Had enough of folding phones? Now brace yourself for 100-megapixel camera phones

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Does this mean Microsoft is out of the smartphone industry?

The tile size can be changed in the settings. Your new phone is probably using the large default tile size. Am I correct that WP10 is no longer going to support the so I can have a buggy preview only? Boy Jun 8 '16 at That's the current state, yes. I'm confused. The recovery tool only talks about firmware version, not OS version. These numbers are not at all similar e. The recovery tool says my firmware version is newer than the server version. RamRaj I want the newest stable version of 8.

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.122 Performance, Gaming, Usage Review on Lumia 1020

Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Congratulations, you're no longer in Beta! This is rarer, but - again - available second hand if you're lucky. I was a bit sniffy about the Grip at the time, but it's a unique gadget that I appreciate more in today's 'boring' world of ! Finally, I'd highlight the 'Best Hard Tough Case Cover' or clones thereof , protecting the on all sides and - most importantly - making it 10x more grippy in the hand. Although the Lumia isn't really part of a modular system, having these three options in the pocket or on the phone does add a certain flexibility to the usual humdrum phone experience!

Your comments welcome, then. I can't believe I'm the only person in the world who loved the Lumia when it was launched and still wants to make a go of it in , simply to keep that image purity, that lossless zoom, that Xenon flash in my life. Anyone else out there game for some serious retro action? Any other Windows Phone 8. Pros and cons Here are the bullet points that you need to know. In no particular order, starting with the pros: Nokia's Lumia Camera application is faster and slicker under Windows Phone 8. HERE Transit still works too.

In terms of navigation, the HERE suite is still top notch. The OS and interface is significantly faster and more fluid, see the benchmarking table below. Nokia Glance screen still works unlike under W10M.

Lumia - WMPoweruser

Moving the to W10M removes all Glance functionality. This is a blow if you use this, but in many cases a laptop or Surface hybrid will be a better fit for Skype anyway see below.

The Windows Phone 8. If the applications are bug-free and do what you want then fine, mind you. Don't go looking for it though, since this support was very buggy - it was only in Windows 10 Mobile that Bluetooth keyboards became practical. Performance Having two Lumias, one on each OS, I couldn't resist a quick set of benchmark data points. Applications Of course, what use is speed and that great camera if the applications you need day to day aren't present?

Microsoft ends support for Windows 8.1 phones – it might be time to upgrade to a new device

Facebook - in a complete shocker, and mainly because it was coded by Microsoft, Facebook for WP8. Twitter , the official application, still works very well and with an optional fully dark theme unlike the 'broken' official PWA for W10M , though it's limited to characters for tweets.

Something you'll have to live with anyone know of a Twitter client for 8. Picture Info - one thing I miss from WP8.

Windows Phone 8.1 End of Support

Nextgen Reader is still the original and best way to skip through hundreds of news feeds quickly. It's commercial software too but, come on, which of us hasn't already bought this in the past, so it should be a case of just installing it again now. Netflix still works just fine under WP8. Instagram has an official app for 8. London Travel Live , my guide round our capital. Or, keeping things more streamlined, there's the ever popular myTube!

Foxit MobilePDF , working very well for all document duties.

Audio Recorder Pro , the all round best stereo recording utility for the platform.