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I would not believe anything you hear from an ATT store about futures that far out - and would tend not to believe much they say about DTVN at all. The seem pretty ignorant of the product, and it is unlikely that future plans are disclosed to first line reps and salesdroids. The closest one to me would be a mile round trip. DTVN is spending a ton of money on advertising, but the ads give almost no idea what the product actually is.

One mentions a "tiny box", but doesn't mention that you have to buy it. Unless you are already familiar with streaming, the information available from the stores and the ads is pretty much worthless.

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I think their ad blitz is setting them up for a lot of disappointed, or at least confused, customers. Well, that is a question - what should you expect the customer to know about a class of product going in. Certainly for their initial target customers cable nevers, who were almost certainly customers of one or more of the on-demand streaming services , "streaming" would be adequate to tell them what they were dealing with. For the broader community especially less tech aware who might be looking to cut a cord , it is more of a question.

I'm not sure how many really are so tech unaware that they wouldn't understand this, however. And if you read the directvnow. However, it doesn't emphasize it, or say anything about the needed internet capabilities, and while it mentions devices, it doesn't really go into detail - at least until you go to the FAQs Help Center. It turns out - almost identical.

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They never mention the word "internet" until you go to either their FAQs where the don't actually say it, but they have a FAQ that discusses needed internet speed - as does DTVN or a "fine print" page, which just says "robust internet needed". Both in the "signup" info make mention that you can run on a variety of devices and offer a link to a list , but both seem to assume you have the basic idea.

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Then, I went back to look at the same for DTV - and it never once mentions the words "satellite" or "dish". They talk about the capabilities of the set top boxes, but nothing about how it works - I guess it is just magic. Pretty much the same for U-Verse.

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And the comparison chart amongst the three services also talks capabilities and features - nothing really about requirements, for any of them. This is slightly more of an issue for DTVN because it is more self-service than the others, but only slightly.

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Until that happens, you will have to use a streaming player or purchase a tv with a streaming player already incorporated into it. If all you have to go on is the ad, it's a reasonable conclusion, which is probably the intent.

Granted, it's the older person who falls into this trap, and most people do at least know what "streaming" is even if they think it's only Netflix. Netflix may be responsible for dissatisfied DTVN users, they expect DTVN to be as rock solid as Netflix is today, and are probably unaware of how it was in the beginning. DTVN is clearly targeting a younger demographic. Personally I could not care less what is "trending on social", but that's the first category if I arrow down from a program.

I've been using the internet since , so I know a bit about that too. Archie search anyone? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. But there is no Spectrum TV app available. When will it be available? Proven Sharer. Do you have an Xbox One? The Spectrum TV app is available there as well. No I do not. Browse through the internet and search for web videos. Stream recorded or imported videos from your mobile device to your LG Smart TV and enjoy the show on the big screen.

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