end of the data upload to the Cloud from Zappiti Media Center.

The first sync to the Cloud could be very long. After that, on your smartphone or tablet, please install Zappiti Media Control free edition via Google Play. The following message will appear: "Download will take up some minutes. This process cannot be undone or interrupted. Then, please wait until the end of process.

Remote Control Windows 7 With Your Android Phone

When the process is done, on the main page, press "Setting" gear icon. Then, press "Return" button to go back to the main menu of Zappit Media Control. You can now use your Zappiti Media Control App! Sign in using your Zappiti account, or create a new one.

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Start or restart Zappiti Media Center if it was already launched before step 2. On the first access, Zappiti Media Control download the images from the cloud. This memory can be set in the "Settings" panel. Our application has been tested with "Nexus 4" device.