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Just so there are no surprises. Once you tap or click the photo, the blur goes away—and any future photos from that Tumblr will send in the clear. Open the menu the three dots at the top right of the conversation and hit block. Today we announced some big updates to our Community Guidelines and what kind of content is permitted on Tumblr.

Adult content will no longer be allowed here. While we do not judge anyone for their desire to post, engage with, or view this stuff, it is time for us to change our relationship with it. Newly uploaded content flagged as adult will no longer be allowed on Tumblr. Adult content primarily includes photos, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations—that depicts sex acts. Examples of exceptions that are still permitted are exposed female-presenting nipples in connection with breastfeeding, birth or after-birth moments, and health-related situations, such as post-mastectomy or gender confirmation surgery.

Written content such as erotica, nudity related to political or newsworthy speech, and nudity found in art, such as sculptures and illustrations, are also stuff that can be freely posted on Tumblr. Keep reading. Originally posted by adamosgood. Trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers? Filter them out. Need a break from all the holiday excitement this month? Sheesh, fine. Filter it out. Groom it well. In your settings! Unfollow them! There are lots of other tools for making Tumblr the Tumblr you want to see. You can read about them all in our help center.

So be a good neighbor and tag accurately and often. Best Stuff First moves the best stuff on your dashboard—mhm! You just search for something and tap tagged at the top of the screen to show posts tagged with that exact phrase. And hey, slugger. Learn about the tons of other ways you can filter a search in our help center, here. Second, new text styles for your new text posts.

Download Tumblr Archives Fast ... Tutorial (Tumblr Ripper)

Headers, lists, serifs, fancy cursive, serious typewriter. The blogs that are in que that are waiting to be downloaded should only have their index files loaded once they actually begin downloading This in theory should keep app resource to a very minimum. Solution: Well, I heard others mentioning something about tags, so maybe that can be implemented to help sort blogs.

I'd personally still like to be able to use multiple crawlers though, for better sortability. Only way to get them to maintain your rating is to rate them while they are in que waiting to download. I think it also redownloaded the same images again, Im not sure, haven't doubled checked whether it does or doesn't. The yellow stars are hard to see on a white background on my led monitor Darker stars would be an easy fix. Blue, Green, Red, ect,. Drag freely. Currently, I have to drag to top of app, and wait for the app to scroll to top of que Video support for tumblr hosted videos : Some blogs have billions of videos, so if we can have the option to download from a certain time period, then that would be good too.

Well, I did warn ya that this would be long, lol. To only download a blog once? I'll look into all of it once I've more time again to really address things more deeply. I've also noticed some of you things while using the program, but haven't fixed anything yet. Every since I manually imported ALL of my tumbltwo blogs over to tumblthree when you first created it I haven't used this great app since. Now that I need to use it, I cant because of a few issues:. That didn't work. Is that a bug with only with v1. Common sense tells me to not even worry about that because whenever I successfully convert my existing tumblthree.

As usual, very nice job buddy.

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I see you've been pretty busy with very useful updates. Since I was last here, I wasn't sure how long it would take you to address the memory issue I described in my previous post, so I eventually took the plunge and upgraded to 64gb or memory :. Well, that doesn't matter in this system anymore, cause I then I got a 2nd system ryzen and took half of the memory and put it in there, so both systems have 32gb each, and now that memory usage is greatly improved, then that really means I can scrape happily ever after : especially when you implement other sites, especially instagram.

That would really be a dream come true. Nevermind, I finally converted them to the new format, and am now using the latest pre-release, v1. I see that you've made quite a bit of good improvements to the UI. Im experiencing some bugs with the latest. I believe that this should prob be changed to reflect the last time that you crawled the blog, and that shouldn't be based on if something was downloaded during the crawl. For example, in the above post, I said that I haven't used the app since when you first created tumblthree.

So my last crawl dates reflect april of As i just said, I haven't used tumblthree since last april, so I know that there has been a lot of new content added to the blogs, which isn't being reflected during the scanning process. I even went as far as trying a small blog, with less than 30 images, and a few of those photo's were skipped. It seems that it skips photos that the blogger reblogged, and did NOT post their self. This presents a huge problem if a blog is stuck for whatever reason, and then trying to force restart to continue scraping.

Because the app isn't terminating fully, when you resume, its still in that "stuck" mode. Only fix is to end process in task manager. Although that problem is very minor, the biggest problem is that it still displays gif's during the preview, which I also thinks is causing the app to get stuck sometimes I think if one decides to disable any type of media, the preview for that media should be disabled too.

This is quite important to me because since im trying to update a ton of blogs from a year ago, and experiencing numerous bugs, I cant tell whether or not a blog is actually downloading and running fine unless I can see the images from the preview. Seeing the images and how rapid they change is a visual cue to me to know that blogs are running perfectly fine, and app is running perfectly fine.

I have to do more investigation with this to try to track down this issue, and so that I can give you more precise information. Im going to stay with the. That was one of my biggest issues with tumblthree initially. Its also very brilliant to offload the files in the manner that you did :. If I use. Or will.

Or do I simply need to just revert back to. If the answer is yes, will the downloaded images from. Program keeps crashing when I try to add a blog through the add blog textfield. I have to load the tumblr page in a web browser multiple times until tumblthree adds it in. Download by tags does not seem to work. It might actually be doing the opposite effect of filtering them out instead.

This is very annoying since there are some tumblrs out there that have 10, reblogs and all I want are the guy's own posts. I would like to see you add a "ignore reblogs" button. If all this is gets fixed up I can safely say this will be the best tumblr downloader compared to the rest. One last thing I would like to see is if you could eventually support websites like Soup. Thanks again for the great program. Hi, I really like this software. I m using a Mac. Thank you. Yes, it can run in a virtualized Windows. Virtualbox, VMware or Parallels should all work fine.

I went ahead and abandoned TumblTwo for TumblThree.

How to Save Tumblr GIFs on Android: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

It took some doing, but I realized I could update both on the same day and then use DupeGuru to wipe out all the duplicates added to TumblThree. Now TumblThree is up to date and I can keep using it from here on out. I ran into a few issues with it, but it seems pretty great so far. But I try to use this today but always crashed, and tumblone and two both can not worked. Is there anything wrong? The exact error message would be helpful, either for Tumbltwo or Tumblthree.

Just an educated guess. I know how much effort it caused to build such an application. Anwendung: TumblThree. Ausnahmeinformationen: System. NullReferenceException bei TumblThree. ExtractBlogname System. String bei TumblThree. MoveNext Ausnahmeinformationen: System. AggregateException bei System. The error occurs when the automatic clipboard observation is switched off and you try to add a blog-URL over the text box with the "Add-Blog"-Button. Furthermore, only a double click on the blog entry in the left window let the blog show up in the right Queue window. Then the Crawl-Button works.

Without that previous double click the Crawl-Button doesn't work. Is it supposed to be so? There is only a small grey horizontal line. And yes. The 'Crawl'-button starts tasks the number can be specified in the settings window in the background that progress the queue. So, if there is nothing inside, they just don't do anything but regularly check if there is some input in the queue. If you add anything one task will crawl one blog indicated with the green bar next to it until it's done and continues with the next one if there is still anything left in the queue.

The details window is empty because there isn't anything implemented yet. I was thinking of adding a picture preview as in TumblTwo there, but i'm not really sure if that's a good thing add all as i guess it cannot display videos. And you can simply open the folder by right clicking on the blog in the bloglist and see the previews in the windows explorer anyways ;. Yes, I guess it works now as the tumblr is now publicly viewable without logging in to the tumblr website. The day he posted I quickly checked the blog it required an authentication first.


TumblThree hasn't implemented that yet. It's not hard to do as i guess it simply requires to store and use the cookie for accessing the site after successful authentication. I have been using tumbltwo now for about 6 months, and am trying out tumblthree. Both are great programs.

Using the current blog name is great, but could you add an option that would allow it to save the files into sub folders that matched the file extent? This would be an option in settings, something like the "skip GIF files.. The other would be to allow the blog to be given a "category" folder as a prefex to the blog so you could put like blogs into a sub folder of the main "blog" folder.

This would have to be a field you could edit within the blog entry itself. The result would be that a blogs could be placed withing "category" folders, and within blogs them self, the files could be saved in sub folders by file extent. Another possible sub folder option might be by tags if that made any sense. The two features I requested was in how the reader saves the files into folders. Currently it saves the files into a master folder which is set in the "settings" function. This allows all blogs to be saved in this master folder by the blog name.

The implementation of this could be a "group" column in the blog list where a special "group" folder could be added. Much like you do the "tags". The other feature that would be useful would be to be able to select by blog if you wanted the files to be also placed into additional sub folders by the file extent.

Again this would be another field added to the blog list and would only need to be a checkbox kind of thing to enable or disable placing the file into a sub folder of the file extent in that blogs folder. Here is an example:. Having the ability to set these by individual blog would give much greater control on how the files were saved.

How to Reduce Tumblr App Data Usage on Android and iOS

This is amazing! I wish that tumblthree could crawl blog needed log in. Thank you again. It does not matter if I use "add blog" or "check clipboard" to add the blog, both give this error. I am not sure if I am doing things right, but so far I have not been able to make tumblthree save the ratings settings, or, if I preposition the size of the columns. The stars do turn yellow when I set them, and if I stretch a particular column open more or close it some it does change. When I close tumbllthree and then reopen it, those changes are gone and it goes back to no ratings selected, and the column size is back to the defaults which do not allow for the full date and time to be displayed for "date added, or last crawl",.

I do have one question about the "de" directory. Has it been eliminated, or is it now not necessary? I copied it over to the new update just in case it was not an intentional omission. Intensive testing has not been able to reproduce that failure. I did a total fresh install of everything, including deleting all blogs, and the problem was gone.

I'd like to start off saying I appreciate your continuous development on this project and I enjoy the features it offers so far. The only problem I encountered so far is that it didn't completely download the images from the tumblr. I tried to re-enter the queue, but it just stops only at Hi, just want to say nice work on the program.

It is excellent. I just have a few features to request for the next version. Tag Categories- I think it would be an excellent addition for the program to download the images from the blog and categorize them according to their tags by naming folders in accordance to the tags and then adding the pictures into the said folders. This will instantly turn this software into an excellent backup features that many other Tumblr downloaders lack. Auto-Update- Another comment mentioned this feature of setting the program to automatically update the tumblr blog download at certain and pre-set times like daily, weekly, etc.

Highest Res Download- I think setting the software to download only the highest resolution of any image would be an invaluable addition. Thanks for the software. Nice work. Once this software reaches prime time, I'm quite certain user and bloggers alike won't mind purchasing this software for use. Love it! It's super useful thank you! I was just wondering: Does it also pick up images that are in the comment section of a tumblr post?

I'd like to be able to download those too, sorry if this has already been answered or written somewhere, I probably missed it. I just downloaded TumbleThree and am using it for the first time. I wanted to download images with a tag. I added the blog, entered the tag which is hyphenated - say First-Last , then added to queue. It indexed and said there were like 9, images rounding for simplicity. I kept trying to figure out how to make it download On a whim I removed the tag, and voila -- it's downloading now. So it appears that hyphenated tags do not work?

Hi, first of all thank you for a great software. Quite a few times when i have closed Tumblthree then reopened it, it would give me a error saying it cannot load the library. I have blogs that have been downloaded and in order and such and now i have to start all over every time that happens. Why is this application so unstable? Any chance you immediately shut down after closing the application and the download was still running? Or restarted the application immediately? No disk space left on the drive where the download folder is?

The UI closes when you exit, but the application still continues in the background until all previously started files have been successfully downloaded, then the library file gets written on the same drive where you downloaded your files. That should not corrupt the library, I think. But it certainly will if there is no disk space left. But it's just a guess. Never happened for me, but I actually don't really use the application myself or any other downloader right now.

So basically, I cannot say. Hello- I think your program is really cool. I too did have the same error after my system crashed, where I could not load library. I'd like to know if there is a way to backup the configuration file so when the problem happens again I can keep my current blogs.

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The file which is broken should be mentioned in the error if you move your mouse above the blue box. For a backup, you can save the Index folder in your download location as it contains the blog specific data. Lastly, maybe you can even fix the file manually if you compare it to a healthy one by opening both in your favorite text editor.

There is probably just something of it's structure corrupted. It's a. If using Tumblone, Tumbltwo and Tumblthree, why does each program give a different number of images? For instance, if using One, it may save images, yet when I use Two it may only save images, same with three? TumblThree at least first displays the number of posts in total, after the evaluation the number of found images for the given tag.

Still works for me. I've just downloaded the 1. Hi, will there be a way to download higher resolution photos instead of it being maxed out at ? Keep up the great work and thanks! Is it possible to make the progress bar about 3 times thicker than it currently is? It is so thin it is very difficult to see the change in color. I am using Windows 10 if that is of any significance. My reasoning is this: I download thousands of photos from some blogs. There is a huge number of duplicates due to "reblog".

I always save the oldest file thinking that this usually would be the first appearance of this photo in the original blog. That logic works if by chance I happen to be downloading the original blog it was posted in first in the list of If the post date were used, then no matter what order the blogs were downloaded in, the oldest would likely be the original blog the photo was posted in.

I presume the post date would be that of the current blog and not that of the actual originating blog? If the post date is really the date it was posted to the current blog you are downloading, no matter if it is an original or a reblog, then this method would always walk back the photo to the original blog that posted it if you happened to be downloading that blog. When you do add this function, I hope you make it selectable in the event reblogs all use the original date from the originating blog, which would really mess up my present way of eliminating duplicates.

I have another idea I would like to propose. Add a function to settings so that tunblthree would close automatically when all blogs have been downloaded. I have not tried the timed re-scan feature yet, but I presume you have to leave tumblrthree running constantly for this time interval to trigger. A more practical way would be to allow the scheduling functions of windows or linux cron start the program.

If the re-scan interval had been reached trigger the rescan and if you have the "auto shutdown on completion" function checked, tumblthree would close and be ready for the next time it was launched to check the re-scan trigger. If it was not checked, then tumblthree would do the re-trigger of the scan as soon as the time interval expired. This would allow a total hands free automation of doing downloads while not requiring the program to be constantly running. The usefulness of having an auto shutdown does not require a person to use the re-scan function.

It would be nice to optionally have tumblthree close when it has finished it's work even if you were only doing a onetime scan. Skip to main content. Multiple concurrent downloads of a single blog. Multiple concurrent downloads of different blogs. Internationalization support currently available: en, zh, ru, de, fr. A download queue. Autosave of the queuelist. Save, clear and restore the queuelist. A clipboard monitor that detects blogname. Uses Windows proxy settings. A bandwidth throttler.

An option to download an url list instead of the actual files. Set a start time for a automatic download e. An option to skip the download of a file if it has already been downloaded before in any currently added blog.