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Sales breakdown across systems of the first Humble Indie Bundle by the number of purchasers top and dollar value of the payments bottom. Main article: Wine software. Main article: Homebrew video games. See also: List of game engines and List of game engine recreations.

Main article: List of Linux games. Main articles: Open-source video game , List of open-source video games , and List of commercial video games with available source code. AssaultCube is a first-person shooter. AstroMenace is a 3D scroll-shooter. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game. Chromium B. Crimson Fields is a turn-based tactical wargame. Glest is a real-time strategy game, with optional multiplayer. NetHack and Angband are text-based computer role-playing games.

Netrek is a Star Trek themed multiplayer 2D space battle game. Nexuiz is a first-person shooter. Although, this has been replaced by Xonotic. Project: Starfighter a multi-directional, objective based shoot-em-up. Tux Racer is a 3D racing game featuring Tux. Proprietary mod. Vega Strike is a space flight simulation. Warsow is a Quake -like, fast-paced first-person shooter. FreeCiv is a clone of Civilization II. FreeOrion is inspired by Master of Orion. Frozen Bubble is a clone of Puzzle Bobble.

Quake 1 Gameplay - Episode 1 [Widows 10 Original Quake I Darkplaces 1080p 60 FPS No Commentary]

Grid Wars is a clone of Geometry Wars. OpenClonk is a free and open-source remake of Clonk. OpenMW game engine reimplementation of Morrowind. Pingus is a clone of Lemmings. Scorched 3D is a 3D adaptation of Scorched Earth. Spring [66] originally is a clone of Total Annihilation , but actually is a platform for real time strategy games.

The Dark Mod is a stealth game inspired by the Thief series games particularly 1 and 2 from Looking Glass Studios The Zod Engine is an actively developed open source remake of the game Z. Warzone is a real-time strategy and real-time tactics hybrid computer game.

Originally published by Eidos Interactive and later released as open source. Widelands is a clone of The Settlers 2. Bill Kendrick has developed many free software games, most inspired by games for the Atari 8-bit and other classic systems. Main article: Independent video game development. Main article: Video game porting. Main article: Source port. Crossfire — A medieval fantasy 2D game. Project Diaspora version has a Linux client. PlaneShift — A free 3D fantasy game. Regnum Online — A 3D fantasy game, free-to-play with premium content.

Salem — An isometric, 3D fantasy game with a focus on crafting and permadeath. Spiral Knights — Java fantasy 3rd person game. The Saga of Ryzom — has a Linux client and source code available. Free-to-play with premium content.

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With Official Linux client. Ultima Online has an unofficial Linux client. WorldForge — A game engine. There are Linux clients available. Puzzle Pirates — A puzzle game which runs on Java. Free and open-source software portal Video games portal. Linux Journal. Red Hat.

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Valve Corporation. The Verve. Archived from the original on 26 September Retrieved 25 September April Unity Forum. Ubuntu Archived from the original on May 11, This game worked great on my pda, it can't of worked better. Well Done Makers Best game i've played for my PPC. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use.

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Overview User Reviews Specs. Publisher's Description. From Dan East: Find key cards and switches. Navigate through a 3D, first-person, real-time gaming environment.

Don't forget about the enemies that you have to destroy along the way. What do you need to know about free software? User Reviews. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

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Pros salut ca va a vous merci pour vous. Quake is a first-person shooter PC game released in It was developed by id Software, the same company that created the Doom franchise. Today, there are plenty of ways to download Quake for free on the web. The easiest way to download Quake on a PC today is to purchase it on Steam. There are also several websites that host popular Quake ports and mods that you can play for free. Some ports and mods also require the original Quake game files in order to play. In Quake, players take on the role of a character simply known as the Ranger who has been given a quest to stop an enemy named Quake.

Players teleport from present day back to a medieval setting where they must fight monsters and other creates using a variety of different weapons. Quake includes a single-player campaign and multiplayer game modes.