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If you have a flashlight app on your phone, be very careful!

Reading light This online light is great to produce enough light to read by without turning on all the lights in the room. This can be very useful if your roommates or family are trying to sleep while you read. The light is enough for reading, but won't disturb others in your area. Night light Use this tool to illuminate an area with a small amount of light when it's time to sleep. Easily accessible flashlight Real flashlights are usually stored away in closets and drawers.

As such, they aren't quickly available when you need them.

Why you need a flashlight and how it works on a phone

On the other hand, everyone carries a smartphone or other device on them. So, if you just need a little light very quickly, Free Online Flashlight will be great. Illumination board If you need to produce a bright, white backlight to see other objects in greater detail, this tool can help. For example, if you have photo slides to look at, you need a white light to show them. Just hold up the slide to this tool to see it. Online Mirror. Turn Webcam On.

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Online Notepad. Choose the best type of light source for the activity you're trying to accomplish. Not every type of light is the best type of light for every task. For example, almost all real, physical flashlights produce intense light that is very bright and tightly focused onto a small area.

Check the permissions: Android flashlight apps criticised over privacy | Technology | The Guardian

Sometimes this light is too bright! For example, if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to walk to the bathroom or kitchen without waking up too much, you wouldn't want the intense light of a flashlight or the flooding light of a lamp. Both of these types of lights would cause you to wake up due to their brightness.

In these cases, it's much better to have a soft glow light. Sometimes this can be accomplished by having a night light plug into the wall. But what happens when you don't have night lights handy? Love the clap on clap off feature. Extended use of the light will drain your battery quickly. Gain complete control over your flashlight with a ton of advanced features, all from one easy to use app.

New in this update: - Performance improvements - Numerous bug fixes.

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It is the brightest light by far, but the wonderful thing about it is that it includes the ability to magnify things. The magnifying option brought it right up in front of my eyes!

Flashlight Widget Super Brightest Torch Light Free

It was so close I had to take a few minutes to adjust myself. With each upgrade I make, I simply check for a light option geared for the iPhone, which takes all of about a few minutes I open the app Test drive the new addition, usually at night to ensure accuracy And I have always been very pleased with the outcome. I can rarely find a flashlight when I need it; and quite often when I do find it, the battery needs replacing. On the rare occasion I have misplaced my iPhone I just dial it up on my land phone and inevitably hear it ringing.

10 best Android flashlight apps with no extra permissions

Now if I could just find my glasses that way. And the best thing is how bright it is. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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