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The way we manage social events is one of us creates it in the Calendar app, then sends an invitation to the other one. But since our calendars are shared, each joint event ends up duplicated. You can see in the example above that both a concert and play are duplicated — once as an event I created, and again as an accepted event in a shared calendar.

There is no excuse at all for Calendar failing to realise these are the exact same events. Do you have other examples? Please share your experiences in the comments. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. He also writes fiction, with two technothriller novels, a couple of SF shorts and a rom-com!

In this tutorial, we have collected 4 easy ways to help you merge iPhone contacts. Your contacts will pop up; locate the duplicate you want to merge into a single contact and open it. Our guide below will walk you through the process of unmerging, or unlinking, your contacts so that they can go back to being separate contact entries. This app can be used in a number of creative ways.

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Moving contacts between phones or to your email should work How can I merge two contact lists in Outlook? Open your Phone app and tap Contacts at the bottom of the screen. The main cause of Duplicate Contacts on iPhone is due to apps like Facebook, Gmail and Outlook syncing or importing the same contacts over and over again. Duplicate Contacts on iPhone. If you get countless duplicate contacts after syncing your iOS device with iTunes or iCloud, it would be time-consuming to manually merge and remove the duplicates.

How to merge contacts with iCloud.

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Locate the duplicate contact and tap Edit in the upper right corner. Just like deleting a contact, Apple has a second-rate way of merging contacts natively on your iPhone. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until no duplicates are found. As the most powerful backup and restore tool, it allows you to back up the contacts on old iPhone and then merge the contacts with the ones on the new iPhone. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it. So you always have your contacts' most up-to-date information when and where you need it.

In some cases, you might not want to link or merge multiple contacts as one is redundant. However, it can get daunting when you want to merge contacts across different contact groups or when you want to merge an entire group into another.

Upgrading to a new iPhone is exciting, but not if you lose the important things that were on your old phone, such as your contacts. Do not worry. It has happened countless of times since the iPhone 5. Tap iCloud. Merging data means that your computer contacts will be added to your iPhone and vice versa. In this example, here is how you would merge the local Work calendar with the iCloud Work calendar:.

This application has been specifically designed to clear all the duplicate contacts on your iPhone, and works highly effectively, although merges may be limited. Select the Outlook contacts that you wish to import to the iPhone. Before you edit, change, delete or merge contacts, it is highly recommend you back up the contacts first. Reasons to Sync iPhone Contacts. On My iPhone. You can configure which items are synchronized during a one-time set up process.

If a member of your Organization creates duplicate Contacts, you can merge them and retain all of the List data in one profile. You might wonder why you would ever need or want to sync iPhone contacts, but there are actually three great reasons to sync between your iPhone and Gmail: Extra backup Merge the deduped contacts with the original ones. However, if you are migrating from other smartphones even from The result of merging these contacts is that both of the current contacts will be combined into one.

Deleted Google Calendar entry in Calendar reappears (iOS 11.2.6)

No matter which situation you are stuck on, you can find solutions here. When prompted, select whether you want to merge or replace the data for your contacts. When asked, click Merge. It is usual for people to switch a new phone number, email address or other information when they change a job or go to another place, so it may be frustrating when you find your iPhone Contacts app overruns multiple entries for one single contact or duplicate contacts.

Sync your How to Add Contacts to iPhone. Your data is stored in a remote Apple location, somewhere in North Carolina at the time of writing , which is a good thing because if disaster or thieves strike your home and your computer breaks or disappears, your data […] Step 4: Click 'Apply' iTunes will likely ask you again if you want to merge or overwrite the existing contacts on this iPhone - if you choose to overwrite the phone's contacts this will replace that iPhone's existing contacts with the new contact list. Just follow the steps below to remove duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

Next, log in to iCloud with your Apple ID from a browser.

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Click Merge to merge the detected duplicate contacts. How to Group Contacts on iPhone. I would recommend the one that I use- CleanUp Suite. Import your iPhone contacts, then re-import your computer contacts manually. If you have a work or school Google Account. You can use iCloud to merge iPhone contacts on computer, combine contacts on Mac through Contacts app, or use Contact Link to combine contacts into one, and this way only works for small number of contacts.

The iPad can be regarded as a bigger iPhone that can complete almost everything we do on our handy iPhone. If you intend to export iPhone contacts to Gmail without iCloud, the Settings app could be your choice. Open Contacts. Now, your iCloud contacts from different iCloud accounts have been successfully merged into one account. Merge duplicate contacts from your iPhone iPad Once your device detect by the program, you can see your device show on the primary window.

How to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone. In this situation, some professional iOS contacts managers seems useful.

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Thus, to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone is wise to get away from such sick situation. Transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud. The tool will allow you to remove undesired contacts, merge the duplicate contacts, bulk-transfer your contacts to a new iPhone, and even back up your contacts. Contacts that are saved in your phone and Microsoft Outlook address book may be merged together. I use Outlook on PC. This will show groups of duplicate contacts that you can merge. You have made me a happy man. Just uncheck calendars, then follow all the instructions including the Terminal steps.

I found out that after the latest update, the all day events in my Google Calendar were updated to multi-day events. It was visible in both Mac Calendar and Fantastical 2, which I moved to. There was no way to delete or remove them except manually, 1 at a time Ran through these steps.

Now I have triple of everything. This is lousy of Apple to not have resolved this by now. In order to delete account, I have to delete the entire google account from Internet accounts. Do you have an update for the process in Sierra? Terminal commands surrounded by green box.