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Adapt the commands as needed for the Unix shell that you use. Verify that you have properly prepared your machine for installation. See Chapter 2 for details. Log in to your system as a superuser using your root password. A File Manager window may open when you insert the media behavior varies depending on local machine settings. To start the installer, double-click the installer icon in the File Manager window. If you do not see the File Manager window, follow these steps:.

Tip - On the DVD, the installer can be found in the appropriate top-level directory for the part of the product that you are installing. The Welcome page appears. Go to Step 3. Download and unzip the Java Studio Enterprise software into your java-studio-download-dir.

6.3. Install JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 as a Service in Microsoft Windows

Tip - Do not use a download directory containing spaces or other special characters in the path name. Be sure you have the correct download file for your platform and for the component products that you want to install. Solaris OS on x Enable access to the X server. Become a superuser root with superuser environment.

How to install Visual Studio 2017 Community/Professional/Enterprise Edition

For example:. Change to the subdirectory containing the installer. The Welcome page displays. Proceed to Step 3. From the Welcome page, click Next and follow the instructions on the installer wizard pages. The installer asks a series of questions, installs the products you selected. When installation is complete, the Installation Complete page appears. If you have questions about the installer pages, refer to Installer Reference for more information. Note - Create non-root server instances of Application Server and Web Server for use by a standard user account on the page titled "Enable product usage by a non-root user by creating admin domain ".

See Product Usage by Non-root User for details. Click on the View Summary button to view the installation summary information. A new window opens and displays the Installation Summary Report. You see two buttons at the top: Install Summary and Configuration Data.

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Optional Click on the Configuration Data button to view the configuration data for the component products that you installed. To view the installer logging messages, click View Log on the Installation Complete page. The log file names are of the following format:. Click Close to exit the installer. If you enabled client access, disable client access. Optional Validate the installation using the appropriate chapters:. Chapter 8 - describes starting the Java Studio Enterprise IDE Chapter 9 - describes using Application Server Chapter 10 - describes using Web Server Installer Reference This section provides additional information about the installer wizard pages that you might see during the installation process.

If you have shared components that need to be upgraded, you see this installer page. The page shows a list of any shared components that need to be upgraded before installation can proceed.

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Installation Directory Enter your installation directory on this page. Follow these guidelines if you specify a non-default installation directory:.

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Do not exceed 20 characters for the java-studio-install-dir root directory. Some of the component products installed with Java Studio Enterprise have limitations on the length of the path name to their executable files.

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Specify an installation directory that is located on the local machine. Do not use an installation directory that is on an NFS-mounted filesystem. The Java Studio Enterprise installer does not support installing to a network-mounted filesystem. Verify the disk space requirements for your selected installation. System Requirements Check The installer displays information about your system readiness on this page.

If your machine does not meet requirements, the installer displays information describing the problem. This page asks for information about existing installations of Application Server on a remote machine. If you plan to use Application Server on a remote machine, select the option "Link to Application Server on a remote machine" and enter the required configuration data.

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Otherwise, accept the default value, "Do not link to Application Server on a remote machine". The values entered on this page are used to configure the various servers. The list of required fields that you see is dependent on the products that you are installing. Host Name is the name of the machine on which you are installing the software. DNS Domain Name is used for configuring various servers.

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