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The six 'free' characters rotate on a weekly basis, which means you'll get to enjoy all of the classes if you stick with the game for a prolonged period.

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At present, its technical issues can be a bit of a bother, but they don't stand in the way of your overall enjoyment. By Damien McFerran.

Daily iPhone App: Heroes of Order and Chaos brings MOBA to iOS

Subscribe to Pocket Gamer on. Once more content is added and stability is improved, it will become a mobile must-have.

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The Update Update: VS. There will be thirty heroes available to players of the new Gameloft title, but these will be rotated and only six of them will be ready to go to battle each week.

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Teams of three to five players will battle each other to destroy and conquer in multiplayer mode, but single player campaigns will also be possible. As for in-app purchases, these will most likely be limited to accessing out-of-season heroes at any time. We assume a trailer will be coming our way really soon, too, so all those excited or at least intrigued about this new MOBA title should watch this space. Comments Read comments.

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