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Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community Can't find your photos? Google Photos. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Deandra Rucker. I recently switched phones Samsung S5 to iPhone 8. All of my photos from my Android phone were back up in google photos, and when I switched to the iPhone I noticed that duplicates were also created in google photos.

What would I need to do to get rid of the duplicates sometimes there's even 3 or 4 copies of these photos in google photos? I've seen a few people say that google photos recognizes duplicates but in this case, that's not true. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 1. Platinum Product Expert Greg Gambone.

Recommended Answer. Good afternoon. Google Photos does indeed recognize duplicates and will not upload any pictures that already exist in your account. If you're seeing what appears to be duplicates of the same picture, then there must be something about those images that is not exactly the same as the ones already in your account. Google Photos examines certain parts of image files and compares them to existing uploads to determine if that picture was already uploaded the actual visual part of what you see in the picture is not examined.

It looks at things such as the image file name, the file size, the date the picture was taken or modified, the GPS location, the camera model that was used, and other info stored in the photo's EXIF metadata. If you look closely at the duplicates you're seeing, you're probably going to discover that there's something about those duplicates that is not the same as the previously uploaded pictures. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to get rid of those duplicates.

But, if the duplicates are appearing in your main timeline in the same place right beside the original upload, at least then you can simply select the duplicates and delete them. If they aren't appearing right next to the original upload, this indicates that the dates of those duplicates are not the same as the original which would explain why they were uploaded at all If that's the case, perhaps looking at your photos in the order they were uploaded would make it easier to identify and select the duplicates for deletion.

Platinum Product Expert. Greg Gambone. Original Poster. Deandra Rucker. All Replies Nikolay Stoyanov.

Delete a Shared Album from iPhone

I've setup Photos to share with a partner my wife. She made the same settings for me. We both set the setting to copy the photos from partner.

artist listed twice or more, how do I change that?

We set Photos to backup photos from Viber. Try it free. Listen on Apple Music. Christopher Johnson 10 days ago.

Clean up your iTunes library by deleting duplicates

Skip navigation Sign in. Robert Williams 7 days ago. Paul Brown 12 days ago. It can also be hard to find those duplicates. This is especially true if you have multiple versions of a song say one from the CD and another from a live concert. Luckily, iTunes has a built-in feature that lets you easily identify duplicates.

Joseph Evans 10 days ago. Try it free Try it free. It hits all the right notes. Download your favorite tracks.

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Play them offline. Get exclusive and original content. Listen across all of your devices. John Parker 28 days ago.

Method 1: Delete Duplicate Songs on iPhone using iTunes

This, however, doesn't occur with all albums I add to my iTunes Library. Thing is, I DO want iTunes to copy the music over to the iTunes folder so that it gets organized and that I can put the downloaded music in the recycle bin. Kenneth Parker 24 days ago. Fix for same album or artist showing twice in iTunes. Many times I've noticed that the same artist shows up twice on my iPhone, and sometimes I've seen three or more of the same album listed, each with only some of the songs.

Jason Young 16 days ago. One of the great things about having an Apple device, in fact, is packing your device full of music and movies and TV shows and podcasts and apps from iTunes and the App Store.

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John Gonzalez 30 days ago. John Hall 23 days ago. Follow us and turn our notifications on!. Edward Martin 5 days ago. Joseph Allen 7 days ago. If you think you're being billed twice for the same item, it might be a payment authorization hold and not an actual charge.

itunes music twice

The charge will disappear after your purchase Steven Taylor 18 days ago. Whenever I try to use iTunes to add music to device, nothing happens. George Evans 25 days ago. Search the album in iTunes. Richard Williams 9 days ago. Brian Johnson 13 days ago. Critics Consensus: With exotic locales, impressive special effects, and a worthy central villain, You Only Live Twice overcomes a messy and implausible story to deliver another memorable early Bond flick.

William Moore 6 days ago. James Mitchell 15 days ago. Learn more. Recommended Answer. Someone over on androidcentral forums has suggested that for samsung phones, the duplicates my be related to the default gallery's "Event" functionality, where it automatically creates Events for you. When I looked in the gallery, sure enought, there were many if not all of the duplicate photos that I had previously seen in the google photos app. EDIT: Should make it clear that this specific fix is only if you have a Samsung phone with a Gallery app that has the Event functionality. Yes No.

You sound like quite a detective! I don't know what's going on, but I have a slightly different angle I don't see it as Google Photos uploading duplicates. It sounds to me like it is finding two different photos - because they are different sizes - and uploading them both. So, my question is what process is it that is saving the different sized 'duplicate'? I have the same problem. It happened from time to time. But solution was — open app scroll some down, close app and reopen, and gallery not show pictures from storage only from cloud. Now it always show all my photos in "double mode".

Funny, after two hours Google Photos app finally decided showing only cloud photos. Having same issue.