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Liang 12 ; N. Toledo 1 ; Y. Schalk 3 ; T. Dacoba 4 ; J. Campo 4 ; S. Kashem 1 ; Y. Rakasz 3 ; Q. Alonso 4 ; J. Wnitney 5 and F. Plummer 1. It mutates rapidly, giving rise to extensive genetic diversity. These inherent characteristics underscore the greater challenges in developing a prophylactic HIV vaccine compared to those for other pathogens.

Lertjuthaporn 1 ; C. Cicala 2 ; D. Yolitz 2 ; D. Gorini 3 ; G. Franchini 3 ; M. Roederer 3 ; R. Mason 2 ; K. Pattanapanyasat 1 ; X. Kong 4 ; K. Wibmer 5 ; L. Morris 5 ; A. Fauci 2 and J. Arthos 2. Kopycinski 1 ; H. Yang 1 ; E. Stohr 2 ; T. Hanke 1 ; J. Frater 1 ; S.

Fidler 3 ; L. This approach may enhance future combination HIV eradication strategies. McKinnon 1,2 ; A. Tokarev 3,4 ; A. Pagliuzza 5 ; A. Sivro 1,2 ; E. Kroon 6 ; N. Chomchey 6 ; N. Phanuphak 6 ; A. Schuetz 3,4,7 ; M. Robb 3,4 ; J. Ananworanich 3,4 ; N. Chomont 5 ; D. Efforts to better understand the causes and consequences of this effect may help to inform future HIV cure efforts.

Horsburgh 1 ; B. Hiener 1 ; J. Eden 1 ; E. Schlub 2 ; S. Odevall 3 ; J. Milush 4 ; T. Liegler 4 ; R. Fromentin 5 ; N. Chomont 5 ; S. Deeks 4 ; F. Hecht 4 and S. Palmer 1. Additional sequences from four participants were obtained four years later. The proportion of intact and defective proviruses in an EIS was similar.

These intact expanded sequences were observed in two participants four years later. In two participants where no intact provirus was observed, large expansions of defective sequences predominated. Conclusions: Cellular proliferation contributes to the expansion of both intact and defective proviruses. Expansions of defective proviruses may dilute the number of intact proviruses and lead to difficulty in their identification. Sette 1 ; E. Sivanandham 1 ; E.

Falwell 1 ; B. Policicchio 1 ; C. McFadden 1 ; K. Raehtz 1 ; T. Dunsmore 1 ; G. Landay 2 ; I. Pandrea 1 and C. Apetrei 3. Yet, ART does not restore immune integrity and is not curative, with the virus persisting in a latent reservoir and rebounding upon ART cessation. We used our new model of highly pathogenic SIV. Large numbers of T cells were observed in both white and brown AdT and they were located both perivascularly or diffuse in the fat.

DNAscope showed virus persistence in the blood vessels cells from AdT. Gavegnano 1 ; C. Shephard 2 ; J. Holler 3 ; S. Coggins 3 and B. Kim 1. Safe, specific agents that selectively eliminate key cells harboring the myeloid reservoir are urgently needed. Results: Rufinamide and bergenin do not kill uninfected macrophages. Agents accelerate HIV replication in macrophages, implying acceleration results in selective cell death of infected macrophages.

Mofenson 1 ; V. Vannappagari 2 ; A. Scheuerle 3 ; B. Baugh 4 ; K. Beckerman 5 ; H. Betman 6 ; N. Chakhtoura 7 ; K. Dominguez 8 ; A.


Pikis 9 ; N. Santanello 10 ; W. Short 11 ; C. Thorne 12 ; H. Tilson 13 ; V. Vinas 14 ; H. Watts 15 and J. Albano This analysis aims to 1 describe CNS defect cases reported to APR, a voluntary, international, prospective exposure registry and 2 determine any increased risk by ART drug class. Methods: Data on prospectively enrolled pregnancies Jan through Jul with birth outcome are summarized. Birth defects are reviewed by a dysmorphologist, coded by modified Metropolitan Atlanta Congenital Defects Programme criteria, classified by organ system and assigned exposure timing for each antiretroviral.

Results: 20, pregnancies resulted in 20, fetal outcomes including 19, live births. Overall and drug class frequencies are consistent with observed low NTD prevalence 0. However, the number of pregnancies enrolled in the APR with exposure to newer drug classes such as integrase inhibitors InSTIs are insufficient to rule out or confirm any potential association with NTD. Healthcare providers are encouraged to continue to report pregnancies with prospective antiretroviral exposures to the APR, especially those involving newer antiretrovirals.

Tukei 1 ; A. Tiam 2,3 ; L. Greenberg 2 ; H. Hoffman 4 ; T. Ramatlapeng 5 ; M. Nchephe 5 ; M. Nchepe 5 ; T. Motsoane 5 ; F. Mohai 1 ; A. Chabela 1 ; M. Masitha 1 ; L. Mofenson 2 ; R. Steenstra 4 and L. Guay 2,4. We used combined data from both randomized groups on delivery outcomes. Pregnancy Outcomes among a cohort of women in Lesotho. Rittenhouse 1 ; H. Mwape 2 ; K. De Paris 3 ; J.

Price 14 ; J. Nelson 5 ; E. Stringer 1 ; M. Smithmyer 1 ; B. Vwalika 4 and J. Stringer 1. Whether maternal immune mechanisms underpin this risk remains unclear. In multivariate logistic regression, 1 to 2 prior preterm births coef 1. Conclusions: Vaginal, but not systemic, inflammation in the midtrimester is associated with sPTB. In apparent contrast to epidemiologic reports of higher PTB risk among women on preconceptional ART, women newly starting ART in our cohort had higher vaginal inflammation than those who were on it at baseline.

Further studies are underway to confirm these data with a larger sample size of our highly relevant African cohort. Moyo 1,2,3 ; A. Haeri Mazanderani 4,5 ; T. Murray 4,6 ; K. Technau 7 ; S. Carmona 8 ; T. Kufa 2,4 and G. Sherman 4,6,7. Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital. Department of Paediatrics and Child Health. Faculty of Health Sciences.

Proportions of viraemic women at delivery were calculated. Maternal viral load and early infant diagnosis PCR testing at delivery: results from four tertiary obstetric units in Gauteng, South Africa. Bengtson 1 ; T. Phillips 2 ; S. Abrams 3 and L. Myer 2. However, little research has explored the impact of HIV and obesity on pregnancy outcomes. At baseline, gestational age GA was estimated using ultrasound. In multivariable analyses, overall obesity was not associated with preterm birth RR 0.

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Adverse pregnancy outcomes by body mass index BMI category for pregnant women. Umar 1 ; R. Chalera 2 ; G. Trapence 2 ; C. Bandawe 3 and V. Jumbe 4. Background: This study set out to establish the experiences of transgender people in relation to health seeking in Malawi. It focused on experiences with the health system in relation to HIV testing; partner sexual based violence; and mental health. Methods: The study was conducted in August in four administrative districts of Malawi. These were cities in the three regions and in addition, a rural district in the southern region. This was a cross sectional study utilizing mixed methods.

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The study population was people who identify themselves as transgender in Malawi. Data collection was conducted using a structured questionnaire that included a depression scale as well as Focus Group discussion FGD guide. Descriptive data analysis was conducted using SPSS v. Regarding HIV testing, majority It was established that majority had accessed HIV testing in nongovernmental transgender friendly drop in centres.

Almost a third In terms of mental health, In order to enhance HIV prevention and treatment, there is need for the creation of transgender safe spaces in Malawi. Zalazar 1 ; C. Frola 1,2 ; A. Cardozo 1,3,4 ; M. Duarte 1,3,4 ; S. Fabian 1,5 ; P. Radusky 1,6 ; I.

Aristegui 1,7 ; P. Cahn 1 and O. Sued 1. Most of them were sex workers HIV prevalence was 4. Almost all Participants strongly agree that they: prefer simultaneous HIV and syphilis diagnosis test All participants strongly agreed that they would recommend this test to another TGW. The main comment was to include other STIs in rapid test i. Ramos ; E. Jalil; F. Lessa; C. Castro; C. Jalil; E. Carvalheira; L. Kamel; R. Moreira; V. Pacheco; V. Veloso; B. Grinsztejn and R.

De Boni. As seen in other key populations, syndemics, defined as synergistic psychosocial comorbidities, may exacerbate this risk. Using standardized and validated questionnaires, participants were screened for a history of substance abuse, binge drinking, depression, sexual compulsive behaviour and intimate partner violence. Results: Of transwomen surveyed, had valid results and were included in the present analysis. The prevalence of syndemics was There were no statistical differences between groups regarding transactional sex overall prevalence Conclusions: The prevalence of syndemics was high in Brazilian transwomen.

Improvements in targeted interventions for mental health and social vulnerabilities are necessary in this population, Syndemics must be considered when designing PrEP engagement and adherence strategies for transwomen in order to improve and reduce the prevalence of HIV infection. Brignol 1 ; I. Dourado 2 ; A.

Brito 3 ; C. Davoli 4 ; F. Marques de Oliveira Filho 4 ; M. Cavalcanti 5 and F. Bastos 6. The World Health Organization warns: this level of consumption significantly impacts morbidity and mortality, increases the risk factor of HIV infection, and compromises adherence to antiretroviral treatment. In addition, TW are 13 times more likely to contract HIV compared to women in the general population.

We aimed to analyse factors associated to regular consumption of alcohol among TW in Fortaleza a large capital city 2,, inhabitants in Northeast Brazil.

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Results: Among TW the proportion of regular consumption of alcohol in the last three months was The odds of HIV infection was 2. Social and programmatic vulnerability, in addition to the difficulties of accessing health services, in Brazil, increases TW exposure to violence, high alcohol consumption and other drugs.

We confirmed that such consumption increases the risk of HIV infection, results suggest a high need for continuous attention to the health of transsexuals who are exposed to factor to vulnerability social. The consumption prevention of licit and illicit drugs is need. Bassichetto 1 ; G. Sagesse 1 ; H. Gilmore 2 ; M. Veras 1 ; J. Sevelius 2 ; S. Background: Transwomen face a high prevalence of HIV infection globally, affected by a syndemic of poor economic, social and mental health indicators.

In Brazil, this disparity persists despite universal healthcare. Bivariate and multivariate Poisson regression models were employed to analyse current ART use association with sociodemographic and mental health indicators at baseline. Results: The majority K10 mental distress scale score, ethnicity, income, housing stability, legal name rectification and employment status were not significantly associated with current ART use.

Further research, including studies with larger samples, is needed to examine the unique barriers facing this vulnerable population. Grulich 1 ; F. Vaccher 1 ; B. Bavinton 1 ; T. Vickers 1 ; J. Amin 2 ; C. Selvey 3 ; K. Chant 3 ; I. Baker 5 ; M. Bloch 6 ; A. Carr 7 ; D. Smith 8 ; R. Hazard ratios HRs were estimated using Cox regression. Results: participants HIV incidence was 0. Incidence was higher in those who at baseline had either a rectal sexually transmitted infection STI or recent methamphetamine use, and incidence was highest in those who had both 8.

Molina 1 ; J. Ghosn 2 ; M. Rojas Castro 4 ; L. Pialoux 5 ; C. Delaugerre 1 ; J. Viard 6 ; C. Katlama 7 ; C. Segouin 8 ; C. Pintado 1 ; P. Girard 9 ; J. Lourenco 10 ; M. Ohayon 11 ; S. Le Mestre 12 ; B. Spire 13 ; V. Assoumou 7 ; D. At enrolment, PrEP was used daily in Baeten 1 ; T. Mgodi 3 ; G. Ramjee 4 ; B. Gati 5 ; F. Mhlanga 3 ; P. Hunidzarira 3 ; L. Mansoor 6 ; S. Siva 4 ; V. Govender 4 ; B. Makanani 7 ; L. Naidoo 4 ; N.

Singh 4 ; G.

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Nair 8 ; L. Chinula 9 ; A. Mayo 10 ; D. Szydlo 11 ; L. Nel 13 ; Z. Rosenberg 14 ; S. Hillier 15 ; E. Mathur 1 ; N. Pilgrim 1 ; C. Heck 2 ; S. Patel 3 and M. Musheke 4. Conclusions: We provide empirical evidence of the value of going beyond the health sector for HIV prevention efforts. Celum 1 ; N. Mgodi 2 ; L. Bekker 3,4 ; S. Hosek 5 ; D. Donnell 6 ; P. Anderson 7 ; B. Pathak 6 ; Y. Agyei 9 ; J. Fogel 9 ; M. Marzinke 9 ; K. Makgamathe 10 ; S. Kassim 3,4 ; S. Mukaka 2 ; H. Noble 6 ; A. Adeyeye 11 ; S. Four acquired HIV, all of whom had undetectable plasma tenofovir at seroconversion. PrEP adherence did not increase with addition of drug level feedback.

This combination prevention package that included PrEP achieved high protection. Jalil 1 ; T. Torres 1 ; R. Moreira 1 ; C. Castro 1 ; L. Monteiro 1 ; L. Monteiro 1 ; A. Garcia 1 ; D. Santos 1 ; I. Leite 1 ; M. Pedrosa 1 ; V. Cattani 1 ; L. Kamel 1 ; C. Jalil 1 ; E. Carvalheira 1 ; P. Gomes 1 ; B. Hoagland 1 ; R. Estrela 1 ; P. Anderson 2 ; A. Wagner 1 ; V. At week 4, dried blood spots were also collected; TDF levels will be presented. Out of , More vulnerable transwomen had the worst adherence levels and deserve tailored strategies for PrEP delivery.

Bavinton 1 ; S. Vaccher 1 ; G. Fortune Bay — One member. Harbor Grace— Tliree members. Population, 12,; Voters, Davey Hon. Gear Sir J. IVintcr, K. Robinson Vote polled, Ferryland— Two members. Dawe VV. Oke A. Parsons Rt. Sir W. White- 'vay, K. Harbor Main— Two members. Morris, K. O' Toole.. Mary's— Three j members. I Population, Ellis y. Winser Vote polled, Jackman T. Sullivan A, F, Goodridge R. McGrath R.

Callahan Vote polled, Port-de-Grave — One member. House of Assembly. Barbe— One member. George — " ne member. Population, 21,; Voters, Kent, B. John's West— Three members. The voters do not include those added to the Lists on Election day. The votes polled do not include ballots rejected in counting. Scott 7. IVhite IV. Trinity— Three members. Population, 20, ; Voters, Gushue W. Lloyd, D. JVhiteway Vote polled. Twlllingate— Tliree meinber. Population, 19,; Voters, ;- Rt. Clift, K. Geodridgt D. Morison, K.

Mtivs IC07 Vote polled, House of Assembly, I — Barnes, A. C, Tiuillingate. J,, Ferryland. C, Bonavista. C, St. C, Harbor Main. John's West. John's East. C, Bay-de- Verd. A Representative Assembly was first granted to this Colony in , under the Governor- ship of Sir Thomas Cochrane, By the Constitution nine Districts were established, return- ing fifteen members, who were to hold their seats during Her Majesty's pleasure. In 1S38 the members of the Assembly were elected for four years, and this term has been adhered to since that date.

In , upon the granting of Responsible Government, the number of members was increased, at the instance of the Imperial Government, to thirty. In the member- ship was further increased to thirty-one, by the addition of one member to the number of those representing the District of Twillingate and Fogo.

In the number of members was in- creased to thirty-three, by the erection of St. George and St. Barbe into Districts, with one member each. In , after the publication of the Census of , a partial re-distribution took place. The District of Twillingate and Fogo was divided, Twillingate retaining tliree members, Fogo was given one. Bay-de-Verd, to which was added part of the then District of Trinity, was allowed an additional member, as was also Harbor Grace.

These alterations in- creased the number of members to thirty-six. Officers of the House of Assembly. Assistant Chrh — A. Sergeant -at- Arms — M. Supervisor of Debates — M. Official Reporters — W. Boone, P. Messengers — J. Hackett, T. Eustace, C. Pages— i. John, P. Law Clerk W, Furlong. Librarian — Mis.? Engrossing Clerk — Miss Salter. Keeper Legislative Building — Mrs. Ryall, Fireman Legislative Building — J. Office : Departmental Building. Office Hours : 10 a. Comptroller and Av,ditor-General — F. Berteau, J, P. Clerk and Assistant Auditor — W. Assistant Clerk and Typev:riter — R.

Messenger — C, Brocklehurst. Government Offices. Office : Court House Building. Office hours — 10 a. First Clerk—Y. Second Clerk— W. Third Clerk Typewnter and Stenographer —H. Messenger- — C. Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Registrar General — Edward Doyle.

Registering Officers — The Clerj:jymen of the different denominations. Inspectors of Weights and Measures. Shoe Cove, inclusive, to Little Bay, ex- clusive — R. Little Bay, inclus. Exploits — -George Foote. Tivillingate — William Peyton. Herring Neck — A. Anthony Straight Shore — Jolm B. Greenspond — J. Happy Adventure to Greenspond — C. Tickle Cove to Port Blandford-S. Tilley King's Cove to Keels — Thos.

Curtis — of Henry. Bonavista — R. Brown of Wni. Trinity— K H. Foster's Point — George Reid. Bonaventure, British Harbor and vicinity — Noah Gardner. Witless Bay to Heart's Desire — J. Heart's Content to Scilly Cove— C. Hunt's Harbor to Lead Cove — Atch. Freshwater to Northern Bay — Mark Moores. Carhonear — Laiiience Mackey. Harbor Grace — M. Bay Roberts — Adriel Hierlihy. JVhif bourne- -Feiev S. Brigus to South River — Geo. Harbor Main — James Murphy. Bell Island — Richard Costigan.

John's — Thomas Brien. Barrisway to Beckford — Walter Young. Placentia and Branch — John Handrick. Harbor Buffett and adjacent Islands — Charles D. Burin — L. Lawrence — A. Fortune — Henry J. I Grand Bunk — Eli H. Burgeo East— James Caines. James Collier. Bonjie Bay — John C. Keeper of Observatory. Miss Delanev. Colonial Secretary's Department. Offick : British Hall. Hours — 10 a. Commissioner — R.

Inspector and Accountant — W. Cashier — Edward Rawlins. Bookkeeper— v. Relieving Officers in Outports. Manuels — F. Harbor Main — Edward Murray. Bngus — J. Leamon a-;ting. Port-de-Grave — Harold Andrews. Bay Roberts — Isaac Parsons. Spaniard's Bay — Esau Gosse. Harbor Grace — Alex. Broad Cove — T. Western Bay — Eli Crummey. Northern Bay — A.

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Bay-de- Verde — Daniel O'Neil. Old Perlican — Elias March. Hant's Harbor — J. Heart's Content— Q. New Harbor — Moses Paisuns. Britannia Cove — D. Trinity— Q. Lilly, J. Catalina — R. Stabb, J. King's Cove — Rev. Open Hall — J. James' Cove — George Haines. Salvage — K.

Brendan's — Fred. Wesleyville — S. Greenspond — I. Musgrave Harbor — J. Exploits — S. Little Bay Islands— J. Blandford, J. Duggan, J. Little Coney Arm—j. Conche — B. Anthony — J. Labrador — E. R, Burgess. Blanc Sablon — Benj. Flower's Coi-e— S. Bonne Bay — J. Bay of Islands — A. George's Bay— R.

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McDonnel, J. Channel — N. Rose Blanche — R. Burgeo — G. Rencontre West — Jas. Pushthrough — Wm. Camp acting. Breton— F. Hubert, J. Jacques — C.

Bibliography 1971–72 Organic and Organometallic Crystal Structures

Grand Bank — George Bell. Fortune— W. Lamaline — Thomas Haley- St. Laurence — Emanuel Pike. Burin — S. Avery, J. Mortier Bay — John Walsh. Flat Island— J. Carey, J. Harbor Buffett—C. Mary's— James Power. District Surgeons. Bay Eobcrts—Bv. Placentia — Dr. Burgeo — Dr. Lunatic Asylum. Matron — Miss Fraser. General Hospital. Resident Physician — Dr. Henry Shea. Visiting Physicians — Dr. Eendell, Dr. Superintending iVwrse— Mif3s Southcott. Matron — Miss Hannaford. Poor Asylum. Superintendent — William Prideaux. Matron — Mrs. Physician — Dr. Board of Health, Electoral District of St.

Shea, President. Robinson, Secretary. Jackman, Hon. John B.

Oral abstracts of the 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science, 21‐24 July 12222, Mexico City, Mexico

Ayre, Hon. Bishop, George Shea, Dr. Rendell, L. Fur- long, W. Blackall, Dr. Fraser, J. Burchell, Dr. Tait, Albert Martin, Hon. John Anderson, R. Watson, J. Health Officers. Pike Attendants on j H. Seamen [Peter Furlong Inspector. Trinity— Br. Fogo— Br. Harbor Grace — Dr. Carbonear — Dr. Boyle Hermitage Bay — Dr. Fever Hospital. Physicians— Br. Scully, Dr. Stabb Matron — Twillingate Hospital. Keeper — Selina Roberts, 24 Medical hoard.

Shea, Frc. Appointed by St. John's Medical Society. Duncan, St. McKendrick, j N. Fraser, H. Kendell, Treasurer, Wm. John' Tiios. Anderson, K. Brehni, H. Cowpertlnvaite, Alex. Campbell, J. Duncan, Nutting S. Fraser, Alfred Jos. Harvey, Laurence E. Keegan, W. Francis Kennedy, A. Lemon, C. Lemon, Walter Lamb, J.

Lynch, J. McCuUoch, Timothy M. Mitchell, Geo. Pike, Herbert Rendell, W. Scully, Hy. Shea Gen. Hospital I Fred. Albert Stabb, I J. Sinclair Tait Medical I, Supt. Belle Isle — Geo- H. Lyall Cock. Avondale — Wm. Edward Jones IVhithourne — Arch. Bay Roberts A. McLeod, L. Allan, Harbor Grace C. Ames, Walter A. Broad Cove — Richard Dunn. Western Bay — Robert M. HcarVs Content — Arthur Anderson. Trinity Catalina Britidtibia Core — L.

Robert White, Arthur E. Alexander P. McKay, I G. Forbes, Bo? Kiiufs Core — Chas. Salvage — John J. Greenspond — H.

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Fogo — Thomas Malcolm. Twillingatc — Frederick K. Norris Arm — F. Botwoodville — George F. Tilt Cove — James J. Bale Verte—J. Bonne Bay — C. York Harbor — George Webb. Bircky Cove — W. Stcphenvillc — Thaddens Scot '. Bay St. George — Donald J. Channel — William Grant.

Giovannelti, St. Grand Bank — Allan McDonald. Burin — Herbert Smith. Placentia — Neil McKendrick. Mary's — William Hogan. Trepassey — Robert Hillary -. U'ey, Fcrryland — B. Bay Bulls — H. Glenwood — F. Wilfred T. Office Houks : 9 a. Sundays excepted. Postmaster General — Hon. Chief Clerk and Accoxmtant — Geo. You will then have the option to update right away, or to update at a later time.

In that case, you will only see an OK button instead of the Update button, letting you know that an update was downloaded and installed. As an alternative, you can also plug your iPhone in iTunes, and should there be an update available, iTunes will let you know. In several years of blogging about the iPhone, I have actually never seen anyone mention a problem relating to a carrier update. If anything, these updates are there to make your device work better, or fix issues that might limit the cellular performances of your iPhone.

How to check for a Carrier Settings Update More often than not, your iPhone will automatically prompt you to update your carrier settings.