How to create an iPhone ringtone using a song in iTunes

Select the song in iTunes that you want to convert to a ringtone, and select "Get Info" from the pop-up menu. Select the "Options" tab and change the Stop Time to This step must be completed before attempting the next step, or the file length will be too long.

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The converted music file from the previous step will have a. Find the place where iTunes created the new file by right-clicking the song again in iTunes and selecting "Get Info". The file location will be at the bottom of the Get Info screen, under "Where". Now that you've converted your song to AAC format and renamed it with a. You can double-click the. When you sync your iphone with itunes, your new ringtone will be copied to the ringtone folder on your iphone and can then be assigned as your default ringtone, or as a ringtone for a particular contact.

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Choose Music tab from the top bar and then Ringtones. Choose Ringtone Maker tab.

How to Create iPhone Ringtones on Windows 10

TunesMate will play the song from start to end. While listening, you can use the "Set to start" and "Set to finish" buttons to determine the tone. Note: You can also use the Ringtone Audition to preview the ringtone before you save it. Aaron Donald is an avid IT geek and smart phone enthusiast who is dedicating himself to write high quality articles for Apple users to fix iOS issues.

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Cons of Using iTunes: You cannot set up the start and stop time while listening the song. You can preview the songs and record when to start and stop the ringtone in advance. It still lacks of ringtone customization. Advantages: It allows you decide the precise section for ringtone while listening the song.

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You can preview the created ringtone before you save it. So, if you want to start the ringtone at 1 minute and 34 seconds, input into the start field.

Add Ringtone To an iPhone/iPad/iPod with The Latest iTunes Release

Then set it to end 30 seconds later at After you select your times, be sure to play it back to make sure it's the chunk of the song you really want. Change the song's file extension from.

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That's because Apple uses a. When prompted to either keep. Keep your window open and plug in your iPhone into your computer.

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You'll see the iPhone pop up in the left sidebar of the screen.