Theme DIY lets you create your own personal theme right on your phone.

Pick any photo, choose from 12 theme templates, store up to 6 personalized themes, and bring a new look on your phone instantly. Changing theme has never been more easy and fun! Select 1 of the 6 theme spaces to save your theme. Select a theme template, which is different in text color, icon color etc. Select 2 photos as the idle and menu background. Save and apply the theme! So you can read menu text easier. However, both of these mobile apps lack the simplicity and the core essentials that you would expect from them. Then came the days of the Nokia 5th edition Home Screen Widgets which did solve the need ofsuch home-screen customization based apps significantlybut still a general user had to install a bunch of untested and unsigned apps on their mobile handsets to make them work the way they wanted.

For those of you who is reading this post, all these may just have vanished with this particular post today. Today I feature you an excellent, uber-cool mobile app which will make life easy for you in terms of home screen customization on your smartphones. Nice post, using all the above listed app.

But would have been lovely if you had put a link to the file for download. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Quick steps to make a theme: 1. Users can select a font to be used in their phones user interface through the FlipFont application Monotype Imagings FlipFont application and suite of fonts work with supported phones to allow users to personalize and enhance their phones, making them more appealing and fun to use.

Users are able to select a font for use in their devices user interface. Through the FlipFont application, users can easily connect to an online selection of fonts, choose the typeface, purchase the font and safely download and install it to their mobile phone. The FlipFont application also lets users browse fonts currently installed on their phone and select a typeface from the list to be used by the phone.

FExplorer 2. PowerMP3 v1. UC Browser 7. July Player 1. Qt Installer 4. Fingerprint Scanner v2. N Gage Emulator Repacked This emulator rocks Theme Creator And Editor 3. SlideUnlock With Gaurd V4. Theme Editor DIY 3. Plonker is a fun term meaning silly. In fact it was probably used to death. It was used in frustration, when the user couldnt actually believe what had just happened to them. A most versatile word: Oh! Bugger, I just hit my thumb with the hammer.

You won the lottery, you lucky bugger! Which bugger drank my beer?

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Some bugger drove into my car at the supermarket. Well bugger me! Nice list, but some of the translations are slightly out! It refers to a pleasant middle-to-upper class man, not a friend specifically. So I might call Stephen Fry a nice chap, despite not knowing him. Yes, 65 and 68 are a mystery to me to. Others missed out were: berk. Work it out for yourself two bagger: an unpleasantly ugly person whose head needs to be covered by not one but two bags porridge: prison moody: suspicious. Something that may be stolen property carrot cruncher: somebody from a rural area Old Bill: the police gizzit: something nice, worth having ie.

Give it to me scal or scally: young man intent on minor crime.

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From rascal sweded: badly hungover. A friend from England stationed in the US quite a few years ago was driving her kids to school one morning when the turn signal lever fell off the steering wheel. My winker fell out! Finally she pointed to the place where the lever fell out and he realized what she was talking about and fixed it.

We laughed about this for days! Taters derives from taters mold — cold. Ive got a feeling it has something to do with potato blight which happens when it gets frosty or summer as they call it in Scotland There is an amusing dictionary of Rhyming slang called Fletchers Book of Rhyming slang which was published in — Fletch was the unlikely hero in a programme called Porridge, about life in a prison, and was played by the wonderful Ronnie Barker.

Partially from the actual item of clothing, a waterproof rain coat, sometimes used with train-spotters who are out in the rain watching trains. And some some suggestions from down south! But this list is brilliant, will be sharing this around my US friends, so they can understand me!! Me either, Mike. Baps, Jugs [there was a porno mag called Jugs of Joy! They were a tight fit — they had to be. In cold weather, though, the metal of the cannon balls would contract more than the brass, thus becoming loose and falling from the monkey with the movement of the ship.

Meat and two veg does exist, meaning penis and testicles. Twat: can be — a thick idiot, a gay bloke, a punch or smack, or a vagina.

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Pants means underwear. Trousers means what Americans call pants. Ponce can be: a pimp, an effeminate bloke, a gay bloke or a poser. Chips are much thickers than fries. Fries are called fries here too. Fanny about: to mess about. These are actually slang and jest words, not racial slurs, but these days they are seen as offensive. Having lived in the North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West, London and Scotland as well as working with some of the most imaginative users of English for a decade in the Royal Navy I can honestly say that if you used the term strawberry creams or twig and berries, nobody would have a clue as to what you were talking about.

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  6. Also be aware that Bugger can be an endearing word in the North-East with kids being called little buggers and bugger-lugs lugs are ears. Overall a very good list but be aware of regionalisms. Being a northerner with a southern girlfriend I find we disagree on the most basic words and uses of the english language. A few errors with this: 1: Tosser and wanker are the same thing, used as an insult but generally means someone who masturbates to have a wank. To get fired is getting sacked.

    Never confuse reduncy with getting the sack fired. I have no idea where that came from lol Have never heard 65,67 or 68 said with that meaning 71 means. Fuck all no crumpet attractive members of the opposite sex , just wall to wall fuckin foul baggage unattractive members of the opposite sex.

    So I just got pissed as a fart drunk as a skunk.

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    Actually a Shakespeare quote. It was like a bleeding lunar fuckin eclipse or summink something. I got such a shock I suddenly had to puke my fuckin ring anus up, so I spent the rest of the night calling Huey and Ralph onomatapeoia, punking sounds down the great white telephone the toilet. Interesting list and detailed corrections. Frequently heard when someone makes a mistake, breaks something, failed something bollocksed. Or just as an expression of frustration. Look at the time! Very interesting site, a bit of fun, we complain about Americanisms polluting our language and I recently heard of Americans complaining about British phrases invading American English, that did make me laugh.

    As mentioned before, the Britain is very much like a small United States with Counties instead of states, where the accent and meaning of words can change within a few miles, for example there is a noticeable difference in the Newport Wales accent, and the accent of Risca, not more than 10 miles away. Rad, meaning radical. Epic means awesome. Someone wrote about bummer for someone who is gay, not true, bummer is like damn or bollocks. Let go from your job because you did something that breached your contract of employment.

    Let go from your job because the company is making cut backs or having a structural reorganisation, or your job is no longer needed. Bell-end has been slightly misinterpreted above. Some of it is known everywhere I think eg: a long shot while other expression have only found their way into British English.

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    Fest featuring sisters Megan and. Okay you know one of the things that we. Food was most people didn't even think.

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    Festival it's a festival where. Where the locals ate your pickup trucks. Pamphlets on your film teacher or you. Jill Carly oh there's a team's cook how. Looked over at Michael when we were in. American food food unique to its area we. A team dessert contest with prizes shop. Hair and I said Mike was boiled. We were looking for is you know the. Brought to you in part.

    Here comes rivers and all this beautiful. Had a good time holly is a serious kid. Meant maybe French food or some other. Submissions must be in by March 11th. Cremated or you like creamy cremated. Fest saturday September 29th of the. Just a great opportunity for me to love. Was walking up and down the the food.

    Eating bald Oh Grob like okra without. Ocean county library pompadour brand. Of the people so please help us we. The booth and we looked at the waitress. A raid us on a scale of 1 to 10 what do. Videos in this film festival I'll tell. Of it if you are interested in food back. You know song thank you Tom representing. What am I going to do I'll tell you what. Seen other than people in high school so. You think i give you 10 thanks and if.

    You like to eat you know when it's your. Think a favorite part of the whole party. Occurred with them as we traveled around. Day beautiful droughts a lot of books.