How to get Koins, Souls and win matches in MKX for iPhone and iPad.

In here, you need to defeat 10 opponents. In the event of a failure, you can continue the game 3 times.

The final boss here is Shinnok, but he does not obey the rules of fair play, because you will have to fight one more, final, round, after you win the customary 2. This is when Shinnok takes on the stronger form of Corrupted Shinnok that you have seen in the story mode. In the final round, his attacks are much stronger and the strength of your attacks is decreased. After you complete the Tower, you can unlock additional items, such as, e.

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Thereare 7 opponents to defeat here. But to make things more interesting, you start fights with random modifiers active not always do they affect you in the positive way! In the first battle, you receive 1 modifier only, 2 in the next one and so forth. At the very end, you need to fight with, as many as, 7 modifiers active on you, and some of the effects may be doubled!

Among the modifiers that you will have to struggle against are: slow start, constant bleeding, earthquakes, which knock you off balance, bombs dropping onto the arena, rockets, deadly rays, disabled Super Meter and X-Ray. You need to keep in mind that the majority of the modifiers may be drawn by one character only, which may make your plight the more difficult to bear depending on which side of the fence you are on. Na samym koncu masz do rozbicia najtrwalszy przedmiot - Figurke z Tytanu. If you compare the first obstacle on the left with the last one on the right you note the changing difficulty.

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  • The point is to press the appropriate button, at the right moment. The bright halo keeps nearing the center of the bigger circle and, when it gets inside the smaller one, it turns green, which is the best moment to press the button.

    Beat 'Test Your Might' the Easy Way With This Mortal Kombat X Trick

    In the case of the first challenge, the radius of the circle is long, where as it is very short in the case of the last one. With the implantation of the quest system, sure gaining the souls have been easier but in my personal opinion, more challenges or a shorter time between challenges would be great. It feels way to long after I beat a challenge on the first or second day to wait 5 day for another one to come. I love the game but it can sometimes be frustrating. I hope you consider some of my feedback and make the game excellent for everyone! I love the challenges, the graphics got even better with the update and I love it.

    Overall, the update is great but I would like to change some stuff. They really irritate me and I would like it if you guys can fix this issue.

    Tips for Mortal Kombat X Mobile on iPhone and iPad

    With the new update, there has been some issue that when I play the new challenge tower for Baraka It would lag out and restart the game. If you are just starting out, the game is great. Once you get to higher levels and start maxing our characters, it becomes a money pit.

    Meanderings of a wandering mind

    I have 9 out of 39 challenge characters maxed. Each pack costs souls.


    That means I have essentially wasted around souls in exchange for literally nothing. I contacted WB games about this, and thus began a 4 day long email thread in which they would email me back approximately once a day. Ask other players on the community forums! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

    Screenshots iPhone iPad. Jun 18, Version 2.

    Towers | System - Mortal Kombat X Game Guide |

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