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This free-to-play game features an astonishing 40 missions. These might include horse racing, defending a point from bandits and much more, and with eight horses and 19 weapons to unlock there is plenty to maintain interest as you work your way through the game.

High Noon 2 Revolver & Rifle GUNS BLAZING!!!

Pure evil…. Getting to grips with the game is easy, thanks in part to a simple, sensible control mechanism with software buttons. The tutorial system also helps.

Pocket Cowboys

You may need to spend a short time getting used to riding your horse, but on the whole, everything from summoning your ride to shooting weapons with accuracy is achievable early on. Read More as you progress through the missions. A multiplayer option is also available, with co-op and head-to-head game modes, text and voice chat. The game also features a cloud saving option, enabling you to continue playing on other platforms. If only all games had such continuity options!

The top notch of Windows Phone 8 devices, these two smartphones will only Read More but on the whole the graphics are well designed and appropriately evocative of the Old West. The overall appearance of High Noon Jonny is pretty decent. It is very helpful that the app comes with a set of instructions on how to play the game, making it easier for new players, and a good reminder for current players.

Going about the app navigation and figuring out the layout is a breeze.

Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch App Review High Noon Western Duel Shoot out Free Game Shootout Wild West

Overall the value of High Noon Jonny is an average one. It is a great and fun game that would appeal to players of all ages and backgrounds, and especially those who like classic arcade game playing styles, and also those who love anything of the Western theme. Besides the occasional game crashing animation lag, the game itself is very enjoyable to play, and the fact that the app offers multiple playing mode is a huge plus.

And keep in mind that there is a free version of this fine game as well. You can see it here. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. Perhaps evil dudes are all retro gamers at heart. Look, Your Loot!

It’s Guns Blazin’ with High Noon Jonny

The rodent protagonist — a heavily armed mouse — moves about the grid as you swipe, his energy being depleted during battles or replenished on grabbing elixirs and shields. Whenever you enter a new tile, something new appears from the opposite side of the grid. Cobalt Dungeon finds an explorer roaming dungeons, battling monsters, going on quests, and occasionally getting a bit shoppy.

With procedurally generated dungeons and in-game upgrade stores, every game is different.

List of Western video games

Flipflop Solitaire reasons that a card game you play on an iPhone should be designed for its screen and mobile play rather than a table. To that end, it takes spider solitaire as a basic framework, then messes around with the formula. Flipflop Solitaire shakes things up more by letting you stack cards in increasing or decreasing value. This single change proves transformative, turning every deal into a solvable puzzle, and games with a single suit into frantic, entertaining speed-runs. The Battle of Polytopia is more or less a classic version of Civilization played in fast-forward.

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You start off with a single city, surrounded by the unknown. You then explore, research technologies, and give anyone who gets in your way a serious kicking.

Guide For High Noon (Unofficial)

Unlike the sprawling Civilization games, Polytopia is focused and sleek. The technology tree stops before guns arrive, the standard game mode limits you to 30 moves, and new cities cannot be founded — only conquered. The maximum map size expands and online asynchronous multiplayer opens up if you pay for more tribes.

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