Why were there no phone calls from MH? - CNN

However, wireless analysts claim that phone firms sometimes use a phantom ringing sound when the device is not active, the Daily Star reports. As a result, a ringing sound does not always mean the phone which is being called is still active.

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  • Missing Passengers' Phones Are Still Ringing. Can They Hear It?.
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Nineteen families have all claimed the devices of their loved ones rang for up to four days after the jet went missing. Indeed, telecommunications expert Paul Franks disagrees with the phantom ring tone theory insisting the aircraft could not have been submerged in water. All this shows the plane did not crash into the sea.

However what caused the Boeing to divert 37 minutes remains a puzzle with most of the pieces missing.


US Science writer Jeff Wise claimed Putin "spoofed" the plane's navigation data so it could fly unnoticed into Baikonur Cosmodrome so he could "hurt the West". French ex-airline director Marc Dugain accused the US military of shooting down the plane because they feared it had been hijacked. A book called Flight MH — The Mystery also suggested that it had been shot down accidentally by US-Thai joint jet fighters during a military exercise and covered it up.

Why were no calls made from Flight 370?

Malaysia police chief Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar suggested the disappearance could have been the result of a suicide. He claimed someone on board could have taken out a large life insurance package before getting on the plane, so they could treat their family or pay back the money they owed.

Malaysia Airlines found a inch crack in the fuselage of one of its planes, days before MH disappeared. The Federal Aviation Administration insists it issued a final warning two days before the disappearance. Another theory claimed that he hijacked his own plane in protest of the jailing of then-Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, and as a way to destabilise the corrupt government of Najib Razak. A man from Beijing also called his missing brother on the plane, and reported to the airlines that the phone connected three times and rang before appearing to hang up, according to Shanghai Daily.

Malaysia Airlines Passengers' Phones Ringing? Maybe Not

Media reports claim that the brother had called the number in the presence of reporters before informing the airline. The Straits Times reported that many of the family members told MAS commercial director Hugh Dunleavy that the commuters' mobile phones were ringing but they were not picked up. Dunleavy replied that MAS was calling the mobile phones of the crew members as well, which were ringing, and that he had given the numbers to Chinese investigators.

Relatives of the passengers are urging the authorities to search for the location of phones that rang using the Global Positioning System.

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  • Missing Passengers' Phones Are Still Ringing. Can They Hear It?.

However, at a press conference in Beijing, MAS spokesman Ignatius Ong said one of the numbers that had been passed on to the airline's command office in Kuala Lumpur did not receive an answer. We got no answering tone," said Ong.

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