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The display of the S5 was praised for having a high quality, not being as oversaturated as previous models, and having a wide range of viewing angles, brightness states, and gamut settings to fine tune its appearance. TechRadar also noticed that, despite the high power of its processor, some apps and interface functions suffered from performance issues, indicating that the S5's operating system may not have been completely optimized for its system-on-chip.

The S5's interface was praised for having a cleaner appearance than previous iterations—however, it was still criticized for containing too many unnecessary features and settings. The S5's camera received mostly positive reviews for the improvements to image quality provided by its Isocell image sensor, but was deemed to still be not as good as its competitors, particularly in the case of low-light images.

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While the S5's camera interface was praised for having a streamlined design, it was criticized for taking too long to load, and the Selective Focus features were panned for being inconsistent in quality. The S5 shipped to retailers 10 million units in 25 days, making it the fastest shipping smartphone in Samsung's history.

Due to the lower sales of the S5, in July , Samsung reported its lowest profits in over two years, and a drop in market share from The loss in market share was attributed primarily to growing pressure from competitors — especially in the growing low-end smartphone market, and an already saturated market for high-end smartphones. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Original SM-Gx : Android 4. The Verge. Retrieved 3 May Trusted Reviews. Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 20 April Retrieved 14 October The Guardian. CBS Interactive.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera review

Business Insider. Penske Media Corporation. Retrieved 28 February Retrieved 26 February Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 13 May Conde Nast. However, the device lost some points because of a loss of sharpness in the corners of the frame. Without any additional light sources, white balance and target exposure are accurate and there is hardly any noticeable vignetting in the corners. One negative is the red-eye effect that is visible in quite a few flash images. When shooting with the flash in low 5 lux tungsten light, an orange cast becomes visible, and the light fall-off towards the edges of the frame becomes more noticeable.

At close- and medium-range zoom distances, detail rendering is good, but some luminance noise becomes visible. The camera also does a good job at preserving a good dynamic range when using the zoom, which is not the case for all competitors.

Here are our first Samsung Galaxy S10+ camera samples - news

Isolation of the foreground subject is generally very good, with only some minor artifacts in complex scenes, and the blur it applies to the background looks pleasantly natural. The mode usually also renders spotlights in the background nice and sharp, even in low light, but sometimes the activation of the effect is slightly erratic, as you can see in the unnatural spotlight effect in the background of image below left. Devices that use the longer tele-lens in portrait mode generally avoid this effect.

The overall video score is derived from a number of sub-scores in the same way as the Photo score: Exposure 86 , Color 89 , Autofocus 96 , Texture 56 , Noise 76 , Artifacts 84 , and Stabilization By default, the Samsung shoots p Full HD video at 30 frames per second, with footage similar to its still images: nice color rendering in most scenes, and clean images that lack a bit of fine detail in most shooting conditions; moreover, some temporal noise is visible even in footage shot in bright light. In video mode, white balance and color rendering are pleasant in most situations, but just as with still images, colors are slightly undersaturated in low light, making for a less vivid rendering of video footage than some competitors.

However, video stabilization is very efficient both when shooting without any camera movement and when recording while walking. Artifacts are well-controlled in video mode, but footage shows some ringing around hard edges when shooting outdoors in bright light, and there is sometimes a noticeable judder effect when panning.

The new Samsung is also capable of recording excellent video files, with pleasant color, good exposure, and smooth framing , thanks to very good image stabilization. Still, it might be considered a very useful tool by many, making the Galaxy S10 an even more appealing option. We are hiring! Key camera specifications: Triple-camera setup Primary: 12Mp sensor with 1. Test summary The bokeh simulation effect is capable of producing quite realistic results. Apple iPhone XS Max, detail in bright light lux.

Apple iPhone XS Max, crop. Huawei Mate 20 Pro, detail in bright light lux. Huawei Mate 20 Pro, crop.

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Apple iPhone XS Max, outdoor noise. Huawei Mate 20 Pro, outdoor noise. The bright F1. So what you see is what you'll get in the shot. It focuses as swiftly as your eyes do using its Dual Pixel sensor and bright lens, delivering photos that are crisp and vivid. It uses enhanced image processing, taking multiple shots and combining them into one high-quality photo. All you have to do is press the shutter. The rear camera sits virtually flush with the back for a seriously smooth profile. With Selective focus mode you're able to choose the depth of field after taking the shot to choose whichever focus you fancy: foreground, background, or both.

The right filter can make a photo into a masterpiece. Use the preview option and choose from a range of filters to enhance your picture before you even take the shot. Make your food photography stand out from the crowd. Food mode brings out the best in your lunch or dessert for mouthwatering shots.