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Want to charge your iPhone quicker? The reverse is also true. An iPhone charges faster using an iPad's AC adapter. Make sure the tablet doesn't have a software problem by rebooting the iPad. This helps out if a software issue is causing the problem.

How To fix iPad Pro Charging Problem

Wait for the iPad to power down completely and then press the Top button again to power it back on. You'll see the Apple logo appear in the middle of the screen while it boots back up. This may be enough to fix the slow-charging issue.

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If the iPad doesn't charge through the electrical outlet, you may have a problem with the cable or the adapter. You can troubleshoot the cable by connecting the iPad to your computer. If you see the lightning bolt on the battery meter, you know the cable is working.

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If the computer does not react when you plug in the iPad, it doesn't recognize the iPad is connected. Try another cable to see if that fixes the problem. If it does, toss the first cable. Similarly, try switching power adapters if you have more than one or can borrow one.

If the iPad adapter doesn't work, but another one does, buy a new Lightning adapter. If plugging in a new cable doesn't work, there may be a problem with the charging port. High-Speed — 2. Takes up minimal space in any pack or pocket.

Troubleshoot charging problems with your iPad

Best True Wireless Earbuds in How to fast charge your phone? Which iPhone and iPad support iOS Comments 5 Cancel reply. Bond - May 17th, at pm none. I cannot find this being answered in your post. Shirley - May 20th, at am none. This therefore denotes the need to troubleshoot and rule out software issues that might be preventing your device from charging properly. Highlighted below are a few charging tips and ways to rule out software-related issues that might have inflicted charging problems to an Apple iPad Pro device.

Effective tips on iPad not charging

If your iPad Pro is still facing charging issues after adhering to the aforementioned requisites, then you may proceed and try these workarounds to rule out software-related attributes from the underlying causes. If your iPad Pro is charging very slowly or having intermittent on and off charging, then minor software glitches, if not a defective charger or lose connections are to blame. To clear out random glitches that might have inflicted charging issues, force restart your iPad Pro with these steps:.

iPad Not Charging? Common Problems

Performing a forced restart clears out all inactive apps and services that are left suspended on your device. Any of these apps can go rogue at some point and when that happens, various symptoms can be triggered. You can also do a forced restart while your iPad is connected to the charger. Many people found this tweak useful when dealing with slow or no charging issue on their respective iOS devices. This method is only applicable if your iPad Pro is able to charge slowly or intermittently.

If your iPad Pro still has at least 50 percent of battery life and is connected to Wi-Fi internet, then try to check for new updates to download and install. Should the problem be attributed to system errors, then installing the new iOS version will likely fix the problem. Apple typically rolls out updates that contain fix patches to address existing problems including charging issues that are inflicted by malwares and bugs.