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This all makes actually deciphering what is going on within a program confusing for novice programmers. The Cavaj Java Decompiler does exactly what it claims. It works quickly and can decompile large class files in just a few seconds. Users can even edit those files directly in the interface.

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The program does not include syntax highlighting or context-sensitive pop-ups that could have made wading through the code easier. The Cavaj Java Decompiler is a good tool for anyone who wants to start understanding how class files work.

Simple program that provides easy access through a great interface. Cavaj Java Decompiler A free development tool that allows users to decompile files and reconstruct nodes for Java programming. Category: Java Version: 1.

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Free download. Pros Fast and simple to use Decompiles nearly any Java class file Cons Decompiled methods and variables require expertise to decipher No syntax highlighting or help File parsing errors disable the tree view.

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Java Launcher Simple program that provides easy access through a great interface. Cavaj Java Decompiler 1. Big Data Security Solutions in Cloud.

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Uncertainty Detection in Unstructured Big Data. Highly Scalable Parallel Sorting Algorithm.

DJ - Distributed Java

Scala Programming for BigData Application. Subject Index. On the other hand, the Java programming language belongs to the object-oriented paradigm, in which the fundamental unit of abstraction is the object, and values are computed by asking questions of objects by invoking their methods. DJ mixes the functional and object-oriented paradigms by adding functions to the Java programming language as first-class citizens, letting us express programs in a succinct, functional style , without losing all the benefits of the object-oriented paradigm. Also, DJ is fully compatible with Java RMI , so using the power of functional abstraction we can drastically simplify the construction of type-safe mobile applications and middleware.

The functional abstractions of DJ allow a programmer to compose different small or large pieces of program functionality together in a type-safe way by expressing them in terms of frozen expressions.