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I enjoy the easy navigating of the phone features. I am nervous the screen will crack overtime. The charger is great, plugs directly into wall,PC's, and adapters for out of country traveling. Easy data exchange. You can download additional stuff from surfing the web, such as GPS, email attachments,etc. Very minimal websites I cannot access at all. Easy navigation through screens.

HTC Ozone Repair

I recommend trying to get on the 'family plan', high monthly bill. The internal hardrive doesnt hold a lot of data. The buttons are small, ideal for individuals with smaller hands compared to people with larger hands. My callers can hear me precise and cleary. This phone is not designed for individuals of champagne taste with beer pockets.

Be prepared to spend additional money when purchasing the phone.

The protective screen and case is absolutely necessary. This phone is more delicate than others. It is pretty easy to figure phone out, directly from purchase. I would recommend this phone to others. This smartphone is great for first time users because it is very user friendly. I find this phone easy for people that do not like a lot of electronic clutter because it is an all in one device. The volume control is great. Music comes across speaker loudly when applicable. I have not had any major issues.

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Occassionally my phone has frozen through accessing various websites, but I do not feel this is out of the ordinary. I recommend reading other reviews on this phone as well.

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The 3. There are a lot of bells and whistles in the background that have to be tweaked just right. In contrast, getting our suite of BlackBerry devices up and running was a breeze! The strength of ActiveSync is its ability to speck directly to Outlook. But the latest version of the software is rather buggy, so beware; I had to reboot the device several time during the initial setup of the software. The initial charge took about three hours, and I can usually only go a day without recharging the unit. Trying to get ActiveSync to work was nerve-racking, time-consuming, and frankly hugely disappointing!

And the rather lackluster phone does not endear me to this phone either. Now that ActiveSync is working one the unit-all of the units for that matter-my Outlook mail, calendar, contacts, and Task list all synced as designed. View more smartphones.

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    HTC Ozone XV6175 Review

    Tweet this. This is a preview. Compare side-by-side vs Standby: hours max. EVDO rA. SIM card size. Fingerprint Reader. Hearing Aid Compatible.

    HTC Ozone - Black (Verizon) Smartphone for sale online | eBay

    Multiple Languages. Extra Display.

    Supported Frequency Bands (2)

    Ringer Profiles. Supported Profiles: HSP 1. Infrared IR. Version s : Changeable Body Plates. Side Keys. Text Keyboard, Hardware. Touch Screen.