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Creative Heroes created a great game. Angry Birds GO! Yes, now a bird together with the pigs in peresyadut machine and will try to overtake each other. Good luck in the difficult battle! Location - the legendary Star Wars universe! In this part of the game you have to choose your side and play as a light or dark. Chicken Raid FREE - in this game we have to destroy all the evil chickens not to be confused with the birds for the minimum number of moves. This is a puzzle game in which we will destroy fragile objects boards, pieces of glass to launch a chain of destruction and destroy our enemies.

What are the famous games in the Samsung Galaxy Y phone?

Information about the page: If you enjoy games on the Android platform, the games-for-mobile. On this site you can download any games for Android is free! Our archive of games for Android is constantly updated, we try to find most new and exciting games for Android phones and tablets. All games on our site are found freely distributed on the Internet and are for informational purposes only. Downloading free games on our site, you agree to review and remove the game from the phone or tablet.

Regulations Contacts Anroid apk hub. Angry Birds Blast. Angry Birds Blast - a new game Rovio. The studio continues to use its most popular franchise in all possible directions and genre variations. Which in fact long been used by hundreds and hundreds of times in other projects. Fans of adventure Angry Birds, of course, will be delighted, and nice graphics, but there is nothing original. Comments: 0. Read more.

Best Racing Games for Samsung Galaxy Y

Angry Birds Goal! Angry Birds Goal -! New project from Rovio in his famous feathered-pyatochkovoy universe. This time again we dive into the world of sports and the confrontation between the two rival nations. And the place of fierce battles, the battle will be well manicured lawn in the football stadium. And on who will get the winner of the cup will depend on the future of all. Considering this is a port of Fortnite's console and PC release, expect it to tear lesser phones apart.

15 best free Android games of 12222!

If you have a Galaxy Note 9, though, odds are you'll be able to maintain decent frame rates while enjoying person matches on a large map with all graphical settings at the max. Plus, if you're playing it on a Note 9, you'll get this super-sick, hyper-deluxe cosmic Galaxy skin to show off exactly what special breed of gamer you are. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a demanding game, and given its highly competitive nature, every extra frame per second your phone's hardware can squeeze out will help give you the edge in combat.

You'll need extra horsepower to keep this app running at a serviceable pace, especially if you want all the additional graphical bells and whistles turned on when facing off against 99 opponents across a massive map in a battle to the death. Minecraft's not much of a looker, but it's not the graphics that make this virtual Lego pit technologically demanding. It's the game's emphasis on infinite worlds limited only by your imagination… as well as your phone's hardware.

In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, expect the phone to improve just about every facet of the game, keeping your frame rate silky smooth as you enjoy incredible draw distances across vast, CPU-taxing maps while cross-playing with friends on Xbox. Mild stuttering and frame drops are to be expected no matter what platform you play a Telltale game on, but without strong hardware those little tech hiccups can turn into deal-breakers.

Thanks to the Note 9, however, you can enjoy Telltale's adventures largely as the developer intended.

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When picking a Telltale game for your Note 9, I recommend The Wolf Among Us, as it remains the publisher's most original, thematically bold game to date. Xcom: Enemy Unknown is an isometric turn-based strategy game involving guns, aliens, random number generators and a lot of cursing — though that last item isn't in the game itself; it's what you bring to the table every time the RNG screws you over and makes you miss an easy, point-blank shotgun kill. Digressions aside, Xcom: EU is a fun, addictive sampling of tactical, Firaxis-developed strategy gaming on the go, and the Galaxy Note 9's massive screen helps make controlling the board-game-like experience that much easier.

You'll need the Galaxy Note 9's impressive display size and brightness to eke out every bit of enjoyment from Rayman Adventures' richly colored, vibrant art style, which is loaded with details lesser phones won't be able to show.

  • What are the famous games in the Samsung Galaxy Y phone?.
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If you enjoy smartphone fighting games, Tekken's more of the same. Controls are relegated to a few simple taps that handle all the punching and blocking action, which makes it great for mindless fun whether you're on the toilet or the train. But what makes the game noteworthy I know you see what I did there are its graphics, which feature surprisingly detailed textures and effects that mimic Tekken's console installments.

The Note 9 enables players to see the full extent of Tekken's technical prowess. For fans of the Warhammer 40K universe, this game's a no-brainer, if only because it's the sole app that allows you to control an Imperial Knight and weigh down on enemies of the empire with third-person shooting and slashing. Although the game itself isn't all that engaging or exhilarating, it's a fun romp for fans of the series that benefits immensely from the Note 9's graphical capabilities.

List Top Games on Android 2.3/2.2

Freeblade gets within range of the graphics of the last great third-person Warhammer 40K experience, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine released on the Xbox in Though there's no shortage of zombie-themed games for mobile devices, graphically impressive first-person shooters featuring zombies are quite hard to come by.

Dead Trigger 2 fills this niche, providing gamers with blades, rifles, grenade launchers and more ways to take down your undead foes than ever before. All of the first-person shooting and slashing action looks especially sharp on the Note 9's high-resolution, ultra-big screen, meaning it's as close as you can get to Call of Duty: Black Ops' zombie mode on mobile. Modern Combat 5, as its name implies, isn't brimming with creativity or revolutionary gameplay.

What it brings to the table is serviceable first-person-shooter action and stellar graphics.

Alto’s Odyssey

If you want to be the talk of the subway car as everyone looks over your shoulder to see "that game with the really shiny graphics," MC5 is the app to download. The game features enough varied environments that it should be fun enough to play through once, if only to see what the game's exotic visuals look like on the Note 9. Tom's Guide. Credit: Telltale. Asphalt 9: Legends As arguably the prettiest mobile game on the market, Asphalt 9: Legends just might be the definitive way to test the graphical mettle of your Galaxy Note 9.