Since my gateway into both apps has been the iPhone widget, let's start there.

Packaging applications for Google Android devices. Jeanette Stallons Jun 28, Learn to use Flash Builder to deploy apps to Google iOS devices during development, testing, and deployment. Stanley's House 2: An escape-the-room game for multiple devices. Get a close look at how this game was designed in Flash Professional, including coding for different runtimes.

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Digitas Cache II: An interactive publication. Mansour Raad Jun 21, Guide for Apple App Store submissions. Avoid common pitfalls while preparing your application for submission to the App Store. Learn about saving your AIR application's state frequently and automatically so your app meets iOS device users' expectations. Optimizing content for Apple iOS devices.

Learn to use both script and rendering optimization techniques to maximize the performance of your AIR applications for iOS devices. Using screen orientation APIs for smartphone application development. The company later said that an employee accidentally tweeted from the KitchenAid USA account, rather than their personal, and noted that the person was fired. But no kitchen appliance can clean up that mess.

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Pancakes are always good. Demeaning jokes about women are never good. Ah, the old we-didn't-know-we-were-tweeting- a-hate-symbol excuse. Yes, Wendy's tweeted a picture of Pepe the Frog in , and yes, that was their excuse.

We can't show you this one here, because it's extremely graphic. What we can do is give you the link to our story about the tweet from , which uses a bunch of fancy technology to hide the image from you. Basically, the airline tweeted to a customer alongside a photo of a woman doing terrible things to herself with a model airplane, saying, "We welcome feedback, Elle.

If your travel is complete, you can detail here for review and follow up.

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You've been warned. Yet another disgusting joke about women!

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Durex South Africa apologized for this one, but that's no excuse for a contraception company that should be celebrating sex, rather than We actually take back our aggressive headline for this one. We're not sure whether that worker was canned or quit, but StubHub doesn't need them - they're still making apologies on Twitter years later.

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Sometimes when you're nextifying your brand, you forget to nextify the brand you're supposed to be nextifying. Sorry Microsoft Surface, Oprah likes her iPad better. Millions are in uproar since Kenneth Cole invoked the Egypt uprising and Cairo hashtag to promote his spring line on Twitter. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. Andy Campbell.

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