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Connect is the most convenient contact manager for iPhone to organize the contacts of your address book in groups. I love it!! Clean interface easy to use. Must have! It's profoundly convenient and great ease of use. Great app! This way, your family, friends, colleagues, customers, partners, team players, room-mates are within easy reach and fast to contact.

Add background colors to your groups to make your contact manager as unique as you are. Download Connect and start to manage your contacts in groups now! Dear user, This release includes stability improvements to enjoy the app on iOS 11 and several bug fixes following your feedbacks.

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Happy use! Thank you, The Connect Team. Overall the app does what it says which is very helpful. The reason I only gave the app four stars instead of five is due to two items which I hope eventually cam be added. First, any contact groups created by the app doesn't synchronize back to your phone's contact list. What I don't know is whether or not this is a limitation of this app or if this is a limitation of iCloud contacts. Ideally created and modified grounds would synchronize back to your chosen email's list of contacts so as to make this information available from within any app which supports your email in iOS.

Second, regardless of whether or not the first item is technically feasible, there doesn't seem to be a good reason why this app couldn't use iCloud Drive or other cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox to at least store backups of contact groups created within this app. When I upgraded to the new iPhone I didn't know the created contact groups were not available after restoring my data via an iCloud backup. At least while poking around the app I could find any references to backing up data or restoring data at least when I tried during the week of the hew iPhone's launch.

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This app has worked exceptionally well for me. I love the way I can pull in any contact info from my iPhone to the Connect list without problems. I always use my iPhone list. By including myself in the list, I always receive a copy of messages sent out, too. The only reason I gave the app a 4 is because recently many of my contacts listed in the group message are NOT receiving the messages. I plan to continue using the app—at least for now. It allows merging of the contacts, converting business cards into contacts and delete duplicate ones. The app developed by YT Development Ltd allows managing the phone book with ease.

The app comes packed with list of features so that you can merge duplicate contacts, take backup and perform other necessary functions. The app has easy to use interface and allows sharing groups and contacts with near ones. The app empowers you to synchronise your contacts across multiple devices and unifies phonebook and calendar events at one place.

Any changes made at one account or one place is updated everywhere else. App allows connecting Outlook, iCloud, Gmail, Exchange and other accounts. This iPhone contact manager comes packed with smart and useful features.

Best iPhone Contacts Management Apps of

The app has simple and user friendly interface with group management functions. On the basis of call history and location, the app provides a list of top contacts and also allows setting a favourite list. Use any one of the listed iPhone contact manager and de-clutter your phone book. If you own a full solution to your iPhone, we suggest you to use dr. Just download it now and have a try now.

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BACK Multimedia. More Products. Works smoothly all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch models. Intuitive guidance on screen to ensure zero-error operations. Free Download Free Download. Selena Lee. Available on: Windows Mac. Start Download. Me This app by Sync. Key Features: The Sync. Me widget feature allows identifying the unknown numbers through notification Center by without opening the app..

The app allows merging duplicate contacts and helps to create backup file of the contacts..

10 Best Contacts Apps for Android Devices and iPhone/iPad 2018

The app is capable of searching phone numbers, names and photos of almost all active phone numbers across the globe. Personalised birthday cards can be sent to friends using the app. Cloze Developed by Cloze, this app works as complete contacts, email and social network command center. Key people are identified by the app through messages and interactions, and then it automatically surfaces any latest post, tweet, messages or any updates by these key people. The app allows updating status, sharing links and performing other social networking functions. Addappt This app is developed by Adapt Inc.

Key Features: Allows sending the updated information of the contact through email or text to anyone or everyone. Group messaging support.

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Creating groups on basis of company name, job title or city. The contact information is updated and synced to native contact list. Allows bulk deleting of contact. Smartwatch support. CircleBack Developed by CircleBack, Inc, this app is the only book manager that allows updating the contacts intelligently and also capture and transform email signatures into contacts.

Offers intelligent management as well as merging of the duplicate contacts. Allows recovery of deleted contacts in case of any emergency. FullContact This is another decent name in the list of top contact managers for iPhone. Key Features: Allows taking cloud back up of contacts. Merge duplicate contacts automatically. Notes can be attached to the contacts to remember important information. Photos, company information and social profiles can be automatically added to the contacts.

Contacts Optimizer Pro This app developed by Compelson is capable of analysing your phone book and then fixing all problems and issues so that the list and address book is nothing less than perfect. Key Features: Finds similar contacts and remove the duplicate ones. Allows moving and copying contacts to different accounts.

Automatic as well as manual merging of contact fragments. Allows adding international prefixes and codes of country that facilitates calling from abroad.

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Locates incorrect contacts which cannot be dialled. Key Features: Allows quick and easy backup of contacts. Allows to quickly select and un select contacts. Allows to double check the list and select from the given list. InTouchApp Contacts Manage The app works smartly so that you have a well-managed phone book and look for a desired contact quickly and easily. Builds a collective and up-to date list of common contacts between colleagues, friends and family.

Creates digital contact card which is updated with everyone you have shared with.