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How to Install Android 2.3.5 Update

If you wish to have a Android version that also has only open source drivers, check out the Replicant project. Another very popular Android distribution is MIUI , which focuses on features but less on security or freedom and there is no official ZTE Blade hardware adaptation available, so it is not an option even for now.

Even for CyanogenMod we cannot use the latest version 10, since that is based on Android 4 series, which lacks certain device drivers for hardware that is on the ZTE Blade. Thus we need to use the latest Android 2 series version, which is CyanogenMod 7. Before you start to install a new operating system on you phone, you must remember to back up your data first! You probably also have important data in your installed apps, and you need to check if they have options to backup to some cloud service of export their data to the SD card.

How-To: Safely Root ACER E 2 3 5 | One Click Root

Once you have everything saved and exported to the SD card, remember to plug you phone to your computer and backup the entire SD card. During the installation only the phone internal memory will be overwritten, but to be sure it is good to backup the SD card too.

APK Installer for PC

While you still have your phone attached to your computer, download the latest version of CyanogenMod for ZTE Blade as of writing 7. Some instructions on the Internet are based on rooting the phone and installing a recovery mode manager, or using the fastboot tool to directly flash a custom recovery mode to the recovery partition, but none of these work anymore on the latest ZTE Blade gen2.

How to Install USB Driver for any Android Device?

However, there seems to be a kind of built-in recovery mode available. It is distributed as a part of the Android SDK , but it is enough that you just get the adb executable alone. Once you have it on your Linux machine, enable USB debug mode on your phone by long pressing the Menu button while in the desktop screen. Run ADB to confirm that it sees your device.


Remember to use sudo that ADB will run with full permissions:. Depending on your preferences, you might need to finalize the installation by installing manually the apps you want as.

Any upgrade would be better. The following commands help developers to clone sources from rowboat repository. The above method is ideal but it is time consuming, so developers can use the pre-packaged Android sources in DevKit package. Download the pre-packaged DevKit sources from here. Run following commands to extract the pre-packaged source:.

The boot script uEnv. Code Composer Studio CCS is the integrated development environment for TI's DSPs, microcontrollers and application processors based on the Eclipse open source software framework which includes a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. Android Debug Bridge adb is a versatile tool lets you manage the state of the Android-powered device. The ADB tool can be used to. Once you install Android SDK, the directory contents look like this. Export the platform-tools and tools directory path as shown below. This release of DevKit has been tested for three different methods of connecting a given board with host machine.

The below sections describe each of these methods and provides necessary instructions for the same. The normal set of Ethernet configuration tools should work, such as ifconfig, netstat, and route. For example, the following commands will assign the network address Run this on the target:.

NTx86 and not under Google.

Samsung Galaxy Ace USB Driver Download- 2015 - Latest Version- Windows

NTamd64 unless your machine is AMD 64 bits. If you skip this step you won't be able to later install the driver as windows will reject it. On successful installation adb tool will report SUCCESS on host terminal, and the application would be listed on the android main menu.