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I took the time to enter all the nutritional facts into an item, hit save, just to realize the protein was showing. Very frustrating. If the profile records could sync to an online data base that would be great. Thanks for listening. Hi Marcineus! Thank you for your review and feedback. We have identified a bug with the green pop up button that you're using to create a custom food. The team is working on a fix for this issue right now! In the meantime, please follow the steps below to create a custom food item: Select the meal you'd like to track the custom food to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack , tap "My Food", and select "Create New Food".

Enter the specifics of the food, and tap "Done" in the upper right corner. COM servers.

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From there, you will select "Edit Profile", then scroll down and select "Force Sync" If you are still having trouble with syncing, please email us at support livestrong. This app provides a lot of features and resources! You can keep track of calories, consumption of water, weight, calories burned, etc. They also have a Stronger Livestrong meal plan that includes work outs as well! But now the server has seemed to entirely crashed. Now when I click these links, they are unable to load. I have fantastic connection at my location so I found this odd. My phone and the app are entirely up to date, so I tried turning my phone off and on and uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Nothing will load, just keep getting a network error. So, in summary, the app works great and has lots of great features! Sadly, the app has a tendency to take forever to load anything if at all or crash some days Thank you for your feedback. Due to an outage at our data center, MyPlate experienced some functionality issues. Thank you for your patience during the time our team was working on fixing the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your wellness means so much to us and our team is committed to your ongoing health and fitness success.

If you have any further questions, please reach us at support livestrong. Now you can easily build muscles at home with some of our top apps to guide you through the process! Don't wait for summer when you can get a perfect butt now. Are you looking to get fit but cannot afford expensive equipment? Find out which apps can help you exercise without so much as spending a dime! Get the best ab workouts and do them from the comfort of home. The population of vegans and vegetarians is growing rapidly, and so is the restaurant scene to support their lifestyle.

From greens such as kale and spinach to unusual fruit and pasta salads, hundreds of delicious choices await your perusal in these healthy salad recipes. Never eat Chinese takeout or delivery again! Learn to make authentic Chinese food through easy, step-by-step recipes for traditional Chinese dishes. If you constantly have a full pantry but never know what to cook, find apps and useful resources to help you organize and create recipes from items you already have. These apps can help you save time and money. Simple desserts to totally satisfy! Browse dessert recipe apps for different dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free, to find one right for your family.

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Become a master of modern calligraphy and create calligraphy letters and fonts using only a stylus. Will you be road ready? A selection of DMV practice tests helps prepare you for the written portion of that all-important driver's permit or license test. Have some free time? Would you like to take on a challenge?

Why not learn Hebrew with the best ways possible and expand your connection to other parts of the world. Don't stress about dinner! These apps make it simple to feed your family or entertain with healthy recipes from appetizers to quick and easy entrees. Running a successful nonprofit organization means getting volunteers that are devoted and passionate. Let apps help you find these volunteers, help you train, manage, and keep them as a part of your team. Increased use of paper leads to environmental pollution and degradation.

It takes millions of trees cut across the globe to process paper. The result is increased pollution and climate change.

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However, with paperless technologies, individuals and businesses can help protect the environment. Convey ideas visually with these great presentation apps. Remember everything from thoughts to pictures with the best note taking apps. Relieve your memory bank with these note taking apps and focus on what matters. Motivation is very subjective. What motivates you may not be motivational to another person.

But one of the keys to success is finding out what motivates you and letting it help you succeed in life. There are 1,s of fraudulent charities out there. Use these apps to find reliable and trustworthy nonprofits to make sure your money gets put to good use and makes the world a better place. Further your education with the best online courses offered from learning institutes on a variety of topics, including photography and accounting. Helping the homeless in your city can be done at a personal level, or even as an organization.

Either way, the ultimate objective is to research and find ways to eventually help them find a home and provide comfort which could be given through fundraisers and accepting donations. Watch as paper becomes a thing of the past! Use these sticky note apps to jot down what you need to know and keep your life free of clutter. Would you like to make reading a hobby? Here are must-have apps that encourage more book reading. Use these apps to learn how to efficiently track and find the animals you have been looking for. A childhood classic reimagined for the modern world! Take Hangman with you and play anywhere, anytime with these variations on the traditional hangman game!

Whether you're a long-distance truck driver or you're going on a cross country road trip with friends or family, it's important to make sure you're staying awake behind the wheel. Too attached to your phone? Would you like to take a break from your device? Here a few ways to reduce screen time. Clear the chaos! Demonstrate your ability to make wordplay magic happen with these anagram and word unscramble games. Sharpen your mind with a brain memory game workout. Search free memory games for kids, adults, and seniors. Make it fun to improve your focus and concentration.

Just like you go to the gym to work out certain muscle areas to get lean and fit, your brain also deserves some care and exercise. There are loads of handheld options to help you improve your vocabulary, increase your memory skills and boost your overall brain potential. A word nerd's paradise! Explore a variety of word makers, dictionaries, and word finder games for solo or multiplayer. Show off your mad wordplay skills now! Get your groove on with the best of hip hop! Check out chart-topping hits and explore interactive hip hop and rap radio stations on the go!

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This will help you find the treatment that works best for you. Discover the next evolution of Spider Solitaire. Check out daily challenges and spice up this classic game. Protect yourself from unwanted sales calls of fraudulent scams. No kids? No problem!

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Coloring books for adults are available online and in stores with a variety of themes and formats. Expecting your first baby as a new dad can be daunting and stressful. Make the process easier on yourself by preparing for every detail and getting a good support system for advice. Need assistance in raising a newborn? You get what you want and so do your loved ones with registry apps. Ready to get pregnant and want to increase your chances?

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Get ready to welcome a new life with helpful tips and diets to help you prepare your body and your mind. Traveling with young kids can seem really scary. Take the stress out of your due date with a host of pregnancy and OBGYN apps to keep you healthy and happy until your little bundle of joy arrives!

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker - Your Diet & Fitness Calorie Counter for Better Health

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9 Super Useful Calorie Counter Apps To Help You Lose Weight

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Use these festival apps to prepare your body and get you and your friends organized for this year's music festival season. Stay connected to the people most important to you with a location sharing app that always lets you know where your friends are! Learn about the fitness tracker when you read more. Watch This! Around The Web. You May Also Like. Chrissy Teigen. Family Life. Food Reviews. Cake Pops Are Absolutely Disgusting. Now You Know. Latest Fitness. Get Daily Fitness Inspiration Right in your inbox. Customize Select the topics that interest you:.