The Reason Why You are experiencing Not Registered On Network error

I assure you that we do not install any spyware on any of our devices we don't even have the ability to track them if they are lost. I'm happy you didn't flash it, since it would have voided your warranty. I have gone ahead and sent you an email follow-up so we can look at the screenshots of your wife's data usage for further investigation!

Oh my, I am sorry after looking that over it did look like I was accusing almost like someone you work with did it or something.. I apologize I didn't mean anyone at textnow had done so or anything like that with the phone. I've used TextNow ever since the first iPod touch second generation was available, I always use the software and ignore my ADHD dribble above previous comment, I was only trying to say that was the last time I ever seen the system software Android OS ever consume data like it before, and being recertified phones I bought, it wouldn't shock me that the previous owner may have installed some shady apps or what not and likely didn't know..

Thanks for the fast response, TextNow support is always on spot fast, I rate them a 92 out of for service, overall support, and for always trying to help : thanks and will shoot that message ASAP Valeria. Hey recently i have been going away for distance of 1 hour and when i got over there i had no type of service down there. Is this service works only where i am located??

I need help because im moving to another state and dont want my service to not work when its connected.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network

I'm sorry to hear about your experience! I have responded back to your email with our coverage map and further information. My data has turned off. Unfortunately I don't have constant wifi connection at home. I got a message saying my data ussage was getting a little high so they turned it off.

I no longer get text messages or phone calls and I can't send anything. From what I understand of unlimited talk,text, and 2g data meant that it could not be limited, now that my data has been limited and so has my talk and texts since my data is gone. I followed the directions very carefully for data connectivity for samsung phones, and it did nothing. Please, please help. I've only had the phone about two weeks and I finally got my phone number out to everyone and now the phone number is unreliable because I'm not getting any messages unless I'm at school where the wifi lives for only a small portion of the day.

I didn't expect the data to be great or fast or the best, since it's supposed to be 2G or slower, however it's not there at all. If I've misunderstood something about the plan or the data connectivity please please inform me. I'm completely fine switching to a different plan by a company other than textnow if it means I can reliably send and receive messages and calls, but I would like to know whether something is just wrong temporarily with the connection, or with my settings, or with the plan I chose. Sorry to hear about your troubles!

Since this is your first suspension, I have reinstated your service immediately, and you should be able to restart your phone for further use :.

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If you ever experience issues with contacting our support line again, please feel free to speak with one of our live chat agents on textnow. At this time we will need you to get into contact with us through live chat on textnow. We will need to troubleshoot, so have your device charged and ready to go. Why is the plans advertised unlimited data and so many ppl having problems with data usage issues. So is these plans not unlimited.


Thanks for the question. All of our plans come with unlimited talk and text, as well as an allotment of high speed data based on the tier of your plan and the unlimited 2G once your high speed data has been exhausted. Keep in mind, you can upgrade your plan at anytime in the month to access a larger allotment of high speed data! Hi this is Emily. I'm usually very happy with this plan service and am quick to recommend it but this is the second time my data has been turned off. I understand if my data is slow but it can't just be turned off my connection to my teachers, my coworkers, and my family is completely severed.

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  • Please, I'm desperate. I can't keep borrowing friends' phones to call my mom, and I can't borrow my mom's phone to call my friends or coworkers because they don't know that number and won't pick up. I don't have an internet plan and besides the data I get on my phone I have no way to use my textnow app. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me.

    Unlocked 4G Mode on Samsung galaxy s4 SHV E300L/S/K (Enable Lte mode Samsung galaxy S4 All series)

    I have had mobile data take up to 2 days to work on a new activation you stated you took the apn settings off the att site but I just thought I would post what is on my phone just in case it may be different. Do you need to fix , replace or track a device? We Can Help With That! Sign up Sign up Sign in. Ask a question. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for.

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