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After all, climbing up the mountain on a tractor is something beyond our imagination. Once you clear each level, you proceed to the next until you win the championship. It is certainly a far cry from traditional racing games set in rugged mountains or suburban racing tracks. The following are key features of Tractor Hill Driver 3D:. Tractor Hill Driver 3D is the game for you if you wish to experience something new in the gaming scenario.

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Rather your objective is simply to deliver cargo on time without crashing the tractor. Sound very simple, but it is full of challenges. The game demands agility and focus for navigating dangerous roads. The visual and audio effects of the game are remarkable because you get completely immersed in their realism. Your email address will not be published.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Passing is done by touching the player you want to hit the ball to, and shooting is done by touching the goal. This control system in Real Football is about as simple as it can be, and given that most Nokia S40 touchscreen phones are quite small, it's arguably preferable to having lots of fiddly little buttons on screen. Still, it takes a bit of practice to master, though thankfully the game has tutorials and a training mode.

If you're used to modern day soccer games with photo realistic player likenesses, slick ball physics, and pulsating stadium sound effects, you'll find the presentation of Real Football to be laughable. The graphics are blocky and lack finesse , and the sound effects out there on the pitch are limited to the sound of the ball being kicked. Download Real Football 1. This free to play version of the popular football simulator is completely dedicated to the World Cup, letting you compete on your smartphone to win the trophy.

Do you think you are ready to clean up the streets of New York? There are a variety of missions to complete in this side-scrolling action game , most of which involve you punching and kicking your way past bad guys and end bosses. There are lots of tough guys to compete with in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and they come thick and fast, meaning there's never a dull moment. You'll also need to take on bosses and free hostages as you work your way through the story.

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There's also a Quick Play mode where you can jump straight into the action, perfect for honing your Spidey skills. The running and fighting controls aren't too fiddly once you get used to them, and there's plenty of web-slinging to enjoy.

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If you have large fingers though you may find the game tricky because the action buttons are quite small. The characters are well drawn using the Marvel comic style we know and love, and animation is smooth enough.

The only downside of The Amazing Spider-Man 2's presentation is its sound. Sound effects are few and far between, and the in-game music shuts off almost as soon as the game starts. Very strange. Download The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.

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Traffic Race 3D is a feeble endless driving game for Series 40 in which you drive a badly-drawn car at a snail's pace along a boring, infinite, stretch of road. The aim of Traffic Race 3D is to drive as far as possible without crashing into the other cars , all of which look like they've been created as part of a five year-old's homework project. You'll soon realize you can actually avoid all the cars and keep going just by driving straight on a line. Download Traffic Race 3D 1. Drag Racing is a standing start car racing game that requires you to hold down the accelerator as you travel in a straight line, changing gears at precisely the right time.

Buying super fast cars is one of Drag Racing's biggest draws, along with the option to customize your vehicle using upgrades. Over 50 race cars are available, as well as several upgrades, which can be unlocked quickly using micro-transactions. Download Drag Racing 1. Reckon you're good with numbers? Dots Connect Number is sure to prove you wrong - and will frustrate the heck out of you in the process.

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The idea is to look at the image of numbers made from dots and guess what the number is, within the allotted time. You can take a hint which reveals one of the digits in the number, but it's still much, much harder than you'd think. Dots Connect Number is very basic and the nag screens get annoying. But if you like a challenge you'll certainly find one here. Download Dots Connect Number Free 1. Farm Clash is an agriculturally-themed match three game with a slight twist. Instead of matching adjacent vegetables in this case , you must match swap vegetables two spaces apart to form your line of three.

It takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you are a veteran of these games. There are three game modes : arcade, survivor and sequence and you can pick up boosts such as bombs and stars. If you like match three games, then Farm Clash is a pleasant, fun and brightly-colored option. Download Farm Clash 1. If you're yet to get bored of match-three games especially ones that don't offer anything new or interesting then you may enjoy Puzzle Pets - Popping Fun.

The aim is to match as many pets in lines of three as possible in order to move through a magical land known as Blossom Fields. You might expect the game to start easy and get more difficult, but no, it seems to be entirely random. While the game may be bright, cute, and colorful, there is absolutely nothing unique to make it stand out. Download Puzzle Pets - Popping Fun 1.

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The idea, as always, is to clear the screen of bubbles by shooting them into groups of three or more of the same color. The control system in Shoot Bubble Deluxe is easy enough and the game is good fun to play, although a few more power-ups wouldn't go amiss. Also, an 'endless mode' would add to the challenge. Download Shoot Bubble Deluxe Free 1. The idea is to keep tapping the black keyboard keys as quickly as you can, without hitting the white ones. There are three game modes in Piano Fun: classic, arcade, and timed, although the gameplay doesn't vary much between these.

The touch controls are very simple and the graphics are smart, if a little uninspiring. Piano Fun requires a constant data connection to run properly, which is annoying. Download Piano Fun Free 1. Ever fancied your chances of scooping the jackpot on Who wants to be a Millionaire? Now you can test yourself with this Nokia quiz game. Who Want to be a Millionaire is a faithful recreation of the game show's format, posing 15 questions of increasing difficulty. You have four lifelines , including the ability to phone a friend choices include Barack Obama, Luis Suarez, and Albert Einstein!

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