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No mail access for three days so far. Got the message bt yahoo is trying to sort it yet my partner can get his emails opened and i can not ,whats going on. This is a frequent occurence. Can log in to BT Yahoo website, but message reading, opening, deleting etc very slow and clunky. Just joined BT premium mail. I had previously BT broadband acct but has since closed. So I signed up for BT premium mail. Still, I can not access emails either through outlook or ipad. Error message says mail. Very disappointed with BT service. Not their issue. Like everyone else I cant access my email from my PC using Outlook this happened from 12th December onwards.

BT totally helpful. We are being forced to use the web browser and their very user unfriendly email software. Had this problem a few weeks ago. Was told it had been sorted but once again cannot send of receive mail except on the web browser. Apart from odd hours in middle of night. I can log in, but every hour or so I am lovked out and told to log in again.

This has been going on since Tuesday 19th December. It seems a major problem has occured which BT must sort out. Intermittant problems with bt email today 19th December pm. Will not accept password on Apple email. Will not allow me to send any emails. All started a week or so ago when I had to stop trying to get bt webmail on bt site and revert to Yahoo site.

Rubbish and no apology from BT. Lo and behold since my comment was published yesterday, this morning all my BT Yahoo accounts downloaded- Thanks. Pointless expecting BT to come up with a truthful answer, they blame it on my system or something else! What is going on. I can send messages from these accounts!! It just happened again again … in the middle of composing an email! This has got to be fixed. No other service behaves like this. Why is it happening? The Yahoo search engine has stopped working as well.

Same here, in the middle of composing an email! Constant logging in is most annoying!! Every time I try to retrieve my e mails I get the message that the system is busy. Then it fails. After about 10 mins I can usually connect to my e mails but often unable to delete unwanted messages. Thinking of changing supplier. The latest is that to keep us safe, we now have to sign in every time we want to check e-mails, or if moving to a different website and back again to bt mail. Possibly the answer to all our problems is to use gmail or other provider instead!

I have tried everything but all with no luck so i tried logging on with my iphone same story it cannot connect. The strange thing is that just over a month ago i could get my emails with no problem on both my win7 desktop pc or my phone then bang nothing!! Neither is there anything changed on the Outlook. And finally — neither is there anything changed on the Web Outlook. I refused to allow this as patently this was not correct and requested to speak with his supervisor.

He told me his supervisor had gone home for the day it was 6 pm and he could arrange a call from him for the following day. So I agreed — to a call between 11 and 12 the following day. Now you guessed it………… I took another call at the following day which meant that sods law…. They left a message on the answering machine saying that they would call back later……..

In the meantime — one of the email addresses began working at 7am on the day I was meant to receive a call back — the other email address linked to the account still failed. At about the second email address suddenly worked………for about 2 hours. Then it was back to the Server refusing the login — with this situation continuing today. This resolved the problem for a few hours before it reoccurred but meant that I spent 4 days downloading several thousand emails all over again for three separate devices. Now — firstly — does anyone know how to complain — given that I pay for this so-called BT Premium email??

This is a BT server problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In Outlook box pops up which asks for the password but entering the password does not solve the problem. On the phone she gets a Connection Timeout. Before anybody asks yes the password is correct, because my wife has been using it to log on to webmail, and no the password has not been changed.

Yesterday Outlook suddenly started working again but it has gone again today. While using webmail may be the obvious answer it is not a satisfactory solution to the problem because of the way my wife uses Outlook to organise and track emails. We have both had this problem before and it usually sorts itself within a day or two so to be out for four days, back for one and then out again is unusual. Internet searches show that this is a common occurrence for other users. Is no-one able to get to the bottom of this and find a permanent solution? Since yesterday my Outlook is not connecting to the BT mail server.

I am on BT Yahoo Mail with a btinternet. The error message in Outlook is:. Error: Cannot connect to the server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider ISP. Mail on my iPad is working but that seems to be using a Yahoo! Email on my Sony Xperia Android phone is also not working with the same settings that it and Outlook previously worked with. Another day wasted!!!!!!!!!! Reported to BT who phoned back the following day as they were unable to fix straight away.

Following day phone call happened and still unable to fix so they promised a call from the level 2 server team. That never happened and i contacted them again, promised a phone call with the hour and that never happened also. Terrible product and terrible service that is far from cheap. BT e mail is very poor at the best of times and difficult to use, expect a lot better from them and certainly expect a better customer care service.

This is happening to me all the time now. Been unable to work properly for days. Or being patronisingly told I need same password for everything. That is also happening to me via my iPhone and windows laptop. My iPad access is ok but goes via yahoo server. Bt help chat was no use whatsoever! Any solutions out there?

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My bt mail fails every other day and then is usually down for a good few hours, only when using my iPad or iPhone?? Keeps saying username or password is incorrect, but i know it is not. Leave it for 6 hours or so and it works again, then a few days later the same?? Only way to get my emails is logging on to the www. This has now been going on for a month, any clues or help would be appreciated. I am having difficulties sending emails.

Even a simple 6 line email with no attachments is taking in excess of 45 mins and for a small business this is totally unacceptable. No issues with gmail nor Hotmail. Come on BT sort it please. I am currently having issues with sending emails. This has been happening for the past 2 or 3 months now, but seems particularly bad just now. Receiving emails and the general log- in process is fine. Locks me out though every time I try to check my BT bill, usuage, payment details, etc. It awakes with no changes from me for a few days then dies again.

I can get webmail, gmail, iCloud mail. BT BB contract etc due for renewal…. I doubt it! I can get email on my phone as that used the Yahoo server, and ditto somebody at BT has set up a Yahoo mail account for me online so I can get emails that way, but the POP3 server appears to have completely disappeared from the face of the earth meaning I can neither send nor receive using Outlook, which not only has all my contacts, but ten years worth of personal and business email. WTF is BT doing? Do they WANT us all to leave and go to a better provider? I lost 7 months of emails overnight from both Microsoft outlook and also my BT account.

Getting anything out of BT has been an absolute nightmare. Really worried will not get back my missing emails. No email service for 3 days now.

Mail server settings for BT legacy email accounts.

Got strange message failed notifications on email day before it went down. Have lost all my data. After hours spent complaining staff said servers were down. Come on bt — this is totally unacceptable and demeaning. I have had the same error occur for days now. It has also been very difficult to find this forum. I have even tried to delete the account and reinstall but to no avail. The odd thing is I can still log into my bt email via the BT page but when I do it appears at BT yahoo , I thought they had parted company a few years ago and everything changed then?

Wishful thinking on my part luckily have a gmail account too which I am using. BT have big problems. They say they have servers down but only after repeated questioning. Initially tried to make out it was a device issue. Tried removing the account and readding but to no avail , anyone had any luck fixing this on Apple product.

Incorrect address or password.

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Last mail received Saturday 4th November. I have been onto Yahoo Mail technicians for several hours as I was unable to receive my emails from 5. BT message says my email address does not exist although I have used for years. I was told that some accounts have been compromised as they show unusuall activity. My connection with BT Broadband has just been shocking for the past week. Then I copy and paste to a new email and it sends. BT server down again all day. There is no online log of problems, or any indication of a time to repair. I guess it is me who is stupid because I continue to put up with this.

Time for a change? Yet again cannot receive e-mails to Outlook , BT when are you going to resolve this ongoing issue where you block Outlook, after 30years I will leave you. BT say they have no record of this email address though I have had it for six years!!! Still not resolved, BT this is not acceptable! I keep receiving the message below. It keeps giving me similar messages on each of my web browsers:. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. Bt mail not working on my phone but I can logon to the webmail. Not exactly convenient when you are on the move and no acknowledgement of the problem. Since yesterday evening the only way I can access my mail is through the BT Yahoo webmail page I thought we were all supposed to be migrated to BT Mail long ago. Neither the clients on my PC, nor the tablets and smartphone are now acknowledged by the server, even with a new password.

Yet again, BT server not responding and cannot receive or send email on Iphone. Are we all just talking to the wind or is anybody at BT actually paying attention. The thought of giving up several hours of my life trying to speak to a help desk is not acceptable. Is the service officially down and if so when will it be back up? Come on BT, answers please or are you perfectly content with this ongoing second rate service? Unable to send and receive emails. There is definitely a problem with Bt Email, but have they given notice of it? You idiots.

The odd thing is my iphone is able to send and receive email from btinternet without any problems. Unable to receive or send emails with bt account, are bt actually try fix the problem or do they leave us stranded? I log in to email from the bt. Also, cannot connect using Outlook. I too cannot access my account x 2 weeks now. For approx 2 weeks now I have not been able to sign into my emails, on I pad or I phone, it says email address wrong , password wrong and recovery phone number wrong, when I know these details are correct.

Very fed up of this and need to get into my emails, need help please. Over the years, I have visited numerous forums dedicated to the inadequacy of the BT mail service. I remember one thread that had over 10, comments. In my book, this is one of the longest running consumer scandals in history.

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I am seriously considering taking legal action against BT. This corporation fails on just about every level. I have had the misfortune of using their abysmal e-mail system for many years. And, it just never gets fixed. You are absolutely correct. BTYahoo is a disgrace. The consumer services watchdog should fine this bloated corporation for continuing to fail their customers. I am fed up with the terrible service they provide. BTYahoo provides an awful e-mail experience. I have had problems for the last 5 years. Proof of this comes from the fact that I can log into the web mail service without issue.

However, when I try and send mail, using webmail, it always refuses to send my mail, telling me that my composition is spam. This has happened for the last 5 years.

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I have never actually been able to send a single webmail e-mail during this period. Then, when I try and contact BT, I get passsed around from one department to another. This issue has been escalated to the highest level without resolution. Dreadful service. I am seriously considering whether to take legal action against this company.

BT, you should hang your head in shame! Still cant log in. BT issuing no updates to customers. Effectively hiding the outage. Not impressed. We have two BT mail accounts with the same problem.

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Mails are showing as sent but never received. Problem started early this morning. Politely suggested to BT support that we were not the only people affected and my chat was equally politely terminated. My problem was escalated this morning but nothing heard so far and the problem still exists. Hi, is anyone having probs with their outgoing emails not reaching the recipients today, Friday 13th? All jokes aside, every time I send an email it is saying it has been sent, but no one is getting them, including my very irate client, a busy cardiac practice.

I am receiving emails fine, but nothing is getting to the recipients going out. In Send, it shows them as sent. Does any one else have difficulty editing with bt email accounts? I find it difficult to cut and paste, spell check etc. When I right click on a piece that I want to edit nothing happens. Also why do you need to keep logging in? I am reluctant to change emails. I have rung customer services and had no joy with them either. Does any one else have a problem editing emails with a btinternet account?

It is difficult to cut and paste, spell check etc. I am reluctant to change emails but I find my bt email account a pain and why does it keep logging it self out? I have no luck when I ring their poor customer service team.

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This evening- Monday 9th October after 7. I was able to access my account through webmail. I contacted BT who advised delete and re-enter your account- I had already done this on my iPhone and iPad to no avail…. Not good…. BUT where to turn to next as I find talking to India difficult as I lost the connection a number of times and the interference has been bad….

Today when I was using my email account some of my inbox disappeared. Now I have to search that folder for my emails. Today I can send I hope but nothing has downloaded to my PC or my Android phone — Logs into the server fine, but no mail. Is anyone having problem with sending emails. Since yesterday I have been receiving emails but sending them they sit in outbox. This is both on my Samsung phone and my lenova tablet.

I am not in UK but have had no problem up til now. I have exactly the same problem, first noticed yesterday 29th Sept. I can log into BT webmail and both send and receive OK, so the problem only relates to the email client app. Help please! Cannot send via Outlook today. Could yesterday. Logging in via the internet works. Email service completely down in Croydon since yesterday afternoon. I am trying to send messages to an btinternet. My last correspondence with the recipient was 12th September.

I have tried 3 different addresses, all of which are being returned as spam. When I try to contact the postmaster btinternet. What is going on?

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Same problem with BT e-mail, user name or password not recognised. I was locked out intemittantly for months from February to April this year. Wrote to the CEO, and was passed to a trouble shooter, nice guy, who finally sorted it, but it took a week. It has started playing up again.

I really am sick of it. My broadband is poor, as is my telephone, I am as far possible from an exchange. Engineers are constantly up poles or down holes, switching local peoples lines around, as one gets fed up and complains. How annoying that new users get good prices, whilst a customer for years gets treated with distain. If BT were building Reliant Robins, they would come with two wheels and a brick.

That is the level of BTs product. Complain to the CEO. Tried checking mail via mybt and it says there is no email account that matches these login details. Yes there is! Is it a technical fault or has my account been hacked? Very frustrating. I just get an error message saying BT Yahoo is having temporary difficulties and to try later — but its been going on for over 5 days now.

My bt internet e mail has been down since 8am on Wednesday morning. No further forward with receiving e mails. I am unable to access the e-mail login page. It has been like this all morning and I have been on live chat to try and get it sorted out but they passed me from one person to another. I eventually got a call but that person was very difficult to understand.

She said I had to ring a different number but when I asked her to repeat the number to me, she hung up, or we got cut off. Common BT you are meant to be leaders just not acceptable. Ditto to Jess not recognising password or username….. Am I going to have to get a different email address after all these years? Soooooo annoying! Went back to the desktop to log in but it again said I had used the wrong username or password!

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  4. I can assure you I did not….. Will wait a while and try the phone again and if it still does not work will add an btinternet option. Changed my btmail password yesterday and can no longer receive mails on my iOS devices. Going to have to use an alternative email address which is a pain. Another reason why this is clearly a fake is that it's been sent to people who don't even use BT as their email provider.

    One person hit by the scam told Express. UK Police have also sent out an alert warning BT customers about this latest scam and advising them not to be cautious when clicking in links embedded within emails. The broadband supplier states that internet scams can take many forms, from 'phishing', where a fake email or web site will try to get you to part with your bank account information, to scams pretending to be from online auction, job or other websites that try to collect your personal data.

    Not sure if an email you've received is genuine? Trying to set up my email account on iPhone XS says wrong password how do I reset this please. How can I set my BTMail account to ensure that if an email is deleted on my iPhone it is also deleted on other devices? Toggle navigation E-mailsettings. Home iPhone Zoho Mail Mail. Zoho Mail Mail. SSL: none Serverport: Choose Advanced and make sure the following information is correct:. SSL: none Serverport: mail.