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You can choose from a variety of box shapes, group them inside other boxes, and unlike some apps, it gives you a full selection of fonts. Instaviz was left to languish without an update for 5 years, but version 2. Anyone who has ever carried the standard letter or legal size notepad to a meeting will appreciate what iMeetingPad is attempting: an iPad replacement for paper and pen. The concept is that you can use iMeetingPad to take notes — and to make quick sketches using drawing tools and clip art images — and you can show these to everyone else at the meeting by hooking up to a projector or external monitor using an optional VGA connecting cable for the iPad.

The app also includes fun diversions for a friendly meeting — in the form of about a dozen sound effects such as applause, rim shot, laughter and cheering — that you can quickly play at appropriate moments.

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And at the end of the meeting, you can save all the notes that were created to a pdf file and email these to colleagues who may have missed it. Yes, you can use this iMeetingPad to take handwritten notes with a stylus. But what iMeetingPad lacks — and is practically screeching for — is handwriting to text conversion. Ironically, the Apple Newton had this handwriting recognition feature built-in!

It worked fairly well, too, and that was back in !

Without handwriting to text conversion, an old-fashioned sheet of paper still seems more appealing for taking notes. But, the portable white board and sound effects are indeed useful meeting tools. Roambi Analytics is an app for looking at data — preferably large amounts of data — in graphical form. The big question with Roambi, however, is where will all this underlying data come from?

For someone working in finance, where the spreadsheets and data sources are ready for the taking, Roambi may offer a fantastic way to visualize this pre-existing data. Yet for anyone else, Roambi could turn into a large project of generating the spreadsheets to feed the beast.

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Power Presenter is a very basic but useful and reasonably priced tool for showing presentations created on a PC using an iPad to feed a projector. Note that it does not work directly with PowerPoint presentations, which are presumably the main source of material to display. Instead, you must first convert the PowerPoint file to a pdf something PowerPoint can easily do , and then copy the pdf file to the iPad using the iTunes program. You then launch Power Presenter, where you can open the pdf in the Open menu and display it to a projector using the optional iPad VGA cable.

The controls here are very basic, allowing you to move through the pdf pages and adjust the projector. There are no shapes or text, but you can mark up the presentation. Other components include a web browser for displaying web pages and web videos using the projector and a similarly simple email display. Yet this app uses a very different method of display: more iPads. The displays seen by your audience are under your control as you change pages, pinch to zoom, etc.

As with many other apps here for showing presentations Conference Pad only works with pdf files.

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Everything else, including PowerPoint files, must first be converted to pdf. When you first launch Conference Pad, it simultaneously looks for two things: Along the top of the screen it searches for pdf files to display and explains how to use iTunes to copy from a PC. These pdf files would make this iPad the transmitter, or leader.

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Along the bottom, the app simultaneously searches for other iPads running Conference Pad to make this one a receiver. Conference Pad looks for devices over both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, and the app helps you with some tips if you experience problems. You can try it among a small group of iPads without requiring help from the IT people. Also, there are no monthly fees.

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  • Anyone who does a lot of public speaking will probably find Prompster Pro to be useful, as well as anyone involved in narration for video, presentations, or audio recordings. The app works just like a teleprompter.

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    It is intended for use in delivering a speech without the distraction of changing pages. Using Prompster is a pleasure.

    Step 1: Adjust Slide’s Orientation

    A simple speed control in the lower right corner adjusts the scrolling, and there are easy controls for video and audio recording. You can change the font and font size. Other than the need to convert your. Draw and write with Apple Pencil on supported devices, or use your finger. Present right from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Preview your slides and notes on your device using the Presenter Display. With iCloud built in, your presentations are kept up to date across all your devices. I have observed that many folks view Keynote as simply an office tool.

    Indeed, I have made several conventional presentations as an Infection Control Specialist, both before retirement and for Home School children. But Keynote is so much more!

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    3. Step 2: Create App’s Content.

    Think of Keynote as a painters palette upon which you can gather together many creative elements into a work of art. What are these elements? They might include, photographs, video, music and sound effects, animation, graphic objects, and writing. Each element can interact with one another, for example merge a still photo with an animation.

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    Or perhaps, a video can take center stage surrounded by animation and text. Perhaps, you have the video look like it is playing on a TV set to outdoor movie screen. Or perhaps combine an animation with a sound effect, or combine a musical background with original artwork. Move and time each element to demonstrate your creativity.

    When your living work of art is complete, you can convert it all to a video which you can share. Hello Apple, I love these apps for what they offer. There is a lot of potential in these apps. My issue with these apps however is the size. The university I attend gives us iPads as part of our education. The storage size is the standard 16gb which is fine. If I add in these Apple office apps it takes almost a full 1 gigabyte away from me that I could use part of for other apps I need in school.

    My request is for these apps to be made smaller if possible. Thank you :.