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Elsewhere on the hardware front you'll find a 1. This internal memory can be further boosted by microSD card. Hardware specs aren't the measure of a mobile phone, but with more and more people seeking out these sorts of numbers, at least the Torch comes to the track with the right kit. Hardware can only get you so far however, if your software isn't optimised then the user experience will suffer. Refining software is something that RIM has been doing for a number of years, resulting in the most recent iteration of the operating system BB7.

It isn't significantly different from BB6 visually, more of a refinement of the changes ushered in with the last generation. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, but a doubt hangs over these new BlackBerry devices with ongoing discussion of a move to the QNX platform next year.

As it is, the user experience on the Torch is somewhat marred by the software: at times it will drag its heels or stop responding for reasons you can't quite determine. Some things obviously do have an impact on it: installing apps seems to tax the phone, locking you out of pretty much everything else and we've found that the homescreen and the browser would both regularly hang. We would often have to pull the battery to get it going again.

Of course the feature that BlackBerry owners get excited about is email, and you'll find everything present and correct. Setup out of the box is a breeze and within a few minutes you'll find yourself connected, receiving email and logged into your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Giving the nod to Google users, you can set up syncing to pull over your contacts and calendar too, which were swiftly handled. Unfortunately, as we've seen before, if you have more than one calendar associated with a Google account then you can't access them all: so we had to resort to Google Sync the app to bring the other calendar into line.

Design and controls

Take this step with caution, however, as we subsequently found that our PC calendar then had the appointments in triplicate, with no logical discernable method of easily tidying things back up again. BlackBerry 7 offers up a respectable user experience and is more adept at touch control than in the past. A long press often brings up the pertinent menu controls, but you'll still find yourself needing the full menu to really get things going. On other BlackBerry devices you have the advantage that you can easily get things going with the keyboard by using universal search.

That advantage has now gone because you have to use the on-screen keyboard, although universal search is still in place, along with voice search. Voice searching did a good job of picking out for contacts, but once you get into more difficult language, like the name of our local vet for example, the success ratio drops off rapidly. At least you get the run of universal search applications to choose from, be it BlackBerry Maps, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

The default keyboard itself isn't especially good.

We're spoilt from using great third-party Android keyboards, which make BB7's keyboard look rather prehistoric. But with some tinkering you can probably find the right settings for you, the first port of call for us was speeding up the response from the keyboard as the default is rather sluggish.

Of course the keyboard opens whenever you enter a text field and can be closed with a quick swipe down the middle. After that you'll either have to find another text field to open it, or you'll have to open the menu and hit the "Show Keyboard" option.

BlackBerry Torch

You might want to do this to take advantage of some of the BB shortcuts, like "T" for "top", for example. In portrait we found the full keyboard was just too cramped and too inaccurate, meaning text entry slowed right down. Fortunately the reduced keyboard is also an option, the same as appears on the likes of the Pearl series, with two characters on each key. The phone can then sensibly pick out the words you're trying to write and the whole experience gets much better, as long as you don't need too many special characters.

Some of the traditional BB shortcuts still work too, like a double space for full stop, or a space for inserting the into an email in an address field. The core BlackBerry applications work well enough: universal inbox pulling in messages from all sources, including apps, and in many cases we've found the BlackBerry Facebook app to be much faster than the equivalent on Android. Being able to compose a message and get an option of just about all message types to send to is useful too.

We're not huge fans of BlackBerry Maps, which looks a little dated compared to most other mapping services like Google or Bing Maps on Windows Phone 7, but will just about do the job and Google Maps can be installed if you prefer. We found that there was no link from the calendar locations through to maps, leaving us to copy and paste. At least copy and paste is relatively simple to control, but can be a little too eager, for example selecting text in the Twitter app, when all you really want to do is scroll.

The biggest change, however, is the browser.

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BlackBerry knew they had to improve it, and it really has done. It is now much faster than previously, so straight website browsing is a pleasure, with pages quick to load. However, it isn't without problems. We've already mentioned that we experienced a lot of lock-ups when using the browser and this is a problem compounded by one of the other issues that faces the Torch and BB7 devices: apps.

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Without dedicated apps, you'll spend more time using the browser to access those services, or that information, to get what you need. What this points to is the immediate need for apps to be updated to give the Torch the best fighting chance as a competitive handset.

Of course we found the same position with the Bold when we reviewed it in August and we're no better off. With the spectre of QNX hanging over this generation of devices, we can't be entirely confident it'll get the attention it needs to shine. With 3. Despite the very obvious omission of Flash video support limiting your consumption of common online video, we found that local content was handled nicely.

HD media from the memory card was delivered smoothly, so if you happen to have a stack of MPEG4 movies, then you'll be able to easily enjoy them on your phone. There is no sign of DLNA support however. The 5-megapixel camera on the rear of the device is supported by an LED flash, suffering from the usual shortcomings you'd expect from a phone.

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  8. Low light shots aren't great, but in good light, the Torch will give you reasonable results. Being an autofocus camera, you'll get nice sharp images. It does lack some excitement though, not offering anything by the way of effects. Video is also impressive, churning out good quality p footage at 30fps. Again, during video filming you'll find that you get continuous autofocus, so we don't have much to complain about. Plug in a set of reasonable third-party headphones and you'll find that the BB Torch sounds sweet. The external speaker also provides good quality and volume, be that for sharing your tunes at the bus stop or that ad hoc conference call in your hotel room.

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