Click on the link "Download original" 3. Open the downloaded text file 4. Paste your copied block of code and click decode, it will download your js. Also tested with zip files.

Not able to download Zip file from gmail which contains executable Jar in it - Stack Overflow

An unofficial blog that watches Google's attempts to move your operating system online since Not affiliated with Google. Send your tips to gostips gmail. Google Operating System Unofficial news and tips about Google. February 14, Download Blocked Gmail Attachments. I was checking some old Gmail messages and I noticed this warning: "Anti-virus warning - 1 attachment contains a virus or blocked file.

Downloading this attachment is disabled. There are some file types that are blocked by Gmail, but. Here's the list : ". It turns out that the archive included a few.

Anti-virus warning in Gmail's web interface How to download the blocked attachment? I couldn't find a way to do this from the web interface. Gmail disabled the download button and the "save to Drive" button.

Not even the "basic HTML" Gmail interface lets you download the file and the "download all" link only lets you download all safe attachments. Surprisingly, Gmail's Android app lets you download blocked files or save them to Google Drive. Gmail's iOS app doesn't let you download blocked attachments, but you can save them to Google Drive. To open archives in iOS, install an app like iZip first.

How to Download Zip Attachment From Gmail in Android

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Andy B April 20, at AM. Rohith May 4, at PM. Paul Lester May 20, at PM. Unknown July 23, at AM. Unknown February 24, at PM. Kavi May 1, at AM. This is indeed very useful because the ability to extract a zip file from Gmail and Google Docs is going to save a heck lot of time. There is no need to download the entire attachment on the local computer because you can extract the zip file from Gmail, copy the files to your Google Docs account and download them whenever you may want to. Instead, copy all the files to your Google Docs account and download them in one shot.

These files will be preserved in your Google Docs account so you can download them from multiple computers, without any problems as such. Google has been increasingly focusing on support for more file types in Gmail, Google Docs and Google Chrome.

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However, when this ability is tightly integrated in Gmail and Google Docs, I guess we can bid good bye to them. The extension will unpack all the contents of the zip file and copy all of them to your Google Docs account. Next, you can download the files from your Google Docs account itself, without having to worry on the availability of the download in the target website.