The following trick will probably fix the problem:

Fernando Moura 22 February PM 0. Just saying.

How to fix Sony Xperia XA1 with Black Screen of Death issue (easy steps)

My phone is LG Gh model i don't know how i can apply the proximity sensor turn off? I'm trying to disable the proximity sensor on a Nexus 6P. Any suggestions or Apps preferably free that can do this? I've tried "Sensor Disabler" but apparently I need to have "Xposed Framework" installed for it to work.

How to clean your phone to restore the proximity sensor functionality?

It was a 2nd hand purchase and the screen always goes black when making or receiving calls. So I figure disabling the sensor completely will at least keep the screen on during calls, in order to be able to use the speakerphone and other functions. Krishna 8 May AM 0. Can any budy guide me how does disable the proximity setting in oopo f3. Karlene 2 August PM 0. Kathleen 9 August PM 0. Hi, help I can't find the "system's app"??

I really need to disable the "proximity sensor" I've been trying for 3 hours I have a LG Stylo 4. I cannot find the "system's app" to disable the "proximity sensor"??? Please help.

Blank screen during call 100% fixed - Disable proximity sensor

Without a doubt, the Snapdragon delivers impressive results. Crazily enough, we'd had few if any concerns with the Snapdragon 's performance, so the benefits of the faster Krait cores are only seen in the most processor-intensive of tasks. Needless to say, the phone handles all of those tasks ever so smoothly, even when they were all running at the same time.

After looking at the benchmarks, it was pretty clear that Sony's UI is a little slower than stock Android in some instances, as our CPU-related results were consistently worse on the Z Ultra than they were on Qualcomm's development devices MDPs. That said, the Ultra exceeded our expectations for its JavaScript performance, as its SunSpider browser score was the lowest we've ever seen on a smartphone.

Since this is the first Snapdragon -powered phone we've reviewed, that also means it's the first Adreno GPU we've tested. Let's check out the full suite of benchmarks:. As you take a look at the results above, none of the numbers here should be surprising -- after all, this is the natural next step for Qualcomm's Snapdragon lineup, and its performance is reflected not only on paper, but in real life as well. Admittedly, very few people need to have a phone powered by a quad-core 2.

On top of that, the S comes with support for all sorts of stellar components that aren't utilized in the Z Ultra but the capability is fortunately there for future hardware.

Correct Answer: Sony xperia z3v incoming call screen does not show - Verizon Community

And let's face it: there's always room for more power in our phones, whether we take advantage of that extra capability to its fullest or not. That said, a 2. While much of the same could be said about the Adreno and its graphics performance, this is the area in which the average user will likely experience the greatest gains.

We gave Riptide GP2 more than its fair share of testing in the last few days, and we marveled at the amount of intricate details it was capable of pushing to the screen without any sense of lag or delay. We also ran Epic Citadel and got similarly satisfactory results. With a 3,mAh battery, the Ultra should last an especially long time.

The sad truth is, it doesn't -- at least, it doesn't compare to giants like the Note II and Motorola's Droid Maxx line. Don't get us wrong; it'll last through a busy workday. Indeed, we were able to get between 14 and 15 hours on a normal workload with the screen set at half brightness. However, a heavier or more intensive load, along with a brighter screen, will bring the runtime down to nine or 10 hours.

It's sufficient, but not as good as we'd like to see from such a large battery. For our standard rundown test, we decided to try something new: instead of playing videos on an endless loop, we had a browser cycle through a series of 10 popular websites including our own, naturally at 55 percent brightness until the phone drained to 15 percent. The total test took four hours and eight minutes; since this is a new benchmark, we made sure to have some other phones to compare it with.

On a happy note, the Ultra's Quick Charge capability allows it to power up faster than many standard devices. Don't even think about gaming for a lengthy period of time. On multiple occasions, we sat down and played Riptide GP2 for hour-long spurts, and the average battery drain was roughly around 40 percent.

The experience was fantastic and among the most realistic we've ever seen on a phone, but make sure you're sufficiently charged or close enough to an outlet when you begin your quest for water-racing domination. Curiously, we encountered two problems we experienced with the phone that made us hesitant to fully recommend it.

First, regardless of which headphones we plugged into the Z Ultra, the device didn't recognize any of them. Just to play it safe, we connected the same headphones into other handsets, at which point they worked perfectly. Additionally, we noticed that the scratchproof coating on the screen wasn't perfect; after a few days of casual handwriting with pens and pencils, we could see a number of marks in direct sunlight.

Fortunately, they came off with some buffing, but it's something to consider before you start doodling on your screen with reckless abandon.

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We were otherwise pleased with most other aspects of the phone's performance. We used the navigation for a full 40 minutes and the GPS followed us the entire way. The speaker was loud and clear enough for listening to music and watching videos without incident, but it wasn't anywhere close to being the loudest phone we've reviewed. Call quality wasn't bad, although the phone is so large that it admittedly took us a few tries to get our ear in the most optimal spot.

By default, the audio was weak at the low end, but we were able to improve that somewhat after tweaking the EQ settings. The Ultra, on the other hand, takes many of Sony's best features and top-end components in an attempt to make it appealing to more than just people with abnormally large hands or a lust for tablet-like displays. It may remain the size champion for a while, too; we're not expecting HTC's and Samsung's upcoming contenders to be this large, though we'll have to wait and review the devices before we can confidently say whether or not they're a better deal.

For now, however, this is the best phone over the 6-inch threshold that you can buy. Just like we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Mega, your decision to purchase the Xperia Z Ultra depends mostly on its size. The Z Ultra doesn't offer any unique traits that would make people want to deal with its massive frame if they don't want to, and the price is going to scare off shoppers who are on the fence. For those dead-set on a larger smartphone, however, this is definitely the best 6-plus-inch device you can buy. Sony designed a sleek and good-looking handset with a few tablet tendencies, and you'll absolutely love the display and over-the-top processing power contained within its chassis.

25 tips for the Sony Xperia Z

Without a doubt, its size and price are the two most critical factors, and you've probably already made up your mind without even using it. In short, your decision to buy or not buy the Z Ultra should be a quick one: you'll either love it or hate it, but you won't stay neutral for long. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Korg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable. Latest Reviews. See all articles. Latest in Mobilepostcross. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. Pros Beautiful displaySleek, gorgeous designWaterproofPowerful performance. Cons Awkward to holdNo camera flashBattery life is decent, but doesn't live up to expectations.

Summary The Z Ultra is a powerful phone with a great display, but your purchase decision will ultimately depend on the price and how well the phone fits in your hand. How would you rate the Xperia Z Ultra? We want to hear what you think. Post a quick review now to join the conversation!

Write a review. Its size puts it in a strange netherworld between a comfortable smartphone and a small tablet. Sony Xperia Z Ultra Dimensions Camera It's no secret that we're not especially fond of tablet cameras. Performance and battery life The Xperia Z Ultra is not only the biggest phone we've reviewed -- it's also theoretically the most powerful, because it's powered by a 2. Don't Miss.

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