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Duke is dispatched back to Los Angeles to fight hordes of aliens, including the protector drones. Eventually, Duke finds the lair of the Alien Queen, and kills her, thus thwarting the alien plot. Levels in this episode include a fast-food restaurant "Duke Burger" , a supermarket, a Disneyland parody called "Babe Land," a police station, the Exxon Valdez , and Area With the release of 20th Anniversary World Tour , the story progresses further.

In "Episode Five: Alien World Order ", Duke finds out that the aliens initiated a world-scale invasion, so he sets out to repel their attack on various countries. There, he defeats the Cycloid Incinerator, the current alien leader, stopping their threat for good.

Duke Nukem 3D Now Free For iPhone and iPad

LameDuke is a beta version of Duke Nukem 3D , which was released by 3D Realms as a "bonus" one year after the release of the official version. It has been released as is, with no support. Lee Jackson 's theme song "Grabbag" has elicited many spin-offs and remixes over the years by both fans and professional musicians, including an officially sanctioned studio version by the popular thrash metal outfit Megadeth.

Another version of the song was recorded by Chris Kline in August The original official website was created by Jeffrey D. Duke Nukem 3D was ported to many consoles of the time.

Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone

All of the ports featured some sort of new content. Duke Nukem 3D was a commercial hit, selling about 3. Following the release of the Doom source code in , gamers wanted a similar source code release from 3D Realms. It included a demo mod made by several beta testers. Though a further version was planned, it never made it out of beta. It was eventually cancelled due to programmer time constraints.

The source code to the Duke Nukem 3D v1. The game was quickly ported by enthusiasts to modern operating systems. The first Duke Nukem 3D port was from icculus. The icculus. Silverman has since helped Fowler with a large portion of other engine work, including updating the network code, and helping to maintain various other aspects of the engine. In June , thanks to significant porting contributions from the DOSBox team, EDuke32 became the only Duke Nukem 3D source port to compile and run natively on bit Linux systems without the use of a bit compatibility environment.

Although Polymer is fully functional, it is technically incomplete and unoptimized, and is still in development. As of the fifth installment of the High Resolution Pack , released in , the Polymer renderer is mandatory. In , another significant development of EDuke32 was the introduction of true room over room TROR , where sectors can be placed over other sectors, and can be seen at the same time.


In practice, this allows for true three-dimensional level design that was previously impossible, although the base engine is still 2D. On December 18, , Chocolate Duke3D [49] port was released. Inspired by Chocolate Doom , [50] the primary goal was to refactor the code so developers would easily read and learn from it. In February , a source code review article was published that described the internal working of the code. All versions of the game have earned a positive aggregate score on GameRankings and Metacritic. Daniel Jevons of Maximum gave it five out of five stars, calling it "absolutely perfect in every respect.

Reception of this element varied: Tim Soete of GameSpot felt that it was "morally questionable", [2] while the Game Revolution reviewer noted that it was "done in a tongue-in-cheek manner," and he was "not personally offended".

‘Duke Nukem 3D’ iOS Is Free For Some Reason

Next Generation reviewed the Macintosh version of the game, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that "Though it took a year, the Mac port of Duke Nukem 3D is an impressive feat, both for the game's own features, and the quality of the port. Next Generation reviewed the Nintendo 64 version of the game Duke Nukem 64 , rating it three stars out of five, and stated that "The sound effects and music are solid, the levels are still interactive as heck, and it's never quite felt so good blasting enemies with a shotgun or blowing them to chunks with pipe bombs. PC Gamer magazine's readers' voted it 13 on its all-time top games poll.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reviewed the PlayStation console port, giving it a 21 out of 40 score. Duke Nukem 3D was attacked by some critics, who alleged that it promoted pornography and murder. Jamia Wilson, then vice president of Women's Media Center , criticized the depictions of women for being "extremely harmful, especially to young women".

A similar censored version was carried at Wal-Mart retail stores in the United States. In Australia, the game was originally refused classification on release. However, it was not fully confiscated, meaning that an adult could still request to see the game and buy it. Despite such concerns from critics, legislators, and publishers, Scott Miller later recounted that 3D Realms saw very little negative feedback to the game's controversial elements from actual gamers or their parents.

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Archived from the original on January 10, Retrieved February 11, Archived from the original on February 11, December 29, Archived from the original on January 2, Retrieved December 30, Duke has always been a bit of a stiff, but the iPhone touchscreen controls make him maneuver like Frankenstein dipped in liquid nitrogen.

The controls go from frustrating to functional to unbearable over the course of the first few levels. The default settings are very sensitive, so some fine-tuning of this setup is required before use.

How to play Duke Nukem 3D with Modern Controls (eDuke32 Setup) eDuke Tutorial

As awkward as this setup is, the digital setup is no better. Four movement axes line the bottom parts of the screen, each one responsible for movement or aiming along an X-Y plane.

‘Duke Nukem 3D’ iOS Is Free For Some Reason – TouchArcade

This setup becomes absolutely useless, however, when you enter the later stages and need to have Duke aim to take out enemies in the sky or jump around the map. A note about the graphics: This is a pretty straightforward port of the original release, complete with the original art and yes, even the same voice acting. But I did notice some blurriness when it came to the enemy units, and on such a small screen any detail loss gets magnified dramatically.

Sadly, there are also some noticeable holes currently in this version of Duke Nukem 3D that fans of the series will notice. While the controls make the game almost unplayable, Duke Nukem 3D is still a cheap pickup for iPhone users nostalgic for old-school first-person shooter action or chauvinism. The iPad Pro just got a massive discount at Amazon. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. At a Glance.