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Samsung Galaxy S has 5 Megapixel camera with no optical but digital zoom. The phone employs the proprietary Samsung TouchWiz 3. Unlike TouchWiz 3. However, different from other Android user interfaces, TouchWiz 3. The program launcher is also different from other Android user interfaces in that it has an iOS -like program menu which allows customization of shortcuts. In addition, three of the four shortcuts at the bottom of the screen can also be customized. The other Galaxy S TouchWiz 3. The most important aspect of all three generations of TouchWiz is the widget interface.

The most prominent widgets that come with the Galaxy S are the Daily Briefing, weather clock and the Buddies Now widget. In addition to Samsung widgets, standard Android widgets can be added and removed from the homescreens. The phone also comes with various upgraded versions of software that came with Samsung's previous generation of smartphones such as iHD and i Omnia II.

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At the time of launch, the Galaxy S had Android 2. An official upgrade to Android 2. Canada received the 2. According to Samsung the 2. Verizon's Fascinate was upgraded to Android 2.

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Verizon's Continuum variant was upgraded to 2. An Android 2. Singapore received the update in June. Australia received the update in August. T-Mobile in the United States made the 2. T-Mobile USA never produced a 2. The update was possible through a manual update using Kies Mini.

An official update to Android 4. However, unaffiliated developers associated with CyanogenMod produced unofficial updates based on Android 4. These updates are developed from Android Open Source Project code. The Galaxy S is supported by the Replicant project. The units are manufactured locally by Samsung to take advantage of tax cuts associated with local production. Bell , Virgin Mobile and SaskTel offer the model. It is offered primarily in Australia and New Zealand. To compensate for the increased power draw of the SC-LCD screen, battery capacity is increased from 1, to 1, mAh.

Android 2. The included edition of TouchWiz in Android 2. Main differences are an upgraded 1. All models were released with Android 2. It was the first LTE smartphone at the time of its release. The Indulge shrinks the screen size from 4 inches to 3. It includes a faster 1. It is similar to the GT-I, but omits the front-facing camera. It is sold under the " Anycall " branding. It includes a tri-band UMTS radio, a faster 1. Live Life Connected. Change Plan. Browse All Plans. Send A Text Message.

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Samsung SCH-I500 Galaxy S Mesmerize Specs

Device Workshops What are Device Workshops? Find Workshops Near You. The phone associated with this accessory must also be added to your cart. Do you wish to continue? OK Cancel. Total Due Today:. My friend has a iPhone and it sux big compared to my Epic 4g. Read full review. I LOVE this phone! I had a Windows Mobile phone previously, and this phone far exceeds my expectations for an android phone. I have downloaded many apps and find that everything works well. The camera takes very good pictures and videos, and I love that this phone is fully customizable.

The only down side I have found to the point is that the battery doesn't last all day when the Wifi and GPS and Bluetooth are all running. I immediately upgraded to the Android 2. Phone arrive with Android 2. Pros: The screen is huge. It is really fast, no lagging to change screens. Youtube videos load instantly. It is extremely thin, which makes up for the large screen. Cons: The battery life isn't the greatest.

Lasted me about a day but I was using it pretty heavily with wifi and gps, which can be easily turned off. Summary: I like the phone in general because of Android first off. Most of the apps are free. Swype texting is amazing. I only use swype now, and I text way faster than I ever could on my blackberry and I was pretty fast.

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The screen is amazingly clear and vibrant, unlike any other I have seen. The video quality is great too. I expected a decent camera and video, but it is very clear with good mic pickup. I really like the android platform, and I feel I will like it more and m ore each day because of its customizable aspects. It fits nicely in the hand, the screen is large enough to read my newspaper online. It is quite a device. I envied all iphone users when I would play with their phones, but now they ask me what other cool thing my phone can do.

I recommend the phone to anyone who does more than call and text on their phone, and even if you don't, this is the phone to start trying on.

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Its a computer in your pocket that's the size of a phone. This phone is great!