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Running unnecessary apps uses Android processor and lay a heavy burden on processor, which reduces internet speed.

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Thus, close all unnecessary apps before using internet and uninstall apps you are not going to use can do the trick for you to gain a higher internet speed. You wouldn't notice this setting in your Android phone. There you have to select "data prefer" instead of "call prefer". It will lead to change in internet speed.

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So switching to 3G or 4G can boost internet speed on your Android phone or tablet. The web browser of your Android mobile phone also plays a very important role in increasing your internet speed.

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There are lots of mobile web browsers available on Play Store but you should choose only fast web browser. If you use these mobile browsers in your Android phone, you will feel the fast browsing experience than ever before.

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Besides these tricks, there are also various Android apps available to enhance the internet speed in Android. Continue to read the next part to know some internet speed booster apps for Android. It comes with a series of commands that priorities the browser among the other applications that are using the internet. It is useful because it manages all the factors that are required to run the internet smoothly. And also it stops all the secondary back end apps that are eating up your data services, flushes DNS and cleans RAM to make sure you are getting the maximum possible speed provided by your service provider.

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