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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. TubeMate is a free YouTube downloader application. You can download music videos and movies easily on your mobile phone. You just have to type the name of the video in the search bar and click on search. You will get many options among which you have to select your desired videos. Click on the green arrow button to start downloading the video on your phone.

You just have to download the TubeMate application and let it do the rest for you. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

There are "fair use" exceptions to the DMCA for non-commercial research, criticism, commentary, and the like, but it's hard to imagine that downloading for example an entire movie would fly, particularly if you never paid for it. Then again, there's the so-called "Betamax case," a Supreme Court decision from the s that paved the way for legal "time-shifting" of copyrighted broadcast shows with VCRs.

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The Betamax case would appear as The Consumerist notes to buttress services like PlayOn, a so-called "streaming DVR" app that lets you record video streams from the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Could the same "time shifting" rationale apply to downloading YouTube videos? Hard to say, but personally, I wouldn't want to be defending myself in court over the question. Finally, bear in mind that we're only talking about U. Before you download YouTube videos in another country, check your local copyright laws.

Just because scores of legit-looking YouTube downloading sites and apps exist doesn't mean it's legal to use them. The "terms of use" for YouTube downloader sites like TubeNinja will often state that you alone are responsible if you download copyrighted videos from YouTube. Take TubeNinja, a YouTube downloading site that's still operating despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter from YouTube last summer.

Download your favorite videos in your Android.

TubeNinja offers a tool that lets you plug in a video URL from a variety of streaming services, including YouTube, and save those videos to your hard drive. But TubeNinja's "terms of use" makes it clear that you—and you alone—are responsible for how you use its downloading tool, which essentially exposes the link that your browser uses to stream and temporarily store a streaming video clip:. You are the one responsible for the data e. URLs sent to the TubeNinja service The user carries the responsibility for checking the legitimacy of his use of TubeNinja.

The legitimacy of using this service may differ in the users country through local laws. TubeNinja only provides the technical platform.

There's only one 100-percent legit way to download videos from YouTube

Hence, TubeNinja does not take liability towards the user or any third party for the permissibility of downloading content through TubeNinja. The good news is that the YouTube website will upload using a proxy server, but the video will be downloaded without a proxy server to the point where the speed is maximum. There are many different browser plugins, and you can visit the app store browser and choose the appropriate add-on from there.

If YouTube is closed on university or school WiFi, you can connect your laptop with a mobile hotspot. Visit network setup and turn on your mobile hotspot 2. Edit the name and password to enter the correct user name and password 3. Connect our laptop to this new Wi-Fi network. This will give us access to all blocked websites belonging to YouTube. However, this business will drain our mobile data and can be very expensive.

Note that this trick will not be successful in a country that entirely blocks YouTube; this can only be successful on the local network in your school or office.

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Many websites help you download videos from YouTube. You can use the website to watch videos offline. Suppose you are using school Wi-Fi and you want to watch certain movie trailers. Paste the URL in the space provided on the site, and we will be able to download the video. You can watch it offline. With this technique, we not only can bypass YouTube restrictions but also can save videos to watch later.

But it should be remembered that if the ban was carried out by your country, only VPN could help you get through it. VPN also worked for unblocking gambling sites, some of the gambling sites got blocked because they violating some of the terms arranged by the government. Forget about the blocked sites, you can always find some trusted and professional Agen Poker Online sites, such as YukPokerOnline. There is a lot of free VPN software that you can use instead of buying one. We will try to make a list of some freebies to good price VPN in our next article. For local location bans carried out by schools or offices, other methods can be successful.

For a network to make strict restrictions, the admin must have enough money. VPN will help you through all types of restrictions — those carried out by the state or by the local network. Starting a YouTube account can be a new thing that you started in Because of the increasingly prevalent content in the form of videos and the fact that the format of the content is on this one, we can slowly build a YouTube channel that will eventually develop.

In your development, when compiling YouTube video content plans, surely you will have an interest that you will lift later. For example, beauty, traveling, lifestyle, toys, games, and others. Here are 15 choices of video ideas that you can do when starting a YouTube account. The next is the tutorial video. Starting from the technique of making makeup looks, assembling Gundam, playing games, or anything that has specific stages and you have mastered it can be an interesting video tutorial content! Many view intro videos as not very urgent to be created into the content on a private YouTube channel.

But actually, the intro video is handy to introduce the channel that you will build later briefly. To create an audience or subscriber to know you more in-depth, then, make an introductory video that can make all the viewers feel close to you. This introductory video is a continuation and a longer version of the previous video intro channel.

In this video, you can freely talk and compile content about everything that you will make in your videos in the future specifically. Vlogs or Video Blogs that have become popular since many years later have always been successful in attracting not a few viewers. Moreover, if you make it with good editing and exciting final visual results to watch.

Vlogs are also often filled with spontaneous content that usually occurs in your life, or when you are undergoing a special event. While capturing it, while channeling his happiness to the audience! There are hundreds or even more types of video challenges that you can do. To find inspiration, you can immediately explore a video that challenges you and is close to your interests. Currently, videos like Mukbang, Makeup under k, or even try not to laugh; this easy to implement challenge video is not often the right choice for rising YouTubers.

Joining the bandwagon is never bad!

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Education is a video content that is not easy to do, perhaps because you need a material that you must prepare carefully first. For that, the Webinar or Web Seminar video format cannot be done spontaneously. However, if properly prepared, the value offered to the audience will be great! A video review or video that reviews something is interesting and is not often sought after. This time, you can converge on your interests because later on, viewers who watch your videos can have the same interests as you.

For example, as a beauty enthusiast, you can review many makeup products that are skyrocketing or even understated makeup to share inspiration and knowledge about the product in detail. This video can be explored widely. Through the video tour format, among videos that are not infrequently trendy on YouTube, this can bring all viewers even closer to your life.

In the interests you have chosen, you have certainly begun to collect many things that are your collection. Well, in this video, you can explain and indicate to all the audience about the collection or merchandise collection that you just bought. You can combine this video with unboxing to share the excitement to overhaul the packaging with your subscribers and viewers!

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All viewers on YouTube not least like the reaction video because of its strong relevance. Reaction videos are often made for you to react directly recording yourself when watching a different video on YouTube. So, in this video, you should respond to different videos contained and record any spontaneous reactions that occur. As the name suggests, this video will review your daily life with techniques to record all the work you experience from the beginning to the end. A kind of your reality show, you will invite viewers to go through the days you usually pass and feel close to the activities that you do.

Well, the last is a parody video.

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If you are interested in creating a response from a video, another option besides creating a reaction video is to do a parody video. By tucking in not a few jokes in this video, you can create and make it through your version. The preparation is indeed quite complicated, but, on YouTube, nothing is impossible!

With a low budget and high creativity, you can make it! This form of the video had boomed many years later, and until now it is still not a little in demand. For this one video, you are challenged to be creative by telling the story of your life from childhood through the pictures you made.

Not needing to be good at drawing, many YouTubers have even succeeded in making this video with minimal images, but success has attracted very few views. Moreover, if you associate it with your skills that not a few people want to know. Through this video, you can educate your subscribers and audiences too!

Of course, by offering exceptional value, videos like this are always not a little-watched! To interact more with subscribers or your loyal viewers, you can combine engagement from two or more social media in creating this Question and Answer video. So, the step you need to do is throw a question on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for all of your followers on that platform.

Do not have time to pin the name of the person asking, because they will certainly appreciate it more.

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  • Well, if you have successfully built a YouTube account, work consistently in it, and have the potential to work with brands, why not develop your wings more leverage? With a large screen, a high level of resolution together with multi-touch skills, watching movies on a cellphone will be the perfect option for many users. For those who already know about the internet, of course, they already know about YouTube. Youtube is indeed a site where there are not a few videos that can be seen even downloaded, but also shared on your social media.

    For more details about this TubeMate APK, below will be conveyed from its usefulness to the best features it has. In addition to the above features, you need to know that there are still a number of the best features that this TubeMate has. Moreover, the useful techniques that are owned by TubeMate are also relatively simple and do not confuse the wearer, for that if you indeed declare that you are obliged if you have to download the tube in your smartphone.

    With many features available , Tubemate also used by Football Analyst to review the games, because they can easily download and play it offline in their laptop. Not only there, but many media also use Tubemate to download and cut the football game video to create highlights video or summarize several videos to be a compilation.