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Keep your original Google Voice number If you already had a Google Voice number, the number you ported in will join it. After 90 days, the original Google Voice number is removed. During that period you can opt to keep your original number as a secondary number. Within 90 days of porting a number, open Google Voice on your computer. At the top left, click Menu Legacy Google Voice.

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Google Voice will look different, but you're in the right place. At the top right, click Settings Settings. Click the "Phones" tab. Next to your old number, click Make permanent. To confirm and pay, follow the onscreen instructions. After you pay, the expiration date next to your original Google Voice number disappears. Cancel a number port If the port process gets stuck or delayed, you might be able to cancel the process. If you have any other problems, get more help by visiting the porting section of the Google Voice Help Forum.

Before you begin

Lock your number again If you decide not to port your Google Voice number, you can lock it again. Was this helpful?

Port or transfer your personal number

In a nutshell, that means you can take your existing mobile phone number and reassign it directly to Google -- then use Google Voice to manage all of your incoming calls. It's a big change; up until now, your only option for using Google Voice was to get a brand new number assigned by the service. So -- what's involved in porting a number into Google Voice, and is it worth doing?

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide. Once you've ported your phone number into Google Voice, you have full control over where your number goes -- and you can change it anytime you want. You could have the number ring your work phone during the day and your cell phone at night; you could even have it ring three different phones at once so you can grab whichever is most convenient.

And if you move or change mobile providers in the future, all you have to do is log in to your Google Voice account and update the forwarding info there; you won't have to mess with the carriers at all, and no one else will even know anything happened. Porting an existing number into Google Voice seems simple, but the process can quickly turn complicated. The reason: Once you port your existing mobile number into Google Voice, your current mobile service plan will be cancelled.

You'll have to call your carrier and get it to restart your service and assign a new number to your phone even though you won't be giving that number out, it still has to exist -- otherwise, your phone won't work and Google Voice won't have anywhere to actually forward your calls.

Porting A Landline To Google Voice

Google has some tips on making the process as smooth as possible, but you should be ready for a hassle. As Wired's David Kravets discovered , mobile carriers aren't always equipped translation: competent at handling this type of request, and -- unless you're planning to cancel your current service plan and switch carriers right now anyway -- you may be in for a bumpy ride. Once your primary phone number is connected to Google Voice, you can use the service to place unlimited calls that'll come from your number -- without having to actually use your cell phone.

By utilizing the Google Voice website or Google Voice Chrome browser extension , you can have the service place a call to any U. The person on the other line will still see the call as coming from your number, and you won't have to use your cell phone's minutes to talk. What's the advantage of moving your home number to Google Voice? For starters, it's free -- at least, it has been since Is there a chance Google could start charging for it?

Absolutely, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

Port your number

The key advantage to Google Voice is its versatility. You can route incoming calls to one or more other numbers -- like, say, every family member's mobile phone. That means you can receive home-phone calls even when you're not home.

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You can also set up voicemail so that messages are transcribed to text messages or delivered by email. There's even a call-recording option, though it only works for incoming calls.


OK, but does all this mean you can no longer use the cordless phone system that's been a household staple for all these years? Actually, it's possible to keep that hardware in the loop -- keep reading to find out how. There's one important concern: You can't use Google Voice for calls. So although you're keeping your number, giving up your landline means you'll need to use your mobile phone or some other method to dial emergency services.

Also, if you currently have a Google Voice number that you're using for other purposes, porting your landline will override that number. If that's the case, it might be better to set up a new account with a new Google Voice number that you won't mind losing. There's a bit of a technical hurdle to moving your home phone number to Google Voice: The service can't port in numbers from landlines or VoIP services.

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It can port numbers from mobile carriers, though. So the trick is to first move your landline number to a mobile carrier, then move it to Google Voice. By all accounts, the best way to do that is to buy a T-Mobile SIM card, create a new account, port the landline number to that account, then make your move to Google Voice. And the reason I've chosen that particular tutorial is that Obihai also makes an inexpensive device you might find useful after the switch.