Why is Apple iPhone 5S Gold better than Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

And noobs when comparing screen, you must state also when watching videos on the smartphones. Concerning IOS 7, its a good job to begin with by apple but its still far away from Android. Congrats again Iphonearena for showing us your stupidity :D. Lol the plastic is too cheap Samsung letters written on the back remove after 6 months.

And atleast samsung change the back cover.

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Now time will tell which is better. Am not a samsung fan. But you can see this review is biased. There are other reviews by Iphonearena itself where it critises the Ios7. I dont say the iphone 5S is not a good phone but am bored with the same thing each year. If you consider fingerprint scanner as useful you can buy it. Probably you have a hand with the grip of a sand paper. No, big deal with plastic. And those Letters on the back of each Sammy's latest flagship phones doesn't fade. But that Aluminum gets fade after one month of use.

Truth hurts iSheeeep! You say that after a month aluminum scratch. But after a fall of Note 3 that cheap plastic and fake leather breaks, is a phablet should have more speed all phones, the iPhone 5S exceeded the speed. There is this garbage you say, overcame the S4 and Note 3 and Note uses this trick to change their outcome.

IF the Note 3 is better should have better camera, better screen resolution HTC One has more pixels and the Sony Z1 beats on camera, and also not much unlike the Note 2, where this evolution, and your criticisms iOS 7, but samsung does not have its own OS, Android uses, as does other brands of phones, and android has many malwares that the President of the USA said that if they could improve on that, I wonder in what sense it is better Note only different is bigger screen but does not have the best resolution of the cell, ok have a pen but you say is a phablet and you can open two windows the only difference, and if you want bigger screen for that is what made Apple the iPad, but good Samsung is so good it is at number 8 of the top brands, I forget that Apple is in first place and sold 9 million iPhones in 3 days when Samsung takes more than 3 months.

Dude why are talking about HTC and Sony z1? Its a comparison between note 3 and isame here. And when did i criticize the IOS7. I mentioned its a good job by apple. But it still lacks easiness of Android. Samsung and others do not have their own OS but thhey use better OS than apple. Thats why apple is able to sell more iphones in America. And my son leather breaks? Concerning display resolution dude note 3 may not be the best but it is way better than the iphone : Oh you mean you put the apple ipad in your pocket and use it as a phone?

And let me correct you Apple is not in the first place because of iphone only. Dont try to be an inoob. I dont have any problem with apple. I have used an iphone 4S and was satisfied that time. But i do not agree with this totally biased comparison. You can see John trying to hide the disadvantages of isame here infront of the note 3. Dont talk nonsense, i am here for innovation and good product whether it is apple or samsung or others.

Fanboy alert Fanboy alert! I made an account just to type that But in the benchmarks, the iPhone 5S already surpassed in speed and performance are in some youtube videos and think that the Note 3 is a samsung phablet and tricks used to manipulate the results but the iphone win. Youtube on iphone 5s?! Who looks at benchmarks before buying a phone??

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Apple never did it, They dont need to do it. Now android fools will say that The call quality of the note3 is better 3 vs 2 The stupid amoled display in front of the legend retina display The pixels Retina has 3 sub pixels in a pixel by 3 The fingerprint scanner vs the s pen EarPods vs quadbeats A dual core 64 bit processor is better than octa core processor The iOS 7's 3d icons appearance Dual led flashlight vs 1 Now tell who's the winner. And that the Note 3 is a phablet.

Stupid Amoled display vs retina? Come on! Note 3 has a p display vs iPhone p, that's not even hd. Fingerprint scanner is cool, can't argue with that, but the S Pen is really good too. The iPhone has a good camera, yes, but if you say that the camera is better just cause of a flash, man you're cheap If the Note 3 screen would be as small as the iPhone 5s screen 4 inches , the pixel density would be dpi, when the iPhone 5s would only have at a size of the Note 3 5,7 inches so you can tell me witch one has the betetr screen You might think I am a Android fan, but the reason I am saying this is 'cause you argue without knowing a crap of what you are talking about.

Your comparison is completely irrelevant, and total nonsense. That a given resolution would have a higher or lower ppi at different screen sizes is obvious, but you get no meaningful information from the comparison you mentioned. Want to comment? Please Log in or sign up.

Comments Options. Options Follow Show comments:. Threaded Chronological Newest first. Always view all comments. Reply to My comments. All posts. The iPhone 5s launches with the redesigned iOS 7. Samsung has been keeping up much better on this front lately, as the Note 3 will launch with the latest version of Android, 4.

The iOS version appears to use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to establish a connection and transfer files with another iOS device. Samsung has used its S Beam feature as a weapon against Apple in many a commercial. It uses near-field communication NFC to transfer files with any nearby Galaxy device. Here you only need to place the phones back-to-back, and tap on the screen to confirm. Speaking of NFC, Apple hasn't yet bothered including the technology in any of its devices.

And it's starting to look like maybe it never will. This is another perk of having a humongous screen. Samsung's Note series lets you run two apps on the screen at once. In the latest version, you can actually run two separate instances of the same app. This opens the door to things like running two simultaneous chat windows, or popping up a calculator window while you're drafting a message. The iPhone 5s has iOS 7's improved version of Siri for voice control.

The Note 3 gives you a couple of native options: Samsung's S Voice last time we checked, it was inferior to Siri and Google Now which we prefer over Siri for its speed and predictive abilities.

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If you pick up the Galaxy Gear, it also lets you use a scaled-down version of S Voice straight from your wrist. The above standard prices are in US dollars, and they also require you to sign a blood oath, erm, new two-year contract with your preferred carrier. Yep, these two phones are about as different as can be.

Based on this initial look, it looks like the iPhone brings greater simplicity and portability, while the Note 3 packs in more features and strives to be more of a productivity-based companion.

Speaking of companions, the wild card here is that Galaxy Gear smartwatch. We're going to hear a lot about wearable computers in the next few years, and the Gear is the most advanced of its kind to hit the market. Gizmag will have much more to say about these two phones — and the Gear — within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for some deeper dives on that front. In the meantime, you can satiate your appetite with our hands-on with the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear and our comparison of the different iPhone models.

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The Note 3's battery holds more juice, but that doesn't necessarily mean longer battery life. For the Note 3, Samsung ditched its glossy plastic backings for a soft faux leather. The iPhone 5s' Touch ID fingerprint sensor might be its killer feature. The Note 3 sports an infrared blaster, that lets you change channels on your TV with your phablet. The two premier companies in mobile hardware take two different approaches to local file transfers.

Apple's M7 motion processor should help fitness apps and accessories log data without killing your battery. The Note 3 lets you run multiple apps side-by-side including multiple instances of the same app. The wild card is Samsung's companion Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The Galaxy Note's S Pen is a core part of its experience. Megapixels schmegapixels: it's completely possible the iPhone 5s will take better pictures stay tuned for more on that. Fingerprint sensor. Companion smartwatch. Motion coprocessor. Software versions. Local file sharing. Side-by-side multitasking.

Voice control.

iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Starting price. Over , people receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. No thanks. Latest in Mobile Technology. The Motorola One Action doesn't want you shooting vertical video. Review: Pocketalk translator puts 74 languages at your fingertips. Xiaomi teases vastly unnecessary megapixel phone camera.

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Scientists can use data hidden in music to send Wi-Fi passwords to your phone.

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Note 2 Specs!

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