7 Ways to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working (iOS 12/11.4 Supported)

If iPhone alarm is not working, you can also check whether the Sound system is working well, and if any alarm tone is set or not in your device. If the above- mentioned preliminary check does not work, then the next step will be refreshing the alarm details of the device. It is so because there might be chances that two or more alarms get overlapped with each other. So, it is better to delete all the alarms you set up previously, after that close your app, wait for a while and restart the device.

Then after some time reset the alarm to check if the alarm is working or not. Once you are done with refreshing the alarm details, you are required to restart the device to apply the changes. Follow the steps for restarting:. Does your device have any third party app for the alarm purpose like stock clock app or iClock?.

Top 10 Tips to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Quickly

Then do not ignore them, as there might be chances that these apps conflict with your iPhone alarm system. If any of such conflict is the reason behind the unprecedented behavior of alarm clock then you are required to delete such third party apps to avoid any further disruptions. Next check is for the device accessories such as Speaker, wired or Bluetooth headphone. While using your device you should make sure that no other accessory is connected to your iPhone. As whenever your phone is connected to any of these accessories then the sound will play through the connected accessories and result in no alarm sound issue.

Therefore it is advisable that instead of using these accessories you need to use in-built speakers.

From volume problems to skipped alarms, here's what to do

Tip 8: Update iOS to fix iPhone alarm issues. Indeed alarm is an integral part of our daily life, so we should take care of any of the updates suggested by Apple Inc for the improvement of the device. As these software updates keep an eye on any system bug or other system related error which is unknowingly affecting the functioning of the device due to which device alarm system might be showing the fault.

Reset all settings is quite useful in many situations and resolves a lot of iOS problems. The prominent result being that it will bring back the setting of the device to factory default, without causing any data loss of the phone. If none of the above-mentioned methods resolve the issue, then you are required to go for Factory reset option. Please remember to first of all back up the data on iPhone , as factory reset option will bring back the phone to a new condition, thus, erase the system data.

We hope that this article does answer you why your iOS 12 alarm not working and in the process also gives your 10 remarkable tips to rectify the same. We have tried to cover all aspect of iPhone alarm not working, however, do let us know your thoughts below. Product About Support. BACK Multimedia. More Products. Alice MJ. Open the Clock app then select the Alarm 2. After that click on Add Alarm and then choose the Repeat Alarm option.

Tip 2: Keep a check on volume and mute button After setting alarm for every day next step is to keep a check the Volume and the mute button of your system as it directly deals with the issue of iPhone alarm no sound. One point that you should not ignore is that there are two kinds of volume option on your device: a. Ringer volume For Ring tone, alerts, and alarms and b.

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Media volume For music videos and games Therefore, you should make sure that the volume setting is for Ringer volume so that your issue of iPhone alarm no sound gets resolved. Tip 3: Check iPhone Sound Settings If iPhone alarm is not working, you can also check whether the Sound system is working well, and if any alarm tone is set or not in your device. Open the Clock App, here select the Edit Alarm 2.

7 Ways to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Going off (iOS 12/11.4 Supported)

After that Select Sound, and choose any one alarm type. Try removing any third-party alarm app, restart your iPhone once and check if the iPhone alarm goes off or not. If any of the tips prescribed are not helping you, try going with the Soft Reset. The steps below will help you to perform a Soft Reset. Keep both the buttons down for around 10 seconds.

The moment Apple Logo animation appears, you can then release the buttons and let your iPhone reboot. Note: If you are using iPhone 8 and iPhone X, quick press "Volume Up" and "Volume Down" buttons, then keep holding side button until you can see Apple logo on the screen.

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If you're still experiencing the iPhone alarm not working issue, you should then probably reset all settings on your iOS device. Resetting all settings will just remove all the user-defined settings and will not erase any of the user's data like photos, videos, music, contacts etc. Get into the "Settings" of your device, head to "General", proceed to "Reset" and then finally hit "Reset All Settings".

Your device will restart after this and then check if the iPhone alarm is going off or not. In this case, you need to refreshing your iOS and fix the possible bug and glitches due to improper firmware installation. We don't recommend that you backup your iPhone and then restore the backup to your device after reinstalling iOS, because the alarm problem may come back again. The software is handy as it fixes the iOS system troubles without losing any data. For its completely easy and simple functions, it is well-liked by the users who did fix their problems with this tool.

Step 1. Install the program on your computer and then choose Standard Mode from the 3 options offered on the screen. Step 2. Then the program will be able to recognized the device.

Does the Alarm Still Work If Your iPhone Is Turned Off? | It Still Works

Step 3. You can see the iPhone model on the screen now. You will need to download the matching firmware for your iPhone.

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  • Just click "Download". Step 4. After the downloading, click "Start to Fix", then the program will refreshing your iOS and fix the possible glitches. You will find your iPhone alarm working normally after the fixing process finishes. Here Are the Solutions.

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    Check Fix Here. If you don't have much important data on your iPhone, you can also try to restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes. This will definitely resolve the iPhone alarm not working problem if it is a software related problem. Let's know how:.

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    Michael Watson, has been concentrated on technology and mobile devices for more than 7 years. As a big fan of iOS devices, he becomes an expertise in various tough problems or issues that iOS users may meet. Why won't my iPhone alarm go off?

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