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Edward, I'm sorry, but I'm not a very technical person. The link you provided says "Add someone else's Google calendar". I don't see anything about linking an iCloud calendar. Could you please clarify?

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Hey there,. In the help article , I was suggesting you to follow the steps under 'Add using a link". Thanks for the follow-up, Edward.

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However, the fix you are suggesting only adds a new calendar of iCloud events to my Google online calendar; it does not add or integrate those events into the main calendar. Unfortunately, my Google Home unit can only tell me of upcoming events that appear in the main Google calendar itself.

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I don't know why Google has chosen to cripple this handy little device in this way, and I am unaware of any way to integrate events whether iCloud or Google into the main Google calendar other than typing them directly into it. So, long story short, the idea of integrating iCloud events into the main Google calendar and having them read by Google Home does not appear to be doable using available Google tools, or a 3rd party software solution.

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How to Sync Google Calendar with the iPad

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How to Sync Outlook with Your Personal Gmail or iPhone Calendar

Having a post marked and removed as abuse will slow a user's advance in levels. View profile in forum? To view this member's profile, you need to leave the current Help page. Fantastical looks at your events for the week and puts it in a nicely designed interface, putting an emphasis on all the things you have to deal with for the next seven days. While the most common view will be weekly, you can expand the height of the calendar to display your schedule for the duration of the month.

If you have multiple calendars, the app will apply color coding, just like with any other app. The app features the same natural language parsing engine as it does on the Mac, with the addition of a feature called the DayTicker. The Apple calendar app created by Any. The design is very clean, with a similar structure to Fantastical.


However, when looking at an agenda for the day, one of the small idiosyncrasies that appealed to us was the fact it listed how much free time we had in-between meetings. Cal is a relative newcomer to the market, having only debuted this summer. Users will notice that throughout the app, the developers have placed extra visual emphasis on the use of photos.

Adding a New Google Calendar to Your iPhone : Tech Yeah!

Cal has redesigned the standard calendar app scheduling form to make it more aesthetically appealing. Well I tend to agree, if only for the fact that the existing calendar functionality on the iPhone is bland and could be updated, at least with iOS6. There are plenty of other nice touches in Sunrise.

Calendar entries have different icons that are automatically selected, too. Handle is a bit different from any of the calendar services listed in this list. The service was created by the Managing Director for Menlo Ventures, Shawn Carolan, and if a VC needs to find a way to manage their time, you would hope that Handle is going to solve some serious problems.

But Handle was included in this list to showcase its ability to help users simply get things done. Unfortunately for many readers, the service is still in private beta, meaning that you need an invitation just to access the Web and iOS app. Formerly known as NeverLate, this app will break down your day to revolve around not the events, but the objects that make it up: people, places, and tasks. The main screen is broken up into various modules, showing you what your next appointment is, the current temperature, and statistics about how busy your day is.

In a weird sense, it almost looks like an infographic. Atlas is a scheduling service that is akin to Tungle. You can read our review of the app here. Atlas is available both on iOS and Android for free. If the images are to be believed, long gone are the blue and silver look and in comes a design with a lot of white, black, and red colors. I use Tempo predominantly, but would prefer to have some of the features from Donna to help me navigate my way through the day. Sunrise has an appealing design that may encourage me to switch. But, the 10 apps listed above do have one thing in common: a compelling design that invites users to try them out.

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