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Examples of situations in which a battery may become damaged are: use in an excessively hot environment, dropping the battery, external pressure on the battery, pet-biting, etc. We recommend that spare batteries are kept in a hard-shell case when not in use.

Resurrection Remix ROM for Galaxy S2! [GT-i9100][SGH-i777][V3.1.3][Android 4.2.1][Multi-user]

You should use only Samsung genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products. The use of incompatible batteries, cables and chargers may not be safe to use and could cause damage to the device or external damage. Please purchase Samsung-branded batteries from reputable and approved sellers to ensure the batteries are not counterfeit. Get alerts when this item is back in stock and available to buy, by adding your email to opt into alerts. Don't miss out on the products you love. Galaxy S2.

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Show All Specs. SAR Information. Galaxy S2 is rated 4. Rated 5 out of 5 by tWIStEdcOre from Truly Amazing I've had the phone for two weeks now, it's been used at work, on holiday overseas and lounging around the house and handles everything I've thrown at it with ease. Hardware wise the phone is amazing, the screen is nothing like you have ever seen, the vibrant colours and true blacks really make the images "pop".

High def movies look stunning, I was watching my movies on the phone rather than laptop while on the plane. CPU and GPU speed wise, nothing out there can touch it right now, I've run some benchmarks on the phone and it is the fastest out there and not by a small margin either. I've attached a picture showing a quadrant benchmark test with a result of Camera takes great pictures, I can't compare to other smart phones but they look as I would think the should. The video is crisp, one thing which I found weird was when taking p video the lens angle was tighter more zoomed in than when shooting low res video which gave to a wider angle to record with.

Battery life is pretty good, better than my previous phone, but still within the normal smart phone range, heavy use and it lasts a day, a bit of usage here and there and it lasts two or more days. Big pro is the battery is user replaceable so you just need to pick up a spare if you think you won't have access to a usb port for a good while.

This also means if you have the phone for a long time once the battery starts to show its age you can effortlessly replace it, unlike my phone previously. That about sums it up, if you are looking for a phone to upgrade to then you should seriously consider the Galaxy S 2. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Big Lebowski from Best smartphone I have bought : I bought this phone in December on a two year contract and it expires this December. I'm still going to keep this phone but use it on a different phone plan.

This phone is so reliable and easy to use. The functions and capability of it really have impressed me and I see it as a great investment in a phone.

Dual-core power, beautiful screen - the Galaxy S II is the kind of sequel we like

Hopefully it will last me many more years : This Christmas I'm treating it to a new battery, cover, micro-sd card and protective screen for its excellent service : Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by J-Mo from I love this phone! I got so bored of the iphone and its restrictions with Adobe etc etc and I was worried about what other phone on the market could have better technology and ease of use.

As soon as I saw this phone I loved the look and feel it! But, that's only a small part of it for me. Its probably the easiest phone to flash. What is the risk of bricking the device? Is the rooting of flashing the ROMS high risk? Joined Feb 15, Messages 2, K Well-Known Member. Joined Jul 28, Messages Joined Nov 13, Messages 6. Got new internet settings from cell c but that did not work either.

Tried using a vodacom sim and could download without issues. Eventually got annoyed enough to flash the original ROM again. In my case data does work when I use another sim card, though, so hopefully when I switch over to CellC soon my problem will be solved I didn't want to do a sim swap when I was leaving MTN anyway.

Never head of "ril files" before, so will definitely look at that next time, thanks. Thanks all for the help.

Every Samsung Galaxy S Commercial!

K said:. I had the same problem and got a fix. You need to flash a modern that had rill files in it already long story short the modem your using is not connecting properly because the rill files are not talking so just get a modem that has it already built in and your golden. So did you try using different modems to solve this problem? Joined May 31, Messages Huge thanks to the dudes on this thread Successfully rooted my S2 and really enjoying the speed and bettery saving! What are rill files? Am I actually still a noob? Thanks for answer I realised my stupid mistake.. Last edited: Nov 14, Go to the dial pad and type in.

It contains the software packages specific to that region, languages, carrier branding and also APN settings for data connection, MMS etc for your service provider. Build Info: The time and date of the build you are running. In which case it is the 3 letters after that. For an explanation of Samsung's Firmware codes, see,. For the language packs included in the various stock releases, see,.

The code for your language pack is shown in PDA, above, and is the 2 letters following your model version, i. All language packs contain English. Of course, the easiest way to determine your eligibility for JB, is to connect your phone, via USB, to and check for an update! This can, of course, cause problems since it is difficult to track down the cause of such problems and, in the case of ICS, the blame was in many cases unfairly placed on the ICS firmware.

For more details on this, see,. The choice is yours. After updating, re-calibrate your battery as follows in post 1,. Always ensure that you have a fully charged battery before updating. I would recommend avoiding OTA, Over The Air , updates if possible as they can cause problems if the download is interrupted or corrupted. Problem connecting to Kies If you experience a problem connecting to Kies then follow this excellent troubleshooting guide by Hawker, entitled. Why can't I get JB?

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  6. JB is available for my code but I cannot update Provided that your phone has never been rooted, unlocked, flashed or altered in any way, see next section , then the best advice is to take it to a Samsung Service Point and ask them to update the firmware for you. It has also emerged during the ICS update that sometimes vendors have been flashing phones with a different firmware prior to sale in an attempt to sell to a wider market and therefore upgrades via Kies are not possible. I have rooted my phone.

    Can I get JB? There are also reports that people who have had their phones repaired at a Service Point and re-flashed with different firmware are unable to receive updates via Kies. You will need to revert back to the original stock firmware, if you know it. You could, of course, use the method in 1.

    Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II

    You can install, via PC software called, any of the released stock Samsung firmwares, for your model version, shown in post 2. To see all firmware releases for your model of phone, just omit the CSC code. For step-by-step instructions and video on installing firmware via Odin, see. Ignore the ICS file that they suggest you download and use the official JB firmwares mentioned above. This is for competent users and will void your warranty, if you have one, by flashing any firmware other than that intended for your original CSC code as well as preventing future updates through Kies or Over The Air, OTA.

    The answer to that is that if you have not received it by now. You never will. It brings a lot of new applications and features to the SII. Of those CSC codes yet to receive the update to JB, by far the biggest proportion are carrier branded firmware and are the responsibility of the carriers to update. You can, as per 3. For non carrier, unbranded, firmware you can contact Samsung who may be waiting for the OK from a country's telecommunications authority before being allowed to release their firmware. Certain Middle Eastern countries are notoriously slow in granting such permissions, for instance.

    You can flash any of the stock Samsung firmware releases so far for your model of phone and language pack, see 1. Please take the time to read posts 1, 2 and 3 first as they will answer a lot of your questions. Root your phone by carefully reading and following the step-by-step instructions and videos in posts 1, 2, and 3 of the and install any of the custom ROM's, firmware , that are available for the SGSII, including JB, 4.

    Firmware Samsung Galaxy S2 Gt I Indonesia Currency - freedomprintssu

    Alternatively, if you would like to try Android 5. If you have any questions about rooting or custom ROM's, see the, ', section of the forum. Marshmallow, Android 6.

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    Jelly Bean Build releases Contrary to popular belief, firmware releases such as Jelly Bean are not a single entity but rather they are constantly evolving and receiving updates for bug fixes and features. Hence, a particular CSC code may receive, 1, 2, 3, 4, or more updates. Since Samsung do not release change logs for these it can be difficult to place these releases in order. The release build can be found on your phone by going to.