2. Background Refresh

Learn more Open the Settings app on your iPhone. You can check detailed battery usage from the Settings app on your iPhone. Select "Battery. Wait for the "Battery Usage" list to load.

How to tell which apps are draining your iPhone battery

It may take a few moments to appear. Find the apps that are using the most battery. The list will display a percentage next to each app. The percentage is from the amount of battery used, not the amount of your total battery.

Activate Low Power Mode

Switch between 24 Hour and 7 Day views. By default, the list will show usage over the last 24 hours. Switching to the 7 day view will better show how apps behave over longer periods of time.

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The number of available days is based off of the last time you turned off your iPhone, maxing out at 7 days. For example, if you turned your iPhone off three days ago, the tab will say "3 Days" instead of "7 Days.

iPhone Battery Draining: Confirm Solutions by Apple

Tap the clock button to view how long the apps were active. This will display how long the app was on screen and running the background, giving you more insight into what apps are causing the most drain. If there's an app with a high percentage but a low on screen time, the app is using a lot of battery very quickly. Turn on Low Power mode. This mode will reduce power consumption by restricting apps and removing visual effects.

While low power mode is on, your mail will not be fetched automatically and all apps will have background app refresh disabled. Open the Settings app and select "Battery. Use battery-hogging apps less. Use the results in the Battery screen to determine which apps use the most battery for the least amount of time on screen. See if you can cut down or eliminate your use of these apps, and you'll see a big boost in battery life. Disable Background App Refresh for apps that run in the background. Turning this feature off for apps will prevent them from loading content while running in the background.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast All of a Sudden After iOS 12/13 Update? Check 6 Solutions Here

You'll still be notified, say when you receive a new message in the app, but the message won't actually load until you open the app. Turn off location services for apps that you don't need location for. In a few cases, certain apps could be causing unnecessary battery drain without you even knowing about it.

Read more: How fast charging really works. However, some apps also use location services when active or even when running in the background.

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There are a few changes you can make to help you get the most battery out of your smartphone. Power-saving modes are a fantastic way to get a little more juice out of your smartphone battery when it goes below a certain threshold. There are often a slew of features and settings that are enabled by default and can cause unnecessary Android battery drain. Nothing is going to double your battery life, but every little bit helps, particularly when a phone gets old.

14 Insanely Simple Tricks To Improve iPhone Battery Life (#13's My Fave)

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Close apps running in background and save your data and battery in iPhone