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We certainly hope so because this one was pretty good. Can You Escape is a series of escape games from MobiGrow. Each game in the series puts you in a bad situation and you must solve puzzles to get out.

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Most of them are fictional destinations. However, a couple feature real stuff like the Titanic. The mechanics are point-and-click. They also feature hidden item and general puzzle mechanics.

Some of them are completely free to play while others may require payment after a trial period. The Escapists 1 and 2 are two escape games. Both games have similar base mechanics. You play the role of an upstanding prisoner while you secretly collect and craft items to help you eventually escape. The second game features larger prisons, more items, more activities, and more of, well, everything.

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The first game still holds its own in this genre as well and it has an optional DLC for even more content. These are two of the best escape games for Android hands-down. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is one of the newer escape games. Players solve puzzles to escape the area and continue the game. Each game in the series has a theme.

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The third one is an arctic theme. The game also includes simple mechanics, plenty of puzzles, and a cheap price tag. Thus, you can play them in any order. The free version comes with the first nine levels. You have to pay for the rest of it. The other two games in the series are good too. Lifeline is a series of text-based puzzle games by 3 Minute Games. You play as a radio operator who starts getting random transmissions from a stranger.

Your job is to guide them to safety without them being killed. There are about eight games in the series right now and their prices vary. There is one freemium title in the collection, though. Otherwise, these are fantastic. You're watching from a first-person perspective, swiping around the screen to change your view and tapping on objects of interest to zoom-in. Handling objects is a tactile experience - keys need to be twisted, dials turned, and letters slipped out of envelopes.

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It's a clever way of dragging you in, allowing you to fiddle and pull at the boxes as you try and work out what you have to do next. Other than your fingers and your brain, your strongest tool is your eyeglass. You pick this up early on in the first level, and slipping it on by tapping an icon on the right of the screen gives you a glimpse into a different dimension. More often than not, if you're stuck your eyeglass will reveal a way to continue. The Room is an exercise in puzzle design, always gently pushing you in the right direction while making sure the "eureka" moment is as sweet as it should be.

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Even when it was over, The Room 3 lured me back in with more brilliant mysteries. The Room 2 hinted at something potentially fascinating, but never found its footing, and The Room 3 is equally adamant about remaining vague. While playing The Room 3, I turned off the too-aggressive hint system, relying on it only when I found myself profoundly lost with where to take a new item, or what was hiding in plain sight.

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